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Sony 55" Grand Wega LCD Rear Projection TV Kdf55e200
By -

Well unfortunately I am driven to write a negative review due to the services provided by Sony electronics (or shall I say "lack of"). My name is ** and I purchased a brand new Sony grand wega rear projection LCD TV maybe 5 years ago. Well with any purchase of over $1500 dollars I usually buy the extended warranty. So I did, with hopes of never having to use it. Considering we all know they are purchased as a "just in case"!. Well that isn't the case here. Forgive me for my dates are a little off due to the time frame mentioned. But of the last 5 years I have had to have someone come and "repair" my TV, 5 times!!!!

Now being the 5th. At first the optical drive went out. Then all is good and a year later the optical drive goes out again!... No biggie I got the warranty I'm covered! Well then a year later another issue! Okay well, I still have the warranty!? I'm covered! Well then a year later something else goes wrong and another repair! Okay well now I'm on a roll 4 out of the last 4 years I've "needed" that just in case warranty. Fixed! All is good but now I'm running out of warranty! Well mr. Sony representative what happens now!???

My track record shows that at least once a year I'm going to need that warranty! The one you buy "just in case". But it expires in June!?? Well guess what just happened!!! And not to my surprise either! So, what does Sony do for me!? They refer me to pay a local facility to come repair it... So 5 years of issues is equal to a phone number to repair facility!? That I could have googled myself.

Oh but they said "if" it happens to be the optical drive. "If!". Then and only then will they consider a replacement TV... So the fact that the optical drive went out 2 times already isn't worth anything! The fact that I'm 5 for 5 in years to repairs isn't worth anything!? What about the pure fact that I've been inconvenience once a year for the last 5 years!? No!!! Its the magic number 3... Well the Sony representative reading the script who "understands". Like they all say, tells me that it has to happen 3 times before they can do anything. So the other 2 inconveniences added to the initial 2 inconveniences still equals - nothing!

So the big question here is do I recommend the Sony grand wega 55" rear projection LCD TV to anyone!?? I wouldn't recommend buying "a" Sony product to osama bin laden himself!!! Let alone another family member or friend! And that's sad cause this isn't how I imagined a large corp like Sony to take care of their customers. But I guess I was fooled! Sorry for venting but this seemed like the place to do it! Lol Thanks for listing. **, 'used to be' proud owner of Sony products.

Product Has Latent, Inherent Defects That Cause CRTs To Become Inoperative
By -

I have Sony rear projection TV model KP-57_WS500. I purchased the set about 4 ½ years ago. The set has performed perfectly until about 16 months ago. The red CRT went out on my set. I had problems finding a technician that would agree to work on my set. Most of them said they no longer service big screens. I finally found a service center to repair my set. He replaced the CRT and once again the set was great.

Recently I have been experiencing problems with the red CRT again. I visited the Sony website and found an “authorized” repair center close to me. When I called, the owner told me that I should just get a new set. It would cost more to repair my TV than it would to buy a new one. He said that every WS500 he has looked at had the same problem with one of the CRTs, Sony knows about the problem and refuses to do anything to help the people that own this particular model.

I have corresponded with several people that have told me they experienced similar problems with their rear projection TVs of this model. I have done some research and have found out that this is a latent, inherent problem with most WS500 models. I also found out that Sony has recently settled a class action suit on a similar problem with the XBR50 and XBR60 models.

I called Sony customer service about this problem. I was transferred to parts and they offered to sell me the red CRT for $186.40. Not very expensive considering the investment I have in this set. However, I can't find anyone that will install a CRT that I purchase directly from Sony. It seems that if they replace the red CRT there is no guarantee that the blue or green CRT won't go out. I also thought it strange that Sony would offer to sell a part to a customer directly. That privilege is usually reserved for merchants and authorized service centers.

I am disabled and can not afford a new set or an expensive repair bill. Hopefully Sony will assist me in the repairs and litigation will not be necessary. Anyone having problems of this type and can not get satisfaction from Sony should research the laws of their state concerning the merchants warranty of serviceability and lemon laws. A lot of states have enacted laws to protect consumers against this kind of fraud.

Sony SXRD Projection TV
By -

I purchased a Sony TV and paid $5000. This was listed in Consumer Reports as the number one TV at the time. I have had continual problems replacing parts 4-5 times. The manual comes with no blink codes to let you know what needs to be replaced.

I phoned Sony and they care less. Prior to talking with customer relation which customer service said may be able to do something for you, customer service suggested that this newer problem the fan goes all the time. Yet they do not care.

Sony TV Problem Complaint
By -

M, OHIO -- My Sony Grand WEGA LCD Projection TV is one of many Sony TVs with defective optical blocks. This is the main projection component costing over $1,000 to replace. Sony issued a service bulletin acknowledging they made some defective TVs with this problem. But they are refusing to stand behind the product. Many of these defective TVs only last 1 to 3 years.

It appears there are so many bad ones, that Sony can't get replacement parts quick enough. We have been waiting 2 months and still no scheduled delivery date. To add to the insult, Sony pays to repair some of these out-of-warranty TVs but refuses to pay for others when they all are in the same age range and have the same defective part! Google "Sony TV Problems" as I did and you will find how widespread the problems are.

A lot of money for nothing
By -

49712, MICHIGAN -- I purchased at a cost of over $3,500.00 a video projector from Sony. I had it about 6 weeks and the lamp or "bulb" went on the unit. When I called their service department they assured me a replacement would be here within a week. When the week was up I called again and I was told that it would be another week and a half due to the factory cannot keep in demand the replacement lamps (bulbs). (This tells me that it is a constant problem).

I would have never purchased such an item for a home theater if I would have known it fails so quickly and would be in constant service for replacement bulbs. Then try to find a complaint department... Good luck!

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