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Service of stupidity
By -

PROCTOR, MINNESOTA -- So, I went to the local milk house to buy a tin of Skoal. Usually not my cup of tea because of the price, but today I noticed the usual six dollar can was on sale for five bucks. I decided to step up and buy one. I eagerly drove home excited to taste the quality of the tin I paid double for. I opened the tin and saw that the chew looked dry, maybe it
s how Skoal rolls, I didn't stop to think, I wanted a chew... I put that chew in my damn mouth and the first spit nothing, still see through no brown coloration. I decided to look at the bottom of the tin now and saw that it was expired February 6th almost two months out of date.

I was quite upset and decided to go back expecting a new tin or a refund on the piece of poop tin I bought. I walked in and told the cashier that the tin she sold me was two months out of date and that she should look at the other tins for sale so they don't sell them to other loyal customers, she didn't give a refund she didn't give me another tin, and she set the other tins that were out of date back on the shelves for sale. I am a very angry man with a terrible Skoal tin that actually set me back two tins for buying one that is un-chewable... so thanks Skoal, thanks milk house. Never will you get my service again...

How can you brand guaranteed fresh on your label if you sell the worst product that makes no sense, a pinch better! It's just funny and ironic, I just laugh and take both companies as a joke. I don't blame Skoal for most of this but how can you sell a guarantee without refunds or a chance for a different tin I wasn't satisfied with. Two months out of date. I'd rather chew on dirt. All I wanted was some chew.

Skoal Quality Slips North Of The Border
By -

WOODSTOCK, OHIO -- I am originally from South Carolina. I've been using smokeless tobacco since approximately 1994. When I moved to Canada I now have to import it from the States. There are a couple of reasons for this. The quantity in a "standard can" is about half the size of a can in the U.S. The cost - a can half the size of a can in the states costs approximately 7.99 plus associated tax - usually 14%. If you are actually lucky enough to find a can of a "standard size" it's going to cost you 14.99. The quality of the product is absolutely Sub-Par by comparison to what I can find in the states.

The quantity is just an inconvenience when you can only find the small cans, and the associated costs of purchasing the product is insane. What's most disgusting is the quality. I'd expect that if I am going to pay top dollar for something I get top shelf. It's a standard for Skoal products to be at least 2 months post stamped date on the bottom of the can. I can pick up cans of Skoal in the states that are 1 week off stamp.

Monday I went into my "normal store" as it is the only store I've found that has "standard-size cans". On Monday they did not have the "standard-size can" and I had to settle for the "half-size". I go back in today to get my fix, and they had "got a fresh shipment", according to the attendant behind the counter. I get my can, and am excited I might actually get some fresh 'chew', for once, in Canada. I get back to my truck, cut into the paper seal, and crack the lid. I am shocked, and sad to find that it's the usual dry powder that it normally is.

I check the stamp on the bottom and it's 51/8 (For those not in the know that means the 51st week of 2008, and for those of you who are reading this and didn't pay attention to the date it was posted today is 09/9 - 9th week of 2009). I had just paid Fifteen dollars and change for a can of 10 week old, dry powder, chew.

I suggest if you are coming North to Canada, and you are going to chew bring enough to last the trip. I work up here so I bring back as much as I legally can, and usually run out before I make it back to the U.S. I long for the days I can run to ANY corner store and pick up a can of reasonably priced, fresh smokeless tobacco products.

Why the extra cost?
By -

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- So, I recently quite smoking. To aide in my quitting, I started dipping. Finding myself short on funds, I purchased a can grizzly dip for 1.99. I found this acceptable, and though I hate dipping, has slinked my urge to smoke. When payday came, I decided to buy a can of Skoal for 4.99. It came as a shock to me to find that the quantity and quality of the tobacco was the same. Now, I wonder, why the price hike? Doesn't it seem logical that same quality tobacco would cost the same?

When I smoked, I bought camels because they tasted better to me, and the tobacco was stronger than say basics, which were a full two dollars cheaper. It just seems silly that so many people will pay more money for the same product. I will dip grizzly from now on, even if it is a disgusting habit.

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