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Bought Online Software
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Last year I paid, I think, £40, to Software HQ for 3 years membership so I could access all sorts of useful applications. I remember starting at a reasonable cost but suddenly the final, higher, cost flashed up as I pressed the submit button. I knew then I'd been done! I blamed my initial confusion as to how to actually access their wonderland of software from being new to the internet world. Since then, I have not managed to download or install one single programme. I have tried again for a photo editing programme and no matter how many links I try their website cannot be found!

I still have their original e-mail with a confirmation of my 'membership' and it gives this link, which is useless: If anyone knows, I want details of their whereabouts and any legal action ongoing so I can stand in line for my money.

UK Website Is Pure Scam
By -

I wanted to download a Nero program, and searched in on the web. I was sent to what seemed to be a CNET website, which happens to be a site I trust, however it seems I was redirected to a scam site with the name Now, I was supposed to have downloaded a copy of Nero, Instead of that, I was charged 52.80 for a what was supposed to be a free trial of Nero, and was instead a years membership to use their 'tutorials'. No copy of Nero.

When I finally got in touch with a human on the telephone number that the site listed, and told them I didn't want their one year membership, and asked to have my original 19.99 refunded, I was told that they do not at any time refund their so-called membership fees. I then noticed that the original fee of 19.99 had become 52.80, and when I called them again, was told that that particular number only deals with phone purchases, not website purchases.

I then asked where the company was located, and was told by the very British sounding operator that they were based in the United Kingdom. Nowhere on the site are there terms of service, nothing to indicate that the site is a scam other than what it lacks. Do NOT use this site for downloads of free or trial programs, you won't get them. It seems that I'm not the only one who has been taken in by this. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has successfully dealt with this company.

Lost £48-72 taken from my MasterCard account whilst trying to download AVG protection.
By -

Having bought a new Laptop I tried to download and pay for AVG Internet Protection on 12th September, 2011. I got a thirty day trial of AVG but this has since been removed as out of date. AVG Support say the company who took my money is NOT one of their partners and I must go back to them for a refund. This has proved to be impossible. Can anybody help this 82 yr old pensioner please?

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