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The Making of a Missionary
By -

TEXAS -- You know, there are many types of "€œmissionaries"€. We all think of the religious kind but I find many more "missionaries"€ in a different kind of "€œmission field"€. The term missionary indicates to most of us a DEEPLY held belief. I can assure you the religions of the world don'€™t hold the market on DEEPLY-held beliefs.

I have met a lot of "missionary salesman"€ in my life. These guys come across not only as a salesman representing a product; but rather as a person who represents THE product. You quickly get the impression this guy could not and WOULD not sell any other product! His zeal might turn you off, but he will make you think about something you probably wouldn'€™t have if he hadn'€™t come along. HE is a TRUE BELIEVER and it comes through when he speaks to you; "missionary"€.

Snap-on Tools have made me a missionary. Unlike the guy I describe above, I have made it my MISSION to ensure as many people as possible come to know that Snap-on WRONGED me. I am just a regular guy, you deal with guys like me all the time. He don't spend a lot and he might complain about prices but he pays his bills and aside from ribbing you about having the highest prices around, he could be a friend. Not particularly smart, but no dummy either. Just your average customer. You might be asking yourself how in the world Snap-on could turn such a man into a MISSIONARY against them. Well here is the letter I sent Snap-On after the event:

"I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how disappointed I am with you. My name is ** and I am a maintenance man. Less than one year ago I bought a "€œheavy duty"€ roll cart from ** (your dealer in the Texas area). A few weeks ago I noticed two of the castors were not sitting straight. I inspected and found that the frame on one end of the cart was bent. As I explained to **, I am not a "€œtypical"€ mechanic that you service. I am a maintenance man that services kitchen and refrigeration equipment in a large hotel and convention center.

As a result I push this cart many miles a week. I knew last year when I bought (paid cash) the cart I needed a "heavy duty"€ cart. I looked at a number of roll carts and after talking with my brother who is a long time auto mechanic, I decided to pay the extra money and buy the one off the Snap-on truck. It served me well for 9 months or so. When I did see damage to the frame I was sure ** (Snap-on) would honor their long time claim to make it right. I have just got off the phone with XXX and he told me Snap-On would not provide me a replacement part I needed. (I only wanted the damaged PART, there is nothing wrong with the box.)

Let me just say, it goes without saying I will never buy a tool off **'s truck again. I am sure that will not send him into bankruptcy because I have only spent around $1000 in the last year. But I am calling my brother tonight (my brother on the other hand has tens of thousands of dollars worth of Snap-on tools) and will tell him the story and encourage him to BEWARE of the claims Snap-on makes regarding "€œmaking it right"€ if you do have a problem.

As you might guess, I know quite a number of folks that use Snap-on tools (in fact my older brother teaches Shop at a high school). I will make EVERY effort to make sure I can inform as many people as possible of this sorry situation. I don'€™t know how much it would have cost for Snap-on to replace the part and honor their word but I'm willing to bet it is going to cost them a GREAT deal more than the part would have. I am also a member of several forums on the internet and will make every effort to keep those folks informed as well. Y'all have a good day, I have had a bad one so far but there is always tomorrow."

As you can see I was HOT when I wrote that note to Snap-on. Let me tell you how I got that way in a little more detail. NUMBER ONE: I was lied to by my dealer!! We have all been lied to and I don't have to tell you how that feels, but it all depends on WHO is lying to you and what kind of credibility they have in your mind as to how it affects you. When I bought this box I felt Snap-on was as HONEST of a company as I would ever likely deal with. I gave them MAXIMUM credibility. I recommended them to my friends, and that is the maximum credibility you can give to a company, person or organization.

NUMBER TWO: my dealer did not "€œservice"€ my problem. From the beginning 'til the bitter end, my dealer never called ME one time. Each time I had to call HIM. He showed me in no uncertain terms he had no concern for my problem. He did not show me he was aggressively seeking a solution to my problem. A man much smarter than I will ever be told me something years ago that I have never forgot: "€œwhen our customers have a PROBLEM is our best opportunity to SHINE".

If you are more attentive to the problem than you are to the sale, it will leave a impression that your product cannot possibly deliver. If you sell the finest widget ever made and the product is PERFECT, it still will not get the rave reviews of a person who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to service ME, the customer. You only have my word on this but I will tell you that if I had felt my dealer had gone to bat for me in a aggressive way, I would not have been happy with the end result, but I would have still sported the dealer (bought off his truck). I would have lost some respect for Snap-on but I would have had even higher respect for MY dealer.

As it stands now, there is NOTHING Snap-on or my dealer can do to regain my trust. I am now a problem you CANNOT FIX. The opportunity to do the right thing has passed and for as long as I live, I will speak ill of Snap-on. You see, I know the REAL reason Snap-on didn'€™t just send me a part for my box. And you can bet I will tell the story to other "regular guys"€ like me. Some will just srug it off but you can bet it will carry some weight with quite a few folks. You see, Snap-on is not the only one with a "reputation", I have one too. And to the degree my reputation is one of honesty will be the degree my story will impact others I tell.

I wrote this message in hopes that other honest Snap-on dealers will read it and possibly learn from it. If you met me on the street you would think I was just your normal guy, you would never think I was a real live MISSIONARY (until I got to talking to you).

Beware of Snap-On Tool Company
By -

TEXAS -- On August of 2004, we purchased a tool box for my husbands work needs. Contract clearly states weekly amounts and total payment payoff of 140 payments. The contract dealer has twice now told us we had to make larger payments and we noticed that many of our payments were not showing up on the readout we requested from the Snap-On Tool headquarters.

Now, we have made 168 payments and they are claiming we still owe another 8 payments. I have argued and questioned several times to the accounting department at Snapon Tools located in I'll. and have gotten nowhere. We also asked several other people about their dealings with SnapOn Tools and we are hearing the same problems we are having. Someone is most definitely pocketing our payments! Yet when we try to resolve the problem we hear the same excuses that make absolutely NO sense whatsoever and the same remark... pay or we will retrieve the tool box.

I am currently reporting to the BBB, Consumer Protection, and the Attorney General in BOTH states. If anyone is dealing with SnapOn Tools, I highly suggest you look at all your receipts and gather up all your cancelled checks. You too may be getting RIPPED OFF. I also suggest you talk to a good lawyer!

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