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Sprint Sales Representative Not Mentioning International Calls Only to Mexico and Canada
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RHINELANDER, WISCONSIN -- Hello. My experience with misinformation from a Sprint sales representative, I was looking for a smartphone wireless plan to have for my wife and I so we could use voice and internet usage mainly for the U.S. only. So I called Sprint because I thought they had probably the best price plans. Then the guy asked me if I had any sons or daughters and I said, "Yes, a 7 year old." So he talked me into getting a free phone added, which was false. It was a LG Aristo phone, for my daughter. The texting did not work on it even after, like 8 hours with people from Sprint trying to figure it out. Finally they said the phone didn't work. Which is what I told them before everybody tried to figure it out - a total waste of time.

Next he asked me about my wife, - would like international calling I said she was a Filipino - from the Philippines, so he said that they also have international unlimited voice and texting and at first I said, no but then he said it's international unlimited voice and texting so I say, "Sure, why not." So then I am thinking not bad for about $150.00 per month. Then I get this bill for $920.00 USD and I am like what. I called Sprint and asked them about this and she said it's only for calling Mexico and Canada not the Philippines which is $3.52 per minute. Then I asked that they probably have a plan for calling the Philippines and they said yes for $15.00 per month and at .20 cents per min. and I said, "Yes, put that on my bill."

So I stated the guy never told me it was free international unlimited calling and texting only to Canada and Mexico. Then they said, "Well you could have a payment plan to pay it." and tried to tell me that they could reduce it by 5.00 if I had an employee plan, I am like wow. So they still want me to pay $920.00 USD and I am never going to pay that because the guy told me about international unlimited calling and I told him my wife was from the Philippines and failed to mention it was only to Mexico and Canada. So they said they will have someone call me Tuesday to discuss this bill. If they said I have to pay I will take my phones, send them back and pay nothing and never use Sprint again.

Beware Of Sprint International Calling
By -

Sprint International Calling - this feature of Sprint ”International Roaming” for Blackberry Tour does not work. I called Sprint to add this package to my plan before I traveled to Europe for 12 days. I agreed to pay the charge for the plan approximately $14.00 for the plan plus the per minute charge that range from $1.29 to $1.69 per minute depending on which country (Spain, France, Italy).

My phone calls would not go through and after making several attempts, I called the Sprint International Support. I asked the lady if this phone call is charged to me and she said “NO” because this is Sprint International Support I was calling. Eventually after several transfers and 28 minutes on the phone with her she said she will have to reformat and reset my phone on my side. She called me back. At least my phone rang and it worked. After that conversation, my phone did not work again.

By saying my phone does not work I mean after you dial the number with the correct code, the other phone does not ring or connect. I wait and wait and eventually, it will say failed to connect. To be fair, I was able to call the Sprint International Support 2 times and I received 1 phone call from my sister and able to connect to my son in California once but he could not hear me at all on the other line. Half of the time the e-mail was working.

When I came back 2 days later, my phone still doesn't work here in California and I had to call the Sprint Support for help which they had to reset it again. Here's the funny part. I have a total of $129.99 charges for the International calls alone. $47.32 of that charge was the 28 minutes with Sprint International Support.

I called the Sprint Customer to explain and request for the International calls to be waived from my bill since they were attempts and calls that did not go through. I requested for the supervisor and ** with employee # ** said that they cannot waive the charges as it shows that I used the phone even when I'm calling the Sprint International Support.

And there is no way for them to check if the phone calls went through and all Sprint cares about is that it shows that I attempted to use the phone. He said the International calls works intermittently and not all the time but nevertheless will be charged for attempts. And even though I'm talking to Sprint International Support reporting that my phone does not work I'm still being charged.

The moral of the story, DO NOT USE SPRINT FOR INTERNATIONAL BECAUSE THIS FEATURE DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. They advertise this to work international but trust me it does not work and you will get stuck with charges. And please do not call support because you will even be charged more.

I will be contacting the Better Business and continue to post this on the internet to warn others. Sprint will not let me talk to their Managers as I'm only passed on to two Supervisors who insist the charges are valid including the calls to Sprint Support.

Billing, Stealing That Sprint Allows and Is Involved In
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Rating: 1/51

KANSAS CITY, KANSAS -- On April 17th 2013, I called Sprint so I can get a calling plan to Mexico. My mom was going on and Emergency family trip. The representative told me that they were giving me plan so we can pay the flat rate plus 50 cents on calls from Mexico to California, and texts fees were even cheaper along with the plan fee. Trusting the knowledge of my Sprint CSR, we made several calls and texts while my mom was in Mexico.

Then I get my bill this month and I saw the OUTRAGEOUS fees I got charged. I was never advised that this would happen. I was told calls were going to be 50 cents to and from and texts some minimal fee. I trusted Sprint to protect me as a consumer and this isn't fair. I have been with Sprint many years and brought my mom, my father, and several friends to Sprint because of the good service I have been provided but this is stealing and stealing at a time when I needed protection and the knowledge from my Sprint carrier and Customer Service Representative to protect and not misinform me.

I was told my rate plan I had added would cover us with the charges I have already said. Paying $326.76 is stealing. Please help. This shouldn't be allowed when we trust our carrier to inform us with the accurate rates, plans and fees and this isn't at all what I am getting. I thank you for your time in advance in this investigation. I am rejecting this response because I wanted to see if I can update my current conversation with Sprint's Executive Services Supervisor **.

She called me at 7:37am, spoke to me for about 2:06 minutes, was rude, unprofessional. If she's a supervisor now I know why Sprint's Representatives have no training to help a Customer or Consumer. She said she heard a so called detailed conversation. I told her that conversation wasn't with me because I spoke to the person and our call plans to Mexico was $5.99 discount rate. When I asked her to allow me to hear the voice recording of this alleged PERFECT call with me she rudely told me to GET A COURT SUBPOENA then hung up on me. Seriously, I need to get a court order to hear a recorded conversation?

Supervisor ** called back 7:40am and told me I can cancel my phone service with them and pay early termination fees while I allow them to steal and rob consumers, that call only lasted 1:38 minutes. I don't think it's fair that this supervisor ** is OK with making sure Sprint loses business, and thinks it's fine that she steals from us. That is stealing, how can I protect myself from Sprint and their corruption? Please help. What she made me feel today was extremely little, violated and robbed. And this coming from a Supervisor.

I feel that I am by law, entitled to receive or hear this alleged conversation because I have confirmed it wasn't me and I was not provided accurate information as Sprint says. They are lying and they are trying to steal from me. Should they have trained personal as they say, I wouldn't be going through this violation and assault done by Sprint. Please help protect the consumers from corrupt people like ** and Sprint.

Watch out for your Billings on Sprint Long Distance
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I've had Sprint Long Distance for a year now and the last 4 months have been HORRIFIC with their billing. It has stressed me out, given me headaches, and a total waste of time trying to resolve. And it is interesting to read how some other people have experienced the same, so at least I know I am not alone, but disturbing to know what I go through is so frequent among others.

Here is my story. I signed up for Sprint LD because they had some special where if you are with their Sprint PCS plan you get 50 min free long distance. So I signed up at SprintPCS with all my information. I lived with my parents at the time, so I put this long distance on their home phone, and my payment option was charge direct to my credit card.

In Oct. I noticed my bill was almost $40 for long distance alone. Turned out my dad had called to Canada, but I clearly remember asking Sprint how much a call to Canada would be and they said "10 cents a minute" so the $40 did not add up. I called Sprint and the Rep said a mistake was made, it is .10 cents a minute so she would credit me $25.27.

Come next month I find that my credit card is charged/debited an additional $25.27 rather than credited! So I called Sprint and I can't even begin to count how many people I talked to or was put on hold as I got passed around. No one seemed to know what the heck they were doing. So I finally spoke with a supervisor who could not explain why I was charged an additional $25.27 on my card when they owed me that amount!

So after looking she says "well the original Rep was wrong and calls to Canada are $1+ a minute!" It was an outrageous rate!! So I just felt like whatever, just clear up this extra charge you gave me now and leave it as it is. So she told me OK she would fix that additional charge they just tacked on my card. I went on to dispute this charge with my credit card company, and they told me after clearing with Sprint, this charge was disputed in my favor. After all this, I decided to cancel my account in November 2003.

Come February 2004, I noticed a .39 cent charge on my credit card from Sprint again and I thought it was odd since the account was closed and canceled and confirmed. I go online to look at this account, and in January they once again tacked on the $25.27 charge to my account for no good reason and the .39 cent was a late fee!! A late fee? A late fee for what?? It did not make sense at all. It was like a bad wart that would not go away. So I call Sprint. The customer service guy was so rude, asking me all these irrelevant questions and could not provide me any answer as to why I was being charged $25.27 for no good reason. Finally he says, it's an error and he would fix it.

For some gut reason I did not believe him and called Sprint again. This time I got some lady on the phone who had NO IDEA what to do and put me on hold for 20 min. to forward me to her manager, who also had NO IDEA what to do, who then put me on hold for another 15 min. to forward me to accounts receivable.

Accounts receivable then tells me they have nothing to do with this, and Customer Service is doing the charge. But this lady tried to help me, although she had no clue either on what to do. She told me my account was all screwed and that I needed to stop this credit card payment option, which she said she did for me. Then she tells me that I have to wait for the next billing cycle to get a paper statement and then call Customer Service again to dispute the balance I had.

After I hung up I realized that solution will not work because the next billing cycle will credit my charge card this new balance I owe out of nowhere, and I did not want them touching my credit card anymore. Plus how do I dispute with Customer Service if they themselves has no clue why I have this unknown balance.

So I call again. This time I got this rude guy on the phone who told me he could not discuss this account with me because it was not under my name?!!! I could not believe this! I've just spoken with Sprint for the last 1.5 hours regarding this account? I set up this account with MY name, SSN and cell phone??!! Apparently, the bill was under my mother's name since the local phone bill is under her name.

However, when I log in online to see my account, my name is on there as clear as day! But for some reason "their" database did not show that. So I asked to speak with a supervisor who was just as rude. We basically got into a frustrating screaming match as I told her I have called Sprint numerous times to talk about this account with no problem and I was the one that set up this account with my info.

But nope, she said nowhere does it say that and that I had to have my mother call to discuss this. So I asked her why does my name show up on the online account? And she just kept saying, it's not in our database and that she could not discuss anything further with me and accused me of looking at the wrong account! At this point I was livid.

I hung up and called again and this time got someone to try to help me again. However she had no clue what to do and once again put me on hold for 15 minutes to get forwarded to accounts receivable. Almost sounds like I got forwarded to the guy who refused to help me earlier because the account "supposedly" was not in my name. I tried to explain what was going on, but he was extremely rude accusing me of owing Sprint money and then telling me I had to tell Customer Service about this and ask them about the charge. I told him Customer Service was the one who transferred me to them. But he told me there was nothing he could do and transferred me back to Customer Service.

So I was put on hold for 15 min. again and some lady looked at my account and put me on hold for 15 min. again. She came back to tell me my account was all screwed (like as if I didn't know that already) and that everyone previously helping me has made it worse and that her supervisor is passing it to management center to fix. And that I was lucky I got forwarded to that center because they were the "fix it" center. So if they are the "fix it" center, then what the heck is Customer Service? So I left it as that and she told me to call back in one week to check. She sounded somewhat more convincing but I will not hold my hopes high that this will be resolved.

After wasting 4 hours with them, it is very clear to me that Sprint is incompetent and rude. Anyone know what else I can do about this incident? Perhaps what else I can do if this does not get fixed still? How we can shut them down? Everything they have done has just been purely ridiculous and a waste of time.

Sprint Steals
By -

Sprint changed our account number on us and we were not aware of it. Our automatic bank payment to the old account number was sent to a company that doesn't even exist in Arizona. After a year of complaints, repeatedly faxing in proof of our payments to them, they never repaid us over $100.00. After 18 years as their customer we will never deal with Sprint again.

We are still out our money, despite repeated attempts by Chase and us to get the money back. They said we had to call their subsidiary to get the money back, who said that since we didn't have account number with them, there was no way to know where the money went. I kept track of EVERY representative I spoke with, not one ever returned my call as promised, had to go over every detail every single call, to every single representative's pathetic excuse of customer service, not to mention theft. They also never responded to email attempts either.

Fraudulent Billing
By -

STERLING, VIRGINIA -- I spent 6 months attempting to correct fraudulent billing issues upon cancellation of my Sprint long distance service in November of 2005. I was so frustrated with misinformation and their inability to resolve my issues. I cancelled two home phones and one cell phone with nearly a $200 credit they refused to credit despite multiple clear statements to the contrary.

Imagine my surprise when two years later I receive a "Welcome to Sprint" notice in my mail. Believe me I would walk to a pay phone before I would ever subscribe to Sprint. I immediately called only to receive the same conflicting information I was accustomed to receiving from Sprint.

One person told me I had been a customer that entire without year time but could not explain why I had received no bills but had no balance prior to that day. The other insisted I had just activated the service the prior month (I had made no changes to my phone service since cancelling Sprint two years prior, in fact I had a block on my phone to prevent them being added). One Sprint representative even insisted the block was to maintain Sprint as my long distance carrier and I could not have them removed ever. Wrong answer. After more frustrating conversations I was assured by both my local phone service as well as Sprint that I had no active account with Sprint.

February 8, 2007, two years and three months after initially cancelling Sprint service with a significant credit balance I was never able to receive refund for I receive yet another BILL from Sprint. Sprint is worse than AOL in their inability to resolve their mistakes and permit cancellation of service. It is like a fungus that won't go away, no matter how many times you eliminate it, it just keeps coming back. I hope to post an update that I do not receive further bills but my experience with Sprint tells me that will not be forthcoming.

Accepting Long Distance Collect Calls
By -

I live in the US and earlier this year I accepted two collect calls from my daughter up in Toronto, Canada. Unknown to me these calls cost a whopping $3.50 a minute. So I got hit with a $172.00 US phone bill. I complained, but they said Sprint doesn't regulate their calls so they charge WHATEVER THEY DARN WELL WANT TO, and they don't tell you this before you accept the charges, that would be too logical.

Needless to say I don't accept any collect calls from Canada which is unfortunate since my daughter is disabled and it's about the only way she can call me. I am on a small pension and can't afford to speak to her for this price. If that wasn't bad enough the phone company cut off my long distance calling abilities and I can't use any of those 1010987 or 1010220 numbers, they won't let me. It's a "rip-off" plain and simple and Sprint Canada should get their act together and stop gouging people.

Customer service - no and yes
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CALIFORNIA -- I had difficulty placing an overseas call, so called Sprint, which is my current long distance carrier. The woman just said she would place the call, no other assistance. I called back later, talked with a gentleman to try to determine why I could not place a call [operator error - me] and he not only went over why and how, he also explained the various costs. Now I am into a huge bill for the non-completed call that woman placed and have no recourse. The gentleman clearly explained options I might look at, depending on my overseas calling frequency! So, I believe I have seen perhaps the worst and best of "customer service" at Sprint - in under one hour!

By -

Terrible customer service, TERRIBLE. I'm looking at my bill and SPRINT is charging me more than 83 dollars for a call supposedly international, which is to New York. I'm trying to explain to the supervisor that there is no charge on the bill for an international call through the Sprint network and there was no international call, but he wouldn't listen and kept saying "YOU HAVE TO PAY". They don't have the record of the call and they want to charge me anyway. DON'T EVER GO WITH SPRINT EVER. A very unsatisfied customer and probably soon ex-customer of SPRINT.

International Service
By -

Sprint is the worst! They told us we'd get cell service in the Caribbean and Mexico. We had absolutely no service whatsoever in the Caribbean. Everyone around us was texting and calling from their cell phones, and ours was dead! Mexico was sporadic. They misrepresent their service, and I am cancelling my contract as soon as it's done.

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