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History and the Same Old, Same Old
By -

I wanted to shed a little light on this company and I use the term VERY lightly. I worked for them as a DJ MANY years ago in a large city. I saw an ad for DJs in a local Job magazine, so I gave them a call. At that time, they actually did have an office and I went in for an interview. All went well and I was hired on as a weekly DJ. After a short time, the Operations Manager quit, and they asked me to step up.

Here was the normal set-up: Each major city would have one actual office with phone numbers in every area code in the area all being transferred to the one office. This made the company look local no matter where the callers were coming from. Then if a client wanted to meet in person, they could make an appointment to go to the main office in that city.

When I started, they were charging $395 for a 4 hour wedding and $495 for a basic video taping. The concept was solid, but with that low of a rate. We could only pay $100 to $150 per event to the DJ and maybe $200 to the videographer. The only way to get people to work for this was to hire people with no experience and train them. There used to be good people working for the company back then, and we did about 1000 events a year. I had trained several guys and they would do a great job and were very loyal to me. That was until John ** would take money out of our checking account for his "Consultation Fees" and their checks would bounce.

Here is where the problems were. John ** was a con artist. He insisted on having access to any bank accounts because he was the Founder of the company and acted like the Franchisor. This is how his scam worked: He would get young DJ who wants to work the DJ job Full-Time, and cash in on their eagerness to succeed. He would tell them they need to open an office and be the General Manager, and it would be their business.

They would take out leases on offices in their names, open credit card processing and checking accounts, set up all the phone numbers in their own names and take all the risk. Then he would take money directly out of their bank accounts to get paid his commission. We had to buy all the marketing materials and forms from him and his in-house printing company, at inflated prices, and he would just sit back and collect the money. He didn't care about the business running. He would just take out whatever he wanted until the accounts were dry. He would bankrupt his General Manager once a year and move on to someone else.

When I came to my senses, I shut down my office. I took care of all the old clients, but new clients we transferred to one of his other offices. I am still paying off some of those debt 15 years later. John ** doesn't actually own A Solid Gold Sound. His wife does. He can no longer own a business in the US because of a fraud conviction in Florida about 20 years ago. He lives in Covington, Kentucky. At one point he had a lecturing business where people would pay him to talk about how to grow a successful business. The name of the main company was Syncorp. That's what the checks to me always said.

The history of this company is long, and I am sure John tried to sell the company to someone else in the past 15 years, but make no mistake, he is at the center of all the major problems. The guys who do the real work and take phone calls were being screwed. They can't pay their personal bills because of John sucking them dry, and so there is no money to pay anyone else. That is why no one returns phone calls or emails. They weren't getting paid and they were dealing with all the problems. John was the only one getting paid.

When they finally get out, John will get someone else. I learned my lesson too late, and so did many others. It's sad really, Couples are getting ripped off and DJs are getting screwed too. All because of one man... JOHN **. I am sorry for anyone who was taken by A Solid Gold Sound, and John. He will get what is coming to him one day and he will suffer in the afterlife.

Wedding Nightmare, Thanks To A Solid Gold Sound!
By -

I hired A Solid Gold Sound to DJ and video my wedding. I prepaid 1500.00 in 2-2009, my wedding was on 8-22-09. My DJ was supposed to meet us the Wednesday before to see where he would be set up and get the details of what was going to happen on wedding day... Well long story short, DJ got to reception site early and left early after throwing a temper tantrum. He didn't want to get up where he was supposed to and he didn't want to set up and tear down in between wedding and reception (which I paid extra for this).

I had to call him and remind him everything was clearly outlined with A Solid Gold Sound and I had even had to pay extra for the things he was complaining about. The DJ informed me the company didn't compensate him for this. I let it go, I thought he was just throwing a fit.

I tried to call the company well before 6 pm to let them know I wanted a new DJ. I waited on hold no one ever came back to the line. Out of desperation I remembered that the company had online chat. I tried that and no one would answer...I was stuck with this DJ. So the next day is the wedding, I'm getting ready and I get a phone call saying my DJ had arrived on his motorcycle. No equipment in tow and he had on a cotton lounge/sweat suit-looking thing, his hair all a mess from the motorcycle ride.

He was asked where his equipment was, he told us his "friend" was bringing it. He was also asked if he had brought a change of clothes with him since he was supposed to be in a tux or at least a suit and tie. His response was he was too large of a man for a tux or a suit!!! So my DJ sat in front of all of my well-dressed guests in a sweat suit and hair sticking up all over!

Wedding ends, reception starts, DJ's friend is still around. We had to ask DJ if the friend could leave, he wasn't on the menu list. DJ said he needed the help. I added the friend to the menu and drink list at an extra cost of about 40.00. The DJ introduced most of the bridal party in the wrong order...he didn't play the songs I requested, he instead played Michael Jackson songs and other pop/rap songs of his choice instead of what I had chosen. He was far from outgoing and energetic, he just sat behind his table and my photographer and my friends had to go get his attention when he decided to screw up...

Now my videographer was very well dressed, acted professionally, very respectful. But here it is, 11-18-09 and I still don't have my wedding video. ** was given a bad check in October and A Solid Gold Sound has yet to pay him for my video. All the while I have been being told by A Solid Gold Sound that my video is in editing.

I have been calling or e-mailing everyday since I got home from my honeymoon, 9-1-09 and I have no refund, no video, nothing but lies. Please don't find your self in my shoes...just pay a few extra dollars hire someone local you will thank yourself in the end. A Solid Gold Sound has turned the most wonderful day of my life into a never-ending nightmare!!!

My Horrible Experience With "A Solid Gold Sound DJ Service"
By -

WEST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Where to start with this company? First off, I booked this company out of desperation since they seemed to be big and all over the place. Our wedding budget was pretty tight for us and I found their prices to be low. I knew that the way this DJ service worked was quite different with the way they run their business, but I took the risk because we couldn't afford anyone else at the time.

They were quite easy to work with when we first booked with A Solid Gold Sound. We even had a better incentive, if we paid in full we would receive another discount off our service. We would be having our DJ for our wedding ceremony and reception. We were given our instructions of when to turn in our music list and to whom one month before the wedding.

After spending a year planning for my special day, I wasn't going to leave out any details. I was up to date on everything concerning this day and had all of my details worked out to make it easier for my vendors. I received so many compliments on how hard I worked to plan my wedding with barely any help at all. I sent in my music list and details of my ceremony one month before. The company contacted me a week later to confirm that it was received. Everything was falling into place.

I will admit that the office for the DJ service was very nice and easy to work with at first. I was told that my DJ would be assigned and contact me 7-10 days before my wedding to go over all the details I sent in. My wedding was on a Friday so when it was the week before, I was hanging close to my phone anticipating that my DJ would call, but he didn't. I figured maybe they were busy with events and thought that I would be contacted some time during the weekend. Still no call.

So I called the company on Monday to let them know my DJ had not contacted me and they gave me his name but reassured me they would let him know to call me. Then Tuesday morning I called again and said that I needed him to contact me's only 3 days before my wedding! I was very frustrated by then and starting to not believe that they were trying to contact my DJ. I let them know that if he didn't call that night that I would go with someone else.

But 3 days before with so much to do, it would be pretty hard to find someone. My fiance called them on Wednesday and was not very happy about this situation and demanded a call by 11 AM or we would cancel the service. The DJ contacted my fiance and said that he doesn't have a phone to be reached, he could only use a pay phone. He would try to contact me that night or Thursday (the day before my wedding).

I had driven for 10 hrs to pick up one of my siblings to stay the week and I was so tired of all this mess. During this I had another DJ from the company call me and said he heard my original DJ had not contacted me. I was relieved that this one was attempting to fix things. He said that he could definitely be at my wedding if I needed him and to call him that evening when I made my decision.

I was done with the other guy and called to tell the company that I would like to go with this new DJ since he was willing to call me. They told me I couldn't go with this DJ because he would not be available and they made a contract with the other DJ to be sent to my event. That's where I lost it...2 days before the happiest day of my life and I couldn't have the DJ who would respond to my needs, or one at all for that matter. I didn't know what to think.

It was as if this second DJ (who only worked with this company once in a while) knew that this guy may not show up or something, and he spent 2 hours on the phone with me sketching out a quick version of what I had planned for music. It still wouldn't have been right since he didn't have all of my music I picked. Then I thought...what's up with that? These guys may not be able to provide all the music I would like to have AND only leaving 2 days to figure it out?

I cried ALL night, I was so confused. I couldn't believe that calling the company 8 times in 2 days and requesting they fix this matter wasn't enough. You can't plan for disasters like this. What do you do? My fiance told me that he was going to make sure the DJ would call me, like he claimed, by 11 AM the next day "and he WILL play what you picked."

The DJ did end up contacting me the day before my wedding day and went through my list. At first I felt I had to remind him that he was also in charge of my ceremony music and he said he had all of the information for my wedding.

On my wedding day he was there, surprisingly on time, and from what I could notice had played everything I picked. He didn't interact with the crowd or have a "fun personality" like I had requested months before from A Solid Gold Sound. But after all the stress from that week, I was grateful to at least have music. He messed up only during dinner hour and was moving the reception quicker than he should have. The banquet manager got upset because she couldn't get everyone to their seat due to the dancing music was playing too early.

Then, he decided to choose whatever music for the cake cutting and garter toss, which by the way, we had to get his attention and tell him to announce. Seeing as it was the happiest day of my life...nothing was bothering me that day. Everything else went pretty didn't matter. I was happy to be marrying the love of my life.

But looking back I would NEVER recommend A Solid Gold Sound to ANYONE!!!! No bride wants to spend the 2 days before her wedding crying because one person didn't do what they were supposed to...last's REALLY scary. You will get what you pay for (practically nothing, definitely nothing great) with A Solid Gold Sound. The office people were not helpful AT ALL! My bridesmaid was ready to jump through the phone get the point. DO NOT HIRE A SOLID GOLD SOUND!!! Pay the extra money, you'll be happier!

A Solid Gold Sound Complaint
By -

A Solid Gold Sound DJ/Video Services is a nationwide Internet DJ/Video company ran by John ** with home offices in Kentucky. I contacted this company back in June to contract their services. At that time I PREPAID IN FULL the total due for the services I was to receive on my wedding day.

The first incident that took me back was when I had called to inquire about their services and got a disconnected signal for the # listed for the Kansas City # on the Website. I then called the 1-800 # and told the representative about this which he replied "I will have to look into that." They later took this # off the website. I also found out later that this company contracts local DJ's and had no local office.

I then called a few weeks later to inquire about the free gifts offered on the website. I told the phone representative that I had never received the "Free Gifts" (money saving reports & countdown to wedding date clock) that was advertised on the website, at that time the representative laughed at me and told me he would look into it. I never heard anything else on that. Once I had my song list complete around 75 songs from the company's list and around 30 that I added. I faxed and emailed the list to their office.

I then waited until 6 days prior to my wedding to call their office to ask when my DJ would be contacting me. I was told 7-10 days prior to my event. When I told the representative it was 6 days out she said "OH, well let me give
you his # so you can get ahold of him." I thought OK I will contact him instead of him calling me? I then called and spoke to the DJ who then told me he never received any info on my event from A Solid Gold Sound and he would have to call in and then get back to me.

He did return the call later in the evening stating he had spoken with their office and after discussing it he was going to "pull me out of the fire" by doing my event, at that time I asked why was I "in the fire" to begin with? I was told that he was already booked for the day of my event but was going to cancel it, to do mine. I thought this strange considering I had PREPAID IN FULL MONTHS AGO. The DJ then asked me to send him my song list. I told him I had already sent it to their office twice and thought he could get it from them. He then went on to tell me how "unreliable" their office is and would prefer if I sent it direct.

I told him I would, and arranged for a follow up call the next day. I called the Solid Gold Sound office the next morning to discuss how unhappy I was with the service so far and just wanted to get this done. I was told by their office that the DJ was a good DJ but was rather "full of himself" and he DID have the song list I had sent. I then called the DJ and he told me "no" he had not yet received it, and asked again if I would send it to him direct. I sent him the list and everything seemed to finally be headed in the right direction.

I spoke with the DJ again the next day (3 days before the wedding) and arranged to bring the 8 or so songs he could not get, and told him if he needed anything else to let me know. This brings us to the wedding day. The DJ showed up on time to the event and the first thing we went over was where he would set up. After we got that cleared up he then asked about power, the owner of the establishment showed him where the power was located (about 30ft from the setup location).

He then asked the owner for an extension cord! Even the owner was laughing and said "Well the professional DJ's usually have an extension cord." Well the DJ had some sort of excuse for that. But the owner was nice enough to loan him one and he began to set up. Prior to the ceremony I asked the DJ if he had the ceremony music ready? He looked at me and said "Well no." I had discussed this with their office weeks earlier about him doing the ceremony music. And was told that's fine he would do it. That's why I paid for him to be there a half hour prior to my ceremony.

Well regardless the DJ finished setting up, played a little easy listening music prior to my ceremony then got to relax playing no music for about 30 to 45 min during the ceremony. Once the ceremony was over and we came back to reception area the DJ then began to play some music. After about 20 min or so my new wife asked why he had yet to play one of our songs from the music we had selected. When I approached him and asked about this he told me "Well someone last week spilled a drink on my laptop so I'm using this backup laptop." I asked what this had to do with my songs and he said nothing, he would get some on for me.

After the Wedding Toast and Bouquet & Garter tosses, we danced to our song (that I had to bring, that is available on I-tunes). This was about 45 minutes of what I actually paid for. But soon after my wife again approached me and said she had heard this same song 3 times and had yet to hear a song from our playlist! This was over half way through our event. When I went to the DJ to ask him why he was playing the same song he had played 3 times now he also had an excuse. He told me that someone from the event he had done prior had walked off with one of his patch cords and he was having to mix everything by hand?

I asked again to just play some of our songs. After about another 20 min or so we finally got into our song list. Considering our event had been going on for hours I thought this to be completely unprofessional. Our song list finally made it into the playlist with only about an hour remaining of music. After that I was more focused on attending to my guests and my new Bride.

The DJ packed up and left exactly at his scheduled time. The next day when my wife and I discussed the entire day she said the only thing that she would have changed was the DJ. When I spoke with many friends and family they all said the same thing "Your wedding was beautiful but that DJ was awful." I agree with them. I paid this company IN FULL AND IN ADVANCE for a what I was expecting to be a good job. It was most certainly not a good job.

Since my event I have contacted their office to ask for some sort of refund. All I have got back are rude defensive emails. The customer service was horrible from the beginning and the DJ was awful. The entire staff was unprofessional and rude.

I hope that anyone who is looking for a quality DJ stays clear of this company, after searching for complaints on this company (something I wish I would have done prior) I found many complaints on them. The national BBB office gives this company an F rating which is the lowest possible.

A Solid Gold Sound Stole My Money And Refuse To Return Calls!
By -

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, OHIO -- Before I knew any better, I contacted A Solid Gold Sound for information on DJ services and paid a $100 REFUNDABLE deposit. The guy seemed nice and helpful on the phone. Now I feel really stupid and naive for being so gullible. Well back to the refundable deposit and I emphasize REFUNDABLE- the company even made a big deal about advertising that customers will get the deposit back if the event is canceled, you decide not to use them, etc. Well about six weeks before the wedding they still couldn't tell me who my DJ would be or when I could meet them so I decided to cancel with them and went with someone else.

I was given instructions for getting my refund. I had to print a form from their website and return it with a copy of my contract. I did exactly that and mailed it off in March 09. In April I called because I hadn't received my refund yet and I was told that it takes 6-8 weeks for a refund to be mailed, so I should wait... In May, two months after I requested the refund, I called again to find out why I STILL didn't receive my money back. The person I spoke with told me they had JUST received the refund request in the mail that week (I mailed it in MARCH). I called the guy out on his lie and he just told me to blame the post office. Yeah, right.

The guy said I should receive my refund check in the mail in a few weeks. A few weeks came and went. In July I called again and asked to speak with someone regarding the refund. The person I spoke with claimed to be from an answering service and took down my name and number. I was assured that someone would call me first thing the next morning. No one called. I called the company back again two days later and this time they just kept "transferring" me to different people. Each person told me I needed to talk with someone else until eventually I was back to where I started and supposedly no one in the entire company could assist me that day.

When I complained about being given the run-around, they took my name and number again and assured me that someone would call me back who could assist and answer my questions. No surprise that I never received a call. Of course by now it is too late to dispute the charge with my credit card company. By stringing me along for so many months, the company took advantage of this probably on purpose. I am getting nowhere on the phone and the company is not even in the same state so I can't pay them a visit in person. I am at wit's end. At this point I don't really care about the money, it's the principle.

The company really employed some sleazy and dishonest tactics and are COMPLETELY unethical in their business practices. If I had googled them before giving them my money, I would have seen the hundreds of complaints about them online and passed them up. If anyone else had success getting a refund from this company, please let me know how you did it! AND DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID!!! DON'T GIVE THEM A DIME!!!

Fraudulent DL service
By -

I hired this DJ company for my destination wedding for 5/2/10, both for the wedding ceremony (on the beach so I needed music and a wireless mic) and the reception. I did everything they asked and paid $600 in advance. Then the DJ never showed up! Minutes before my wedding me, the bride, is frantically calling.

You can imagine how that felt. No one from this company answered or contacted me the next day even after a million calls, and I called them every single day for 10 days, sometimes calling 5 times a day, and each time if I actually got someone they told me I had to talk to some guy Ryan who apparently was never there and never returned any of my many messages. No sorry, no nothing.

I am now disputing the charges with my credit card company. I could not believe their disregard for what they did to me on my wedding. Sometimes mistakes happen, but ignoring me and avoiding me is unethical business practice and evidence they do not stand behind any part of the fake guarantee. I did considerable research on this company nationwide (after the fact unfortunately) and found that this company has an F rating with the BBB (the worst). In fact, according to the BBB, A Sensory Sound reported it was out of business, and has a sister company Solid Gold Sound, which has tons of complaints.

On top of that, I found that the guy that sold me the package (Jessie) goes on all of these websites and writes fake good testimonials, so how can you trust any testimonial? All of his fake comments were listed on his yahoo account I corresponded on him with, and that is how I tracked each of these locations. If they were that good they would not need to have their own employees write fake comments across cities nationwide.

By the way, the supposed good comments are all the same on each of these sites. It is not worth the attractive discounts to take even a slight chance with your wedding; pick someone local with a proven reputation and do your research! I have taken time to go to any site I can find on this company with my story so this does not happen to other couples on the biggest day of their lives. Do not make the same mistake I did!

Out of Business
By -

Well my nightmare started 46 days before my wedding date. I was contacted by a lady, whose husband was an ex employee of Solid Gold. She stated that Solid Gold had gone out of business and that her husband and herself had started a new company and would be handling my event. Their records showed that I had a balance of $375.00. When I told her that I was paid in full and that I had copies of the checks, she said that they had stolen my money.

They say that they are going to show up to my wedding but refuse to give me a contract because I'm not paying them anything and neither is Solid Gold. So for now I'm trusting them to show up and hoping to hear from them soon, I have 25 days to go. I am making other arrangements just in case.

If You Didn't Get a Video From Solid Gold Sound I May Have Your Tapes!
By -

I worked for the very bad company, A Solid Gold Sound/Sensory Sound. They owe me about $750 for video editing work I did for them. I have a few weddings that I never edited because they could not provide me with the bride/groom's information to contact them to get their address. I have first/last names only. I only have 3 weddings and would list the names on here if I could but I don't know if I can do that. Email me at ** and I will let you know what names I have. Unfortunately I cannot even tell you what state they are from as I have no idea. I can view the tapes and find out the names of the churches, but that would be about it.

We Waited Over 7 Months for Our Wedding Video!
By -

Our wedding took place September 2, 2006.The DJ was very professional, as was the videographer. The only problem I had with the company was the fact that we had to wait over 7 months to receive our wedding video! I kept leaving messages with the company and never got a response. Finally, I threatened to contact a local news channel's investigative reporter if I did not receive the video.

Another month passed and I contacted the person from our local news channel. He must have contacted A Solid Gold Sound because a few days later our videos arrived in the mail. But there was never any apology or refund of money. I would not recommend this company for any special events.

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