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Refused Warranty or Even Repair of Sony Vaio Laptop
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Rating: 1/51

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- My new (less than three months old) Sony Vaio ultrabook stopped working. It was working fine but stopped completely. No lights, nothing. I called and sent it in under a warranty claim. I received an email advising that they were awaiting a call and when I called, I was told that the unit showed corrosion inside. According to the technician, this was due to moisture inside and they would not provide any repairs.

I asked about the causes of the corrosion and was told it was either because the unit was put into water or possibly, it could have been the result of using the computer from a hot environment and coming into air conditioned space which is entirely possible given that, like many American homeowners, I had central air conditioning. This seems to be a defect of design. Nowhere does Sony warn of the risk of using a computer outside and bringing it inside (which was done constantly as we also have, in addition to central A/C, wi-fi which allows us to work outside and inside).

In addition to the dispute about the design limitations and their statement that they do not cover this because they have no control on the environment in which a user uses his or her laptop, we discussed the replacement of the motherboard. The technician told me to call the parts department and inquire about a new motherboard. Sony does not sell motherboards and I was told to ask Andrews Electronics and Encompass, both of whom are parts distributors but offer sales to retail. Pricing for both companies was the same, about $1100 plus a $700 core charge or more than $1,800.

I asked the representative how the motherboard, which was inside a $800 computer, could cost more than twice the price and she assured me that Sony set the prices but it did seem silly. I know that Fry's will sell the same motherboard for around $800 packed neatly inside a new laptop but that seems to be the point, Sony refused to stand behind their product and will do everything in their power to force a consumer to buy a new product.

I called the repair center and number of times and I called customer support and was given the runaround most of the time. I was given different prices for repairs ranging from $1,300 to $1,500 but, in every case, they would NOT provide the service. Customer Service people will routinely apologize for the way I was treated but every time I asked for an email address to send in a statement, I was put on hold for more than ten minutes.

Black Screen
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Rating: 1/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- Bought a Sony laptop Oct of 2010 at a cost of $700.00. Starting in Dec. of 2012 black screen all the time off and on was with premium tech support trying to fix it. They had it running off and on then the screen just went black, took it to a PC doctor was told the soldering used when my computer was made by Sony was bad. They have since upgraded their soldering procedure on the Vaio laptop. OK then I sent it to Sony. They told me the screen part of it was the cause of the screen going black, they want $ 317.00 to fix it.

Sony has ripped me off and now they want more money, so I guess all they expect from their product is 2 years that you will get out of their product. Well I will go to Attorney General with this problem if anyone out there has this problem please call me ** and please call your Attorney General and file a complaint. This is a manufacturing problem and the consumer is paying for this error is making it. I will log down your names and follow through with this against Sony. Please help me do this.

I read your terms, and you know people the consumer buy a product and expect more than 2 years out of their purchase and if this company can do no better than the way they treated me and look at the complaints that other people are having on the same issue, I believe in my heart this has to be addressed to the public and they should stand up for their name. Yes it's out of warranty but 2 years that really sad. My 3 cents means a lot to me and your product should mean 3 cent to you also.

PATHETIC Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

Too angry to go into detail. Perhaps their products are superior, or maybe it's just marketing and reputation, but you should not buy from Sony SOLELY based on their HORRIFIC customer service and obstinate workers and multitude of stupid and lame excuses for why they are incapable and useless. They don't even have an official complaint department to direct issues towards so they can fix their bologna problems! Any advice on how I can really get them to pay attention to my complaint? Or stick it to them? Or get recompense for their ineptitude, I would REALLY appreciate it.

Even if all I can do is complain about how POOR they are on every site that is worth posting on, I'd appreciate a list. That said, for every nasty complaint I write about Sony, I plan on writing a nice review about companies and products I approve of. I'm not a nasty person who ONLY writes nasty reviews. I don't like writing reviews AT ALL, but will balance it out by praising recent products I've bought and love from Best Buy, Vizio, Amazon, etc.

Defective products/poor customer service
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My son purchased a computer from Sony Style on line 7/10/09. We received the computer laptop Sony Vaoi VGNNW130 on 7/15/09. He took the computer out of the box and proceeded to connect the battery and plug it in to charge and it would not recognize the battery. He then called Sony support and they were able to get the computer to recognize the battery but it would not charge. He was then told that it was a defective battery and they would priority overnight ship the new battery to him. We left for vacation on 7/18 and the battery had not arrived.

Upon returning from vacation the battery had still not arrived. A second call was made to Sony and he was told the battery was on back order and he should get it in 3-5 days. A third call was made when it did not arrive and he was again told it was on back order it should be 3-5 days. When that did not arrive he called again and a replacement battery was found and it would arrive in 3-5 days. That did not arrive another call was made to Sony and he was told both batteries were on back order.

Once again it should only be 3-5 days for another to arrive. This went on until he left for college. I took over the calls to Sony and got nowhere. I was told on 8/28/09 that a priority service called was placed and someone who could help would call me back within 24 hours. On 9/1/09 I still had not received a call back. On 9/1/09 I spent 5 1/2 hours on the phone, was disconnected 5x and had to start the process over each time to get to the correct person.

During all these calls I was transferred from customer relations to Sony Style, I was told because my son purchased the computer on-line, who proceed to transfer me to Sony Cares. The gentleman who helped me told me there were plenty of batteries available, he actually checked 3x to be sure and asked if I would like to order one.

Of course I told him and then proceeded to tell me it would cost 199.00. Needless to say I exploded. A manager came on the line and told me they were unable to send me the battery without payment. I was then sent back to Customer relations. The manager there told me they had found a replacement battery it was in the warehouse and would be shipped to me within, you guessed it 3-5 days.

On 9/9/09 I called Sony once again to see why we had not received the battery, I was once again told it was on back order. I blew up, they put my call through as a "Tier 2" call and **, from San Diego told me he did have the battery and would priority ship it next day. Well, waiting for a happy ending, you're not going to get it.

The battery arrived just as ** said on 9/10/09, but when my son put it in the computer it did not work. The problem it seems is not a defective battery, but a defective computer. I have already been told that I cannot receive my money back because the 30 day warranty is over, bull I say. Not my fault it took them almost 60 days to send me a replacement part, and they misdiagnosed the problem to begin with. I was on the phone once again 9/10/09, disconnected 3x, 2 1/2 hours later to be told anyone who could help me is gone, I have to call back in the morning. DON'T BUY SONY PRODUCTS!!!!!

Poor Sony Customer Support - warranty service refused
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FLORIDA -- My Sony Vaio laptop is less than a year old. It has always been hard to open. Recently I opened the laptop and the LCD screen cracked. Called Sony support explained the problem, and how it cracked. I was told that my repair should fall under my warranty as it happened during ordinary use and was less than a year old, unless it was determined that it was dropped or had been abused.

To which I stated it was never dropped or abused. So I filled out my repair sheet, even explaining in detail what happened, and posting sticky notes to the places I had my hands on the outside of the laptop and the inside edge of the plastic frame, in the center where you open it, which just so happened to be the same exact place on the screen where the cracks were and Sent to Sony for repair.

All this also happened when my son, who is a computer tech, was standing there and saw it, and told me exactly what he thought, the hinges were too tight and the stress of that on the screen each time it is opened, with the screen that is not reinforced on the inside, caused it, and Sony should handle it under the warranty.

So knowing what he said and what support told me, I felt great, it will be taken care of and I won't have to worry about having to spend money I don't really have right now to get a new one. So I wait to hear from Sony. I then receive a notice a few days later, that it was going to cost $529.99 to fix my screen. Highly upset, I Called and talked to "Alexis" in the repair department and all they could tell me was that my screen was broken.

I continued to explain, no kidding, that the support department knew this before it was sent out. They refused to allow me to speak to the tech and would only give me his code # **, who was obviously not so smart to only be able to figure out what I already knew. Giving me every excuse why I could not speak to the person who actually was working on my laptop. They also insisted it was from physical damage, but could not tell me what, they had no proof of how it happened.

So they argue with me that I abused it. I also told them of my sons obviously smarter diagnosis, I insisted on speaking to all supervisors, they told me I would get a call back in 24-48 hours, still would not give me names other than her supervisor ** # ** and the techs supervisor # **. Told they are not allowed to give names. So highly upset that they refuse to honor the warranty, I wait...

More than 72 hours later, I get a call from supervisor ** # **. Who tells me nothing new, only again insisting that I must have shut a pen in it or something, I insisted again, no and repeated everything again, then he said oh yeah I put my hand on it just like you said in notes and that didn't do it because that is not where the cracks are, so you must have had pressure by something on it. Wrong again, the pressure was from opening it, and the weak screen, which I again stated was not my doing, and obviously he is lying because if he put his hands where I said, the cracks are right there.

That falls under workmanship and ordinary use. Still refused to honor my warranty. But offered a discount of $400 to fix it. I stated that how could they try and charge me for what my warranty clearly states should be covered. Not to mention that this exact problem has happened before to other customers. And is why they have a bad customer service rating.

And that since my son the tech knows what the screen costs and how it is done that charge is way too high. That I and all my family have been Sony customers for years, but never again... never, will any of us buy anything Sony ever again. So I was told they would send my computer back. We will see if it arrives in the condition it left.

When I received it back yesterday, as it was suggested by my tech son, I took it to a local Computer Retail Store, that is currently receiving high reviews for their techs, to have them look at it. I explained to them how the crack occurred when I opened it and showed them exactly how I opened it. Their Tech Department, stated that they have had the same laptops come in with the same problems, and have heard the same Sony repair warranty refusal complaints.

The techs confirmed that the hinges are too tight and because the screen is not supported, since it only has a thin foil lining between the screen and the outside plastic top, it is Sony's cheap workmanship on this model that is causing the problems. As Just opening it normally puts pressure on the screen, that's why you can see it bend when you open it because the lack of interior support. Unlike the model # vgn-n250e, that has the same exact lcd screen installed, but it is supported by a steel plate between the screen and the top, so it does not bend when the screen is opened or adjusted.

They told us it is an easy repair that should take any computer tech repair shop, no more than about 30 minutes to complete, but it should be covered under the warranty, as it is very obvious by exterior inspection that there was no physical abuse to the laptop. It is also very obvious by looking at the external area around the screen that Sony's tech, never took it apart to confirm that there was no damage from abuse, they merely opened the laptop and said yes the screen is cracked and expected us to fall into the rip off scam they are running. Disgusted... A former Sony customer.

Ongoing Nightmare
By -

Having spent around £2000 on a Sony Vaio VGN-S3XP plus a further £200 when I allowed myself to be talked into an 'onsite corporate plus warranty' as I travel continuously and need the computer up and going all the time...

After 6 months or so, the hard-drive began to play up and then crashed on me.... so I dipped into my warranty to be assured over the phone by Sony that the problem was definitely a software problem and the warranty does not cover software! So, I got it to our company senior IT engineer who recovered the data and got it up and going again... so despite my misgivings and my engineers misgivings about it being software, I began to use it a more and back up more often as the noises were still there.

Then nearly 3 weeks ago, 4 months after the last crash, the hard-drive totally gave up the ghost! Now the fun began... Now bear in mind I had paid for an onsite 'corporate plus warranty' which I had been told would keep me 'on the road' and that if they could not repair it within 3 days or so, they would send a replacement for me to use... BUT, here is what really happened... and bear in mind that every working day I have been calling Sony and G-tronics in Brussels (as Sony don't have a warranty agent in the UK for me to call)at least 5 times every day in order to push things along and to get answers!

Day 1 - I contact Sony who agree that the hardrive needs changing and am given a case ref number and referred to the Sony warranty engineers (G-tronics)... I am also assured that somebody will call me to arrange the call within one day or max of 2 days.

Day 2 - nothing. Day 3 - you guessed it... nothing. Day 4 - yes... nothing again. Day 5 - having been chasing up both Sony and G-tronics for 5 days, today I am told that the spare part has arrived in the UK from Brussels and therefore somebody will be in touch within one day to arrange to come straight over and repair the computer. Day 6 - nothing. Day 7 - nothing again. Day 8 - nothing again. Day 9 - nothing yet again
Day 10 - nothing yet again. Day 11 - somebody calls me from G-tronics to say that they had just been told to sort out my case! They will be picking up the spare part tomorrow and somebody will be over tomorrow to fix the computer.

Day 12 - guess what? I get a call to be told that the part had been lost! Day 13 - nothing yet again
Day 14 - nothing again. Day 15 - I am told that the part has been re-ordered! Day 16 - (this is today) I am told that the person at G-tronics who ordered the part has been asked to cancel the order and the call out as "other arrangements have been made for the customer"!!!

Don't ask me what these 'other arrangements' are, as nobody consulted me... Then a few hours ago a mid-day, I get a call from a company of engineers in London who want to talk about my needs for a repair as they have just been told to follow up on my repairs and want to know all about it BEFORE they order the parts!!! So friends... day 16 today and nothing but nothing positive has happened and I still am no closer to having my repairs...

Meanwhile, as every day I have been told that 'something' is happening every day for the last 16 days, I have been unable to leave for business trips as I tend to be away overseas for a week each time and I wanted to get the computer fixed... then I also finally (on day 14) had to also postpone a trip through Europe... So... Sony could not care less about looking after customers and do not honor their warranty and will not even send a replacement machine meanwhile so that I can get on with my travels!

If you have any suggestions for me or contacts at very senior level in Sony who might care slightly about customers, or if you know my legal position, then I would be interested in hearing from you at **. Hopefully, something will happen over the next week or so!! So much for warranty!!

Sony Vaio poor service
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Rating: 1/51

LAREDO, TEXAS -- I have had the worst service with Sony trying to get my computer repaired. I have had my Vaio 2 years this March 2012. We noticed it getting very hot on the bottom not long after purchasing the laptop and eventually at the DC Jack port. We got 3 or 4 notices about the overheating, but my laptop was not on the list. I started noticing my dc jack getting very hot to touch, got so bad that you couldn't even touch it without using a cloth to take it out and that it started becoming very loose.

I took my laptop back to Nebraska Furniture Mart to see what the problem was, where I had also purchased a 3 year extended warranty, spending another 257.00. They sent it to Assurant Solutions to be diagnosed. I was told that the DC jack inside had been damaged and they would not fix it without paying for the repair. I had explained how hot it would get at the jack. I was told that this is one of Sony's biggest problems with putting a CHEAP piece of equipment in to a good product. I was told I might want to call Sony and see if they couldn't take care of the problem.

I called Sony and found out there had been a recall on the overheating of my laptop but was never informed. If I had received that recall I could have sent it in and they would have fixed it even if it was past the warranty date. I explained how hot the DC Jack would get and the bottom of the laptop. They would pass me around from person to person, two of them telling me there was no recall!! I was told by one person that it should be covered due to getting so hot due to the recall.

It could have possible caused it to break off the connector inside due to the overheating those pieces are so small I'm sure in my mind this is what has happened. Its like holding fire under a small piece of metal! Eventually its going to break from the heat!! I was hung up on for asking for managers because I couldn't understand the person speaking to me. When I would get transferred I would have to repeat over and over again what my problem was. In the end I called Customer Relations trying to make a complaint but all I got was the same thing I had already been through over and over again. They refuse to believe that this could happen.

I didn't even get to leave a complaint! I have 2 other laptops not made by Sony and are much older and never had this kind of problem not only with laptops every thing in your home anymore has a DC Jack and I haven't had one break yet. My 6 year old granddaughter has a laptop and we've not had a problem with hers having a broken DC Jack!! I am very disappointed in the service I received by all the people I talked to at Sony.

One girl I actually believed in and told me the truth about the recall and thinking I was going to get it fixed, I actually talked to her again today and she had changed her story! I guess they all get together and make sure their stories are on the same path. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO FIX IT WITHOUT TAKING YOUR MONEY!! They make so much money off of their products from consumers who think they're buying something that is going to last, but I've found out they don't respect their consumers at all. It's all about them putting a dollar in their pocket they take from consumers like us who believed in a good product.

I will not buy Sony products again. They won't stand behind their work and their workers all have a different story. So I wouldn't recommend you purchasing a SONY VAIO or any Sony products if you don't won't to pay out more money when the warranty runs out a year later!

Sony Customer Service
By -

CALIFORNIA -- One word, UNHAPPY. I have a Sony Vaio laptop, bought brand new in 2010. Towards the middle of 2011 my motherboard blew out! The laptop would not turn on one bit. I was still under warranty and called to tell them the issue. It took them forever to understand what I was even saying. They gave me a reference number and said a technician will call in 2-3 days. The technician called and came after a day and he could not fix it. I called Sony back telling them everything, they gave me another reference number and told me a technician would call and come again. They REFUSED to let me send in my laptop for them to fix it at the Repair Center.

The technician came again and he could not fix it, only because they sent him all the wrong parts. I called again very very angry this time, and they finally told me they were going to send a box for me to ship it to Texas. They said it takes 7-10 days to get repaired and back to my home. It took them 1 1/2 months! I would call over and over again to Texas to see the status of my laptop and they always said "it will be ready in a couple of days, the technicians are working on it." Finally I received my laptop, thinking everything is okay because it turns on and works perfect.

After a few days I saw that underneath my laptop it was all loose! They failed to put in the screws to hold down the bottom piece of my laptop! It was hanging on by only 2 screws! No wonder my keys felt weird and also my mouse. Now by this time, of course, my warranty is over. I call Sony and tell them the problem, they said that they will send a technician with all the screws to the laptop. The technician came with a HUGE box, and in the box were huge bags. In the two huge bags there was only one little screw in each. This is ridiculous! One of the two screws I did not need since it was one of the few already on there. I am so angry and fed up at this point.

Of course, I call back Sony and tell them the problem, they apologized and gave me another reference number saying the technician will call. A few days later Sony calls me saying that my warranty is over and they cannot continue this process until I purchase a new warranty. I told them that they should have gotten it right the FIRST time when my laptop was under WARRANTY, and it has to be fixed even though it is out of warranty. She told me that she will call me back, SHE NEVER DID. Today is Friday night, I am very ready to call them on Monday! Also, I am a student and need a laptop for my classes! I cannot deal with this anymore.

Bottom line is, it is a shame that the products are good but their customer service is horrible. Unless you want to deal with this problem, I don't recommend buying a Sony product. I also recommend you to read more reviews about their customer service so you can know that it truly is horrible. Also note that the technician has nothing to do with the horrible customer service, he was always the same guy that came and he was very unhappy as well and kindly apologize each time.

Don't buy SONY VAIO Laptops
By -

On October 19, 2008 I bought a Sony Vaio VGN-FW285J ($1700 with bluray burner) at the J&R Store in Manhattan. The laptop worked fine for a couple of months. One evening, while playing a game, the laptop suddenly shut down. I tried to turn it on but it failed to respond. When touching the keyboard you could feel the laptop was hot. I assumed the computer had turned off as a result of an overheat protection measure. I waited five minutes and turned the laptop on without any problems. I resumed playing the game and the same thing happened. This time the computer shut down after playing for 5 minutes.

I bought a coolerpad for the laptop. The problem seemed to have disappeared. As I live in Costa Rica, and the guarantee is only for the United States, I decided to continue with the coolerpad until I had a chance to go to the States and take it to support. As time passed the problem reappeared to the point that I was not even able to use the laptop normally, the keyboard freezes and the laptop shuts down a few minutes after being turned on, no matter what I do, even with the coolerpad.

I was able to go to New York in October 2009. I took the laptop to Sony Plaza, under guarantee coverage. Support there was very professional, I told them that I thought it was an overheating problem and that I lived in Costa Rica where temperature was at least 10 celsius degrees higher than in New York. They added a note in the repair voucher. In less than a week they called me back saying they had repaired the laptop and that all was OK. I picked up the laptop and was told they had changed the fan. I tested the laptop and it seemed to work fine.

When I arrived in Costa Rica, I turned on the laptop and after 15 minutes of work it shut down as it had been doing before taking it to support. Lucky for me I had a friend going to New York the following week. I gave him the laptop and he again took it to Sony Plaza. One week later my friend picked up the laptop. He was told the motherboard was changed. When I got back the laptop in Costa Rica. I was surprised to find that after running the laptop for 10 minutes it shut down!!!!

Sincerely, I don'€™t know what kind of technical support SONY has, twice I've taken the laptop in for repair, twice I have been told parts were replaced and twice I have found the repairs ineffective. Now, I sent it back for a third time, and they say it has physical damage and that voids the warranty, what physical damage?? The laptop was physically perfect all the times it was sent to SONY. After calling them during three days, from Costa Rica, they shipped back the computer without being repaired.

The most funny thing is, when I called the day it was shipped back, they told me the computer hadn't been sent back, I asked for some pictures of the physical damage they said the computer had and for information regarding what was going to happen to my computer and how much the repair would cost. They sent me an email at 3:45pm with two pictures of the damage (no info whatsoever about the repair costs) and they shipped the computer back at 4pm without being able to even answer their email. SONY are a bunch of scammers. DON'T BUY SONY VAIO. You will regret it.

Problems with VAIO VGCRT150Y CD drive, Indian call center
By -

In 2008, I purchased a Sony VAIO VGC RT150Y All in One desktop computer. Everything on the system was incredible, with the exception of the feeble CD/DVD drive, which broke after six months of casual use. Luckily, the repair was covered under warranty. However, during the replacement, the service technician cracked the large stand of the computer, so another service call was required to replace the monstrously heavy base.

After about six months, the CD/DVD drive collapsed once again, this time dropping parts into the mechanism of the computer. While my computer had been out of warranty for about one month, I called Sony Tech and requested a service call, explaining that I fully expected to pay for this call personally. This is when the serious problems of this complaint first developed.

Your service tech in India was clearly drunk. She slurred her words, giggled, and rudely told me I should just "box up the computer and send it back to Sony." When I explained this was not practical due to the size of the computer, she snorted like a pig, and garbled something about "so sad you have no warranty." In the background I could hear several Indian voices hooting and hollering as though a party was going on. I hung up the phone in disgust and called back.

This time, I reached a male in your Indian call center. He too sounded drunk, and seemed to be gasping for breath. His speech was literally incoherent. He said he wanted to look at my computer from his end, but when I followed his instructions I was suddenly given a window asking me download a binary *.exe file. Knowing I never had to download ANY file for such a call-center evaluation, I told my Indian friend that his befuddled advice, and suggestion that I download a strange file, were downright ridiculous. Again, I could hear the screeching laughter of several other call-center employees in the background.

Luckily, I purchased my computer through American Express, and have filed for my one year extended warranty to resolve this problem. However, my experience with Sony Customer Service has been so frustrating that I had to put my thoughts in writing. I have spent well over $7000 with Sony in the past ten years, and my account history is clearly visible.

My first concern is that the plastic CD/DVD drive in the VGCRT150Y is not up to Sony standards. The comparable drive in my Sony VAIO Laptop, which was purchased several years ago, is clearly superior, and all the plastic parts which broke on my VGCRT150Y are reinforced by metal on the laptop's comparable CD/DVD drive. I was also astounded by the complexity of replacing the CD Drive on the VGCRT150Y, and am again surprised that a consumer oriented company like Sony would create such a byzantine mechanical system. Even your experienced warranty technician broke the device while trying to fix it.

The real issue, though, is the obnoxious response from your Indian call center employees. While everyone in the US jokes about the incompetence of offshore computer assistance, I have never experienced such rudeness and uncivilized behavior as I encountered on my recent calls. I hold Sony fully responsible for the childish and inebriated conduct of your service "technicians."

I submit this history as an example of my acute dissatisfaction with Sony customer service. While I anticipate a response that my peculiar experiences were perhaps isolated incidents, I'll probably still think twice before making any significant investment in a Sony computer product again.

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