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Leather Recliner
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MADISON, WISCONSIN -- In December of 2017 we bought a white leather recliner from Slumberland, the cost of this chair was almost $900. The salesman told us that it was a very good grade of Italian leather. After 6 months the leather began to peel where you rest your head. We found that totally unacceptable. I called to complain and had to pay $35 to have someone come out to take a look at it and make a report. We were told it was from the oils in our hair.

I could not accept this was happening in such a short period of time. I contacted customer service and was directed to their website to write a complaint, was told that goes to corporate. I never got a response. I have zero tolerance for companies who do not stand by their products and will never recommend them.

Horrible, Terrible, Do Not Buy From!
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JEFFERSON CITY, MISSOURI -- DO NOT BUY FROM SLUMBERLAND FURNITURE! My wife and I have a dual reclining sofa that we purchased about 9 months ago from Slumberland Furniture in Jefferson City Missouri. The couch is substandard and has been falling apart literally at the seams. The material has random holes forming and one of the rip cords that extend the recliner is broken. It is almost impossible to get the recliner to recline and if you do it rarely locks back into the closed position.

The first point of contact (which at this time is now 2 months ago): We called the Slumberland retail store here in Jefferson City and they referred us to Corporate. So we proceeded to call Slumberland Corporate which is located at 3060 Centerville Road Little Canada, MN 55117.

Even though there is a one year manufacturer's warranty on this sofa Slumberland Corporate'€™s answer was that we needed to pay a $35 dollar fee to have a technician come out and take a look at it, keep in mind this is just a look. This fee in no way guarantees that it will be repaired or replaced. After paying $35, they said a technician would be calling us within two to three days to set up a time to come and look at our couch.

A week passes. No word from a technician, so we called and were told to wait. Two weeks pass€. We still have not heard from anyone, so we called and again were told to wait. A couple days later, finally someone called and said that they would be out to our home on the following Saturday. Saturday morning came and a Slumberland Technician did indeed arrive that day. After a thorough evaluation which even included getting on the floor and looking underneath of the couch he told us that he'€™d never seen this particular model do that before and was worried because he just purchased the same couch for himself.

He stated that it was more than likely a defect in the material and that he could recover it for us as long as the material was not discontinued. He also mentioned that the rip cords on the recliners are known for breaking and was so common in fact that he actually had the part to fix it already at his shop. At the end of his visit he stated that he would get the material on order and that he would let us know when it came in. And he would then come out to pick the couch up and take it to his shop where he would then perform the repairs.

Now here is where it gets ridiculous. The Monday after the original technician came out to our home we received a phone call while we were away from home from another guy who asked where we were, and stated that he was at our home waiting for us because he needed to evaluate our sofa. He stated that he was with the warranty company that Slumberland hires to take care of all these issues. I proceeded to tell him that we already had a Slumberland technician work the service call on Saturday.

This guy from the warranty company goes off on me over the phone stating how this Slumberland employee from Columbia Missouri was going on their website and stealing claims such as ours. Blah, Blah, Blah. "I can'€™t believe this guy is stealing all these claims; he shouldn't be doing this", the technician exclaimed. All the while I am thinking to myself, Wow, if I were his boss I would be irate that he is telling our customers all this information and making my company look like a five year old is running it.

After this technician from the warranty company was done, and I now felt as if I had even done something illegal, I proceeded to ask him what I should do at this point. Do I need to process another claim perhaps? He responds by stating, "€œWell, if this guy has already come out, and stated he is going to order the parts, let'€™s let him take care of it."

A few weeks go by with no contact. We then call Slumberland again, and again with no answers just empty promises that they will check into our claim and get back to us. We soon got so upset that we started asking for managers on duty. Of course we were never transferred to one. We got so many excuses as to why we could speak with one, just a few are "They are in a meeting right now, I can't just pull them out€. €œI am the highest person there is, and €œthere are no managers here today."€

A couple of weeks go by. We finally got a hold of someone and they informed us that the Slumberland technician who came out to our home had lost all of our paperwork. They now said we have to have a second technician come out to "€œlay eyes on it"€. My wife and I were extremely upset and stated to them that a Slumberland technician had already "€œlaid eyes on it"€ and that it was not our fault he lost the paperwork. They refused to give us any other options. So we were forced into having a second technician come out to our home to look at our sofa.

Now to make things even better they gave us a four hour window on both my wife and I'€™s day off that the technician could arrive. The day came that the technician was supposed to be here. My mother-in-law had an emergency come up and my wife and I were now in our window of time. So we decided to call the technician to ask where he was and to see if he could give us an estimated time of arrival. When we finally got a hold of him he stated he did not know, and we needed to call him back in an hour. We called back over and over again after that hour passed with no answer. So we decided to leave our home.

We return to our home shortly after to a crappy unprofessional looking Ford escort station wagon leaking oil all over our driveway and a visibly dirty overweight man and his son. I apologized for not being home and proceeded to let him in. When entering our home neither the technician nor his son removed or even offered to remove their dirty shoes. Now my wife and I dare not say anything in fear that their socks or feet would be even worse than the bottom of their shoes which they more than likely track through horrible urine soaked public restroom floors with.

He proceeds to examine our sofa, taking pictures of each and every imperfection and defect. While he was doing this my wife was holding one of our two dogs Koby who is an eight pound Chihuahua. Now our second dog Kapone is a one hundred pound Doberman. We always put him up when strangers come over because well, he'€™s a Doberman and most people are afraid of this breed. Kapone hears this guy'€™s voice and knows that it is not one he has heard before so he starts barking to protect his home and family. The technician then asks me what kind of dog he is. I replied that he was a one hundred pound Doberman.

He looks at me with a puzzled look on his face and spurts out €"Hmm, sounds like he'€™s a lot bigger than that."€ I assure him he is a Doberman and has been for the last five years I've owned him. In amazement he continues by saying "€œSounds more like a mastiff to me"€. I was shocked that this guy felt the urge to challenge me in my own home about what kind of dog I owned. I just stayed silent until he was done with the pictures. After he put his camera up he said "€œOkay, I'€™ll write up my report and someone from Slumberland will be in touch with you."

I then asked what his opinion was on this type of material and if he thinks this is normal wear and tear or if it'€™s a defect as the original technician stated. In a rude tone he replied, "€œOh, I'm not supposed to comment on the quality of any products I evaluate, the company just does not allow it."

At this point I have already made up my mind that this guy is a complete joke and thought it was even funnier because we got a totally different story from an actual Slumberland technician. So, we start to lead him out of our home when he adds that we will probably have to call Slumberland and find out the status if we don'€™t hear from them within a week or two. We say okay and lock our front door behind him.

A couple days go by€. My wife and I decided to call and see if the report was finalized by any chance. Of course why would it be, Slumberland stated that we needed to wait yet again because they have not received the report yet. A week goes by. My wife and I decide to file a complaint through the Better Business Bureau website. When doing so we noticed over one hundred other claims against Slumberland Corporate and their Service Department.

A couple days go by. Today we received a phone call from a Slumberland employee at their corporate office in Minnesota named **. Let me tell you, this lady was as rude and as disrespectful as they come. She proceeded to tell us that the report was in and they denied our claim for replacement or repair due to what they called "damage due to pets"€. We then pleaded with her stating that our dogs aren'€™t even allowed on our furniture and never get on our sofa. She then claimed that this horrible slob of a technician #2 was a professional and knew when damage was incurred due to pets.

We then asked her to take a look at the photos in the report and see for herself that holes along the seams and stitching coming apart had nothing to do with our dogs. She replied that she had not seen the pictures. So, you'€™re telling me that ** called us without having seen the pictures to inform us that she has denied our claim. After we push a little more she says "€œOkay, I now have the pictures." She also informed us when we asked about the recliner not working that the last technician did not report anything about it at all even though we told him that it was broke.

So, guess what now if I wanted to have a determination made on this, I have to have a third technician come out to my house to write up a report on it. Irate by this point we asked if we could speak with a manager. "I'm the highest person here."€, ** replied. We asked if she could at least refund our $35 that we paid for no reason. "€œNo, I do not have the ability to do that." She stated. We then admitted to her that we had filled a complaint through the Better Business Bureau about this horrible experience.

She said to us "€œWell, that complaint will go against the Jefferson City retail store not us"€. At this point Slumberland has really hit rock bottom in our book. The call was terminated with no other conclusion than we have just wasted $35, two months of our time trying to get this resolved, and I'€™m still setting on a thousand dollar plus, substandard sofa that is falling apart.

What happened to the days where companies actually cared about their customers? Slumberland is a joke, and every time you call into their service department with a question or concern, you get nothing more than the runaround. I mean seriously, there is not one person within this company that knows what they are doing or how to answer any question you have.

In our current state of economy this is no way to treat customers, in fact this is never the way you should treat your customers. I ask that you spread this story to everyone you know and let's set an example by not spending our money with Slumberland and hopefully they will go out of business and the world will be a better place because of it.

In conclusion, we have been pushed around, mislead, and lied to. We have dealt with more rude and inconsiderate customer service reps then you can imagine. We have also taken who knows how much time each week to try to get some help and here we sit two months later with no resolution. So I guess since our warranty runs up in a couple months now, it seems they are just trying to drag this out until we have no options whatsoever.

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