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PS Vita Buyers Beware - Or Sony in General
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Rating: 1/51

The PS Vita has been struggling for a while due to poor sales, poor developer support and ridiculously overpriced memory cards. That's no news flash. What also is not helping is poor customer support. I speak from experience. I purchased a Vita and the accidental protection plan via the PlayStation Store within the required 30 day time period. The $70 was taken from my account. My purchase was complete, or so I thought.

Today, I received an email that the protection plan had been cancelled with a number to call if there were any questions. I called to inquire why the protection plan had been cancelled. I was told it was cancelled because that I had not scanned and emailed them a copy of the purchase receipt. That was the first I heard about needing to scan and email proof of purchase. I had never received the email asking for a copy of the sales receipt for which they said they sent. Not a problem, I have the receipt. I'll just scan it and email it to you, I said.

Nope. Not an option, they said. Since the protection plan had been cancelled there was no way to reinstate. I tried to spin this in several different directions as I was not sure the person on the other end of the line at Sony was understanding that my purchase was recent, I do have the receipt and would gladly send that right over to them since I never received the email requesting proof of purchase. Again, nope, not an option. Apparently this was not going to happen so I asked for a refund and here is the kicker - they refunded the money to my PlayStation Wallet and would not refund anything to my debit card, which is where the charge originated.

Not only would they not work with me on the protection plan, they refunded the money in such a way that forces me to spend it with Sony whether I like it or not. When suggesting I'd take this up with my credit card company, I was told if that action were taken, my PlayStation account would be banned. At the end of the day, my only choice was to bend over and take it from Sony with nary a kiss.

My suggestion to you would be to stay as far away from this company as possible. Clearly, Sony has its own interests at heart and cares nothing for its customers. You'd think with their failing system, they'd be a little more willing to keep customers happy. They've lost this customer and this customer has a very big mouth.

PS3 becomes expensive paperweight through normal use
By -

After a couple years of enjoying the Sony PS3 entertainment system, my unit fell victim to the dreaded "Yellow Light of Death" and has become nothing more than a glossy black hunk of plastic and wiring, useful only as a casing to house an expensive game disc that refuses to eject. In today's day and age of poor quality I actually expected this to happen sooner or later... the XBox 360 had its "Red Ring of Death", so why should I expect the PS3 to be fault-free? Because of its exorbitant pricing structure maybe? Don't be so naive! Just because something costs more doesn't mean it's more durable or higher quality! Ask anyone at Sony! They'll tell you!

It's sad that we have become accustomed to buying shoddy products and shrugging it off when we have to toss more hard-earned cash to replace them, but hey, what are you going to do? It's impossible to find a complaint department at Sony. Good move on their part from a business perspective because the payroll in that department would likely bankrupt them.

And their call center representatives and supervisors seem to be trained only in telling you how sorry they are in a well-rehearsed opening that all 3 people that I spoke with repeated VERBATIM with absolutely no sincerity in their monotone delivery. Well-trained in the art of making their customers feel cared for, they are.

After wasting your time asking you to describe your issue they follow up their apology with the astounding response that they can't help you with your problem. No pause for thought, or even the facade of attempting to reason through your issue before coming to the conclusion that you are not worth assisting unless you pay the $150+ that sending your system to their tech department would cost you. They also know, for a fact, that NOBODY in their chain of command can help you either. You're on your own, unless you pay, and even then you may end up with a refurbished replacement with an extremely short warranty.

The next step I took was to research the problem online. It didn't take long to realize that this issue is affecting a huge number of PS3 owners and that they are all experiencing the exact same frustrations. It became evident that the only solution for me was to open my wallet and pour more of my hard-earned cash into Sony's pockets. It is that or take the hard stand against Sony and not replace or repair their faulty equipment and never buy a Sony product again, but with all the peripherals, games and Blu-Rays that I now own, that would leave me with a very large and expensive collection of shiny coasters and coffee table centerpieces.

It would seem that companies such as Sony have a nice little stranglehold over consumers. It is very apparent after dealing with Sony that the age of quality products and customer service is now over. The term "customer service" should now be considered false advertising as the only thing you will receive by phoning 1-800-345-SONY is "customer aggravation".

Sony Customer Support Is Flat Out Awful
By -

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I once turned on my Playstation 3 console to find out that I wasn't able to login to play online. I am 100% positive I didn't do anything wrong. I called in Sony and nobody could help me, I was forwarded to about 5 different representatives in the same phone call. The last one had told me that I had been banned for violating terms and policies. So of course, I ask for doing what. I was told that I was resetting another user's information yet I only have 3 users on my PlayStation 3. Those being my main account, a Japanese account, and a European account.

There is no way I could have reset somebody's account information without logging onto their user. I'm not even sure how I could had retrieve another user's info. When I asked to unban me the representative told me it wasn't possible (yet the other people I have talked to told me that it was possible to lift by ban).

I was very disappointed to find out that I was probably not going to play online anymore. I had spent $600 on this console and over $2,000 total on the system, games, and accessories. I called in again, and they simply would not unban me. I asked nicely and told them that I had not did anything. The guy told me "I'm not saying you did anything, but you're banned and I'm not going to do anything about it." If I didn't do anything, than how come he can't unban me? I tried to explain myself and asked him how come I could not get unbanned. Right after that, he hung up on me. Customer service cannot get any worse than this.

The third time I called back someone told me that they would have a person from the account management department call me within 48 hours. 4 days later, nobody called back which made me very unsatisfied with their awful service. I called in and asked to speak to a supervisor. She rudely yelled at me and told me that I wasn't going to get unbanned.

I've been a valuable SONY customer all my life, but their poor moderation and customer service is just plain awful. I own every single SONY system they have made, and have spent so much money buying games for them. Their operators are rude and uneducated people, even the supervisors. They didn't help me out with my problem, and they probably wouldn't help anybody else. Now my $600 console's online functions do not work. It's been over 2 months, I've even tried to format my console and switch hard-drives, but that simply doesn't work.

After so many years of being a loyal SONY customer, I will no longer be buying their products. Their poor customer service and moderation has swayed me away from this company. If you own a Playstation 3 console and play online, beware of SONY's poor online moderation. You may end up in the same position as me.

Sony PS3 Repair (Never Send Back With Stuck Game)
By -

I had my PS3 fixed by Sony twice in the past 4 months. Upon my last repair they finally replaced it. When it was sent back the game was stuck inside, I was told do not worry it will be returned hahahahah.... Well the PS3 came back but not the game, after calling on the phone for over an hour I was told that it was shipped with the PS3. They informed me that it was inside the flaps of the box or taped to the inside. Well the box is ripped into a thousand pieces and guess what no game.

I then called back and someone told me it was shipped separate. Well a week has gone by and no game. So I called again and was told that the game is always shipped with the system. After a long talk with several managers I was told that they are very sorry and cannot be helped... Now I am out of a game. Their policy is not to refund money for a lost game, because they always ship it back with the system. Well my shipping invoice from Sony does not say anything about my game just lists the system on the invoice.


Overheating Epidemic
By -

The Sony company has purposely been making more money off of their consumers by selling them a product that has an overheating problem. The Playstation 3 which cost like $600 dollars has a problem for those of us who have gotten the first generation version. It is as if the problem occurs after the two year warranty is over and then us the consumers have to pay Sony $150 dollars to send a refurbished console that will eventually have the same problem.

There are a lot of people who have invested into this game console in terms of games and accessories but then to also have to pay another $150 dollars because of a problem the company didn't bother to mentioned seems like a rip-off.

Playstation 3 Not Reading Disks
By -

I have a PS3 40GB, bought for $400 on Black Friday 2007 for Christmas gift for my son. As of yesterday, a week after one year of use, it will not read any disks. All it does is show the busy icon in the upper right hand corner. I see on the internet that many, many people have had the same problem which I assume has to do with the Laser/Blu Ray player going bad.

I notified Sony about this and received a canned email response back with a link to their site saying the unit must be serviced. Since it is out of warranty, I have to send in my unit and pay 149.00 to get a refurbished unit that will be guaranteed for 90 days. I had already found this info on their website, I didn't need a link to it.

There are tons of complaints on the internet about Playstation 3 not working just out of warranty. When Microsoft's X-Box had problems, they extended their warranty for their problem to 3 years. I guess Sony isn't doing anything to help their customers but giving them a used system for $149.00 that should last at least 3 months, after that, you're on your own. I am disappointed in the quality of the Playstation 3 and even more disappointed in Sony's lack of help in this matter. I now have tons of games and a shiny black paperweight that is useless. Thanks Sony.

Sorriest racing game I've ever played
By -

I waited for this game for four years since it was announced and finally was able to buy it but once I played it I was in for a rude awakening. The game was terrible. It looked like it was thrown together at the last second. I have played Gran Turismo since the second one came out and can compare this atrocity to Barney the Dinosaur. Sony get it together. Make better games not crap like this one.

PS3 Sent Back 3 Times Already
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I've sent my ps3 back 3 times already. It seems every 5 months it stops working. Sony gives you 90 day warranty on a 5 month system. Now they're telling me there's nothing we can do except charge you 149.00 dollars to replace something they know is broke already, so I spent 600.00 dollars to get mine, now have to spend 149.00 dollars to replace something they know is broke. Sony is wrong and their cs reps are well-trained front men. All they say is "There's nothing we can do." I don't smoke there's no dust factor so it's defective. Come on Sony you can do better than this?

No customer service!!
By -

CRAWFORDVILLE, FLORIDA -- My family has now purchased 2 Sony Playstation and both are unusable. 1) The Network card did not work since purchase. This is documented on the WEB as a known issue with this model. Sony will not fix it because my teenager lost the receipt. Even though they know they had a bad batch of cards. So he now cannot play any music on the PSP from the memory card because he cannot get it on the internet to activate the card. $90 to replace.

2) The second one died. I had the receipt and was sent a box to send it back for a refurbished one. I did and was told they would not cover it because it "suffered abuse". The small crack in the LCD panel did not cause it to stop working. The crack was there the week after it was bought. Again $90 to replace. Sony has very poor customer service. I will never allow my children to purchase anything from Sony again. I will continue to tell everyone about this problem to be sure no one else buys from them.

Playstation 2 is well worth the pricetag!
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I recently found myself lucky enough to be in a Best Buy when they were stocking the shelves with a new shipment of Playstation 2s!!! So of course I bought one. One word: Awesome! If you are a gaming freak like me, get one. You won't be disappointed.

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