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Sony Vaio poor service
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Rating: 1/51

LAREDO, TEXAS -- I have had the worst service with Sony trying to get my computer repaired. I have had my Vaio 2 years this March 2012. We noticed it getting very hot on the bottom not long after purchasing the laptop and eventually at the DC Jack port. We got 3 or 4 notices about the overheating, but my laptop was not on the list. I started noticing my dc jack getting very hot to touch, got so bad that you couldn't even touch it without using a cloth to take it out and that it started becoming very loose.

I took my laptop back to Nebraska Furniture Mart to see what the problem was, where I had also purchased a 3 year extended warranty, spending another 257.00. They sent it to Assurant Solutions to be diagnosed. I was told that the DC jack inside had been damaged and they would not fix it without paying for the repair. I had explained how hot it would get at the jack. I was told that this is one of Sony's biggest problems with putting a CHEAP piece of equipment in to a good product. I was told I might want to call Sony and see if they couldn't take care of the problem.

I called Sony and found out there had been a recall on the overheating of my laptop but was never informed. If I had received that recall I could have sent it in and they would have fixed it even if it was past the warranty date. I explained how hot the DC Jack would get and the bottom of the laptop. They would pass me around from person to person, two of them telling me there was no recall!! I was told by one person that it should be covered due to getting so hot due to the recall.

It could have possible caused it to break off the connector inside due to the overheating those pieces are so small I'm sure in my mind this is what has happened. Its like holding fire under a small piece of metal! Eventually its going to break from the heat!! I was hung up on for asking for managers because I couldn't understand the person speaking to me. When I would get transferred I would have to repeat over and over again what my problem was. In the end I called Customer Relations trying to make a complaint but all I got was the same thing I had already been through over and over again. They refuse to believe that this could happen.

I didn't even get to leave a complaint! I have 2 other laptops not made by Sony and are much older and never had this kind of problem not only with laptops every thing in your home anymore has a DC Jack and I haven't had one break yet. My 6 year old granddaughter has a laptop and we've not had a problem with hers having a broken DC Jack!! I am very disappointed in the service I received by all the people I talked to at Sony.

One girl I actually believed in and told me the truth about the recall and thinking I was going to get it fixed, I actually talked to her again today and she had changed her story! I guess they all get together and make sure their stories are on the same path. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO FIX IT WITHOUT TAKING YOUR MONEY!! They make so much money off of their products from consumers who think they're buying something that is going to last, but I've found out they don't respect their consumers at all. It's all about them putting a dollar in their pocket they take from consumers like us who believed in a good product.

I will not buy Sony products again. They won't stand behind their work and their workers all have a different story. So I wouldn't recommend you purchasing a SONY VAIO or any Sony products if you don't won't to pay out more money when the warranty runs out a year later!

Refused Warranty or Even Repair of Sony Vaio Laptop
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Rating: 1/51

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- My new (less than three months old) Sony Vaio ultrabook stopped working. It was working fine but stopped completely. No lights, nothing. I called and sent it in under a warranty claim. I received an email advising that they were awaiting a call and when I called, I was told that the unit showed corrosion inside. According to the technician, this was due to moisture inside and they would not provide any repairs.

I asked about the causes of the corrosion and was told it was either because the unit was put into water or possibly, it could have been the result of using the computer from a hot environment and coming into air conditioned space which is entirely possible given that, like many American homeowners, I had central air conditioning. This seems to be a defect of design. Nowhere does Sony warn of the risk of using a computer outside and bringing it inside (which was done constantly as we also have, in addition to central A/C, wi-fi which allows us to work outside and inside).

In addition to the dispute about the design limitations and their statement that they do not cover this because they have no control on the environment in which a user uses his or her laptop, we discussed the replacement of the motherboard. The technician told me to call the parts department and inquire about a new motherboard. Sony does not sell motherboards and I was told to ask Andrews Electronics and Encompass, both of whom are parts distributors but offer sales to retail. Pricing for both companies was the same, about $1100 plus a $700 core charge or more than $1,800.

I asked the representative how the motherboard, which was inside a $800 computer, could cost more than twice the price and she assured me that Sony set the prices but it did seem silly. I know that Fry's will sell the same motherboard for around $800 packed neatly inside a new laptop but that seems to be the point, Sony refused to stand behind their product and will do everything in their power to force a consumer to buy a new product.

I called the repair center and number of times and I called customer support and was given the runaround most of the time. I was given different prices for repairs ranging from $1,300 to $1,500 but, in every case, they would NOT provide the service. Customer Service people will routinely apologize for the way I was treated but every time I asked for an email address to send in a statement, I was put on hold for more than ten minutes.

Black Screen
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Rating: 1/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- Bought a Sony laptop Oct of 2010 at a cost of $700.00. Starting in Dec. of 2012 black screen all the time off and on was with premium tech support trying to fix it. They had it running off and on then the screen just went black, took it to a PC doctor was told the soldering used when my computer was made by Sony was bad. They have since upgraded their soldering procedure on the Vaio laptop. OK then I sent it to Sony. They told me the screen part of it was the cause of the screen going black, they want $ 317.00 to fix it.

Sony has ripped me off and now they want more money, so I guess all they expect from their product is 2 years that you will get out of their product. Well I will go to Attorney General with this problem if anyone out there has this problem please call me ** and please call your Attorney General and file a complaint. This is a manufacturing problem and the consumer is paying for this error is making it. I will log down your names and follow through with this against Sony. Please help me do this.

I read your terms, and you know people the consumer buy a product and expect more than 2 years out of their purchase and if this company can do no better than the way they treated me and look at the complaints that other people are having on the same issue, I believe in my heart this has to be addressed to the public and they should stand up for their name. Yes it's out of warranty but 2 years that really sad. My 3 cents means a lot to me and your product should mean 3 cent to you also.

Repair it or Replace it.
By -

550 MADISON AVENUE -- This is to answer Sony Corporation of America response: I do NOT agree with their response. Early May 2011, I was able to contact ** and a 2nd representative at Customer Relations to inform that the laptop in reference started to have software and hardware problems while the 5-year extended warranty was active. I also explained to them that the AON Insurance 5-year extended warranty that SonyStyle at Menlo Park, Edison, NJ had sold to me had expired in March 2011.

** and the 2nd Sony Customer Relations representative promised that Sony and AON will honor the repair of the laptop or change it if they are not able to repair it even though the 5-year extended warranty had expired in March 2011 as the laptop started to show software and hardware problems while the 5-year extended warranty was active. Then a couple of days later Sony changed its position and they refused to transfer several calls I made to contact **.

Now, Sony is saying that the issue is between me and AON Insurance. It is important to indicate that I bought this laptop at the SonyStyle store located in Menlo Park, Edison, NJ 08837. It was SonyStyle that sold me the AON 5-year extended warranty agreement. An AON Insurance representative indicated that they will not repair the laptop unless Sony ask them to repair it. Sony cannot say now that they are not responsible as they were the ones that sold me the 5-year extended warranty. Sony and AON are showing lack of ethics in conducting business by not following the agreement.

My Spouse listened all conversations I had with Sony and AON Insurance representatives and she certifies with her signature below that Sony first agreed to repair the laptop or change it in the event it could not be repaired, under the 5-year extended warranty, as the laptop started to show technical and hardware problems while the 5-year extended warranty was active.

Defective product, horrible customer service
By -

I purchased a high end Sony Vaio laptop in May 2010 for over $3000 and paid an additional $400 for a Sony 3 year extended warranty. Within seven months after the purchase the laptop became unusable because the Nvidia video card had failed requiring the motherboard to be replaced. When I called the Vaio support line they scheduled an on-site repair visit and assured me that the repair will be done within 3 business days as stipulated in the warranty. Based on this information I postponed two important business presentations for which I needed to use the laptop.

The nightmare began soon after. No one showed up for the repair after 3 days or the following weeks. I called Sony countless times to inquire about the repair and was never able to break through the stonewalling of the Philipine-stationed gang which represents Sony Vaio. Every time I called I had to retell the story only to find out that they used my call to reset the clock to give themselves another 3 -4 business days before someone would purportedly call back, but of course no one did call.

When I asked for details about the delay or to talk to a supervisor they would refuse or become rude. Eventually when I managed to break through to a supervisor Mark. I found out that the reason for the delay was that a part was "back-ordered" and that no delivery date is available. Mark promised to call back within 3-4 business date to give me an update. He never called back.

Next time I called there was another supervisor named Mike. Mike continued to give me the runaround and refused to tell me when or if the laptop will be repaired. He would not say if it will take one week or one month or one year. He absolutely refused to give me a loaner stating “policy”. So I am still stranded without a laptop. If you are shopping for a laptop don't be fooled by Vaio's good looks. Their product is unreliable and their customer service is a scam.

Sony Vaio Laptop
By -

I purchased a Sony Vaio in July of 2009 and purchased a one year warranty (I did not get the extended one because Sony claims their Vaio is "#1" and I didn't think it was necessary.) Five months after the warranty has run out, the hard drive failed and nothing can be done.

I've taken it to two computer stores, both of them telling me it would cost upwards of $400 to install a new hard drive and even then, they can't guarantee that my computer will even work after that. They recommend buying a new computer. I don't have money for that! I already blew a thousand dollars last year for a computer, now I have to get a new one?!!

So today I decided to call Sony, to see if they would actually stand behind their products being the "best." I was on the phone with tech support for two hours, who kept asking me to try different things with the laptop (hit f8 or f10 at startup for different options etc,) I continued to tell him that I've already tried all of this myself and that the computer stores said it couldn't be fixed.

I asked for a supervisor because I told him I want compensated and for them to either fix my laptop or send me a refurbished one...At which point I was put on hold. And then "disconnected." I tried three or four other phone numbers, expressing the problem and then getting "disconnected." Four hours, wasted. Oh and when the Sony man asked where I was calling from, I told him what state I lived in and then jokingly asked where he was calling back from..His response? Not America. Wow. Thanks captain obvious. ** Sony.

Never again will I buy from them if they don't do anything, its just ridiculous, I need my laptop for college. Guess I shouldn't have decided to take on more classes by going online...Seeing as how I don't have any way to get on for my classes.

Thanks Sony. Go screw yourself and your "number one computer." Thanks for not helping whatsoever and giving me the runaround. I hope no one else out there has an experience like this with them, and that other consumers out there can see my review and not buy Sony... Even though a Vaio is pretty awesome... Until it stops working and you're out a grand.

Do Not buy a Sony
By -

I purchased a laptop (model US-VGN-SR90LBOM) on 12/29/09. It was delivered a few weeks later. Since then, I have had 4 service calls, each resulting in my inability to use the computer for weeks at a time.
Most recently, on 12/17/10 I contacted Sony to tell them that the hard drive had crashed. (This was confirmed by a data restoration company which I hired independently to restore whatever data they could.)

Sony represents that within 3-5 business days, someone will contact consumers with issues to fix the problems. On the 5th business day, I began calling Sony to inquire as to the status of my repair. I called Sony each day and was told that the hard drive was shipped to the company that Sony contracts to perform the actual service.

On 11/24, 7 days after reporting the hard drive crash to Sony, I asked Sony that my issue be escalated. On 11/26, 9 days after reporting the incident and still not receiving even 1 follow up call or email from Sony, I finally contacted the service company who told me that no parts had been shipped by Sony. Later that day, I went to the Sony Style store, with the laptop and requested help. I was told by the store that they would escalate my service request and test my pc, so I left it with them.

On 12/1, a full 14 days after my 1st call to Sony, the store representative told me that Sony had not yet given an answer as to when my computer would be fixed, although, he did learn that the hard drive was on back order. At this point I told the store representative that I could not wait any more for my computer. I also called Sony and told them that I was going out to buy another pc, as I could no longer wait for them. I then returned to the SonyStyle store and picked up the laptop.

As this was now the 4th issue requiring service on a new laptop, purchased directly from, which was less than 1 year old, I am entitled to a refund of my money. I told the representative that I wanted a refund, as I could not work anymore without a pc and would now be forced to go out and buy another. I then purchased another computer and was up and running later that day.

On 12/3, now 16 days after my 1st call to Sony, the service company called to tell me that they had received a hard drive. At this point, I reiterated that, this was the 4th issue requiring service on this pc, after spending countless hours calling Sony and visiting the SonyStyle stores, not receiving any calls or updates from Sony, and being without my pc (necessary to run my business) for over 2 weeks, I had already purchased another pc and wanted my money back.

PATHETIC Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

Too angry to go into detail. Perhaps their products are superior, or maybe it's just marketing and reputation, but you should not buy from Sony SOLELY based on their HORRIFIC customer service and obstinate workers and multitude of stupid and lame excuses for why they are incapable and useless. They don't even have an official complaint department to direct issues towards so they can fix their bologna problems! Any advice on how I can really get them to pay attention to my complaint? Or stick it to them? Or get recompense for their ineptitude, I would REALLY appreciate it.

Even if all I can do is complain about how POOR they are on every site that is worth posting on, I'd appreciate a list. That said, for every nasty complaint I write about Sony, I plan on writing a nice review about companies and products I approve of. I'm not a nasty person who ONLY writes nasty reviews. I don't like writing reviews AT ALL, but will balance it out by praising recent products I've bought and love from Best Buy, Vizio, Amazon, etc.

Never buy a Sony Vaio laptop
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Rating: 1/51

Vaios are more expensive than comparable products and less reliable. God help you if you experience a failure, cost of repair/part replacement will be a rip off since no 3rd party options will be available. A company that truly delivers super high reliability can command a premium for a closed system of support/repair but that is not the case with Sony any longer.

I bought my 1st Vaio laptop in 2004 for around $2,000. It crapped out 3 years later, video chip died. I thought I had a one off problem. I bought a 2nd one in Dec of 2008. The charger died 10 months later and was promptly replaced under warranty. The charger died again in Sept 2010 and battery was only holding 40 mins. of charge. No 3rd party products would work, cost of replacing charger and battery: whopping $325, about 30% of the cost of the laptop.

Now, one of the mouse button has stopped functioning. Took lot of trouble to find the Sony part, cost $67. No 3rd part repairs available and Sony will not provide directions for replacing the product. They want $200 to replace the touch pad. Comparable cost for a Dell laptop from a repair shop: $40. I owned 2 Toshiba laptops and 1 Dell laptop, all for more than 9 years. I had a single failure on Dell, the DVD drive failed where Dell was happy to not only sell me the replacement part but provide the directions as well.. all for a reasonable price.

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