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I'm in Contract Hell. Sprint Should Be Ashamed
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Well as if it's not [sic] my husband was taken advantage of at the store when he first purchased an iPhone 5c that he was talked into and lied to about. The salesman told him it was the only 4G phone out there - the best, the greatest phone ever. He lied. It is a crappy phone. You cannot find accessories for it. I've had two since July. Against my better judgment my husband purchased the wireless Bluetooth speaker - the Harman which she was talked into by the salesman at the store. He also purchased a few OtterBox cases and a cell phone.

We did the easy pay, ended up returning a case and a charger only to find that we were being charged for OtterBox for a iPhone 5S at the grand price of 89.99+ tax and we do not even own an iPhone 5S. They shill had us paying for everything from June to the end of August. We complain to ** service several times. Customer service told us that the store had to remove the charges - of course the store told us customer service had to remove the charges in the middle of a $600 bill.

My husbands phone, brand-new Galaxy goes out. We fight and fight and fight with them, end up getting an HTC M8. Still dealing with the billing - a gentlemen at the corporate office shirt as they would take care of it every month. Since July we have gotten A $400-$500 bill which we have had no choice but hey because they threatened to shut our cell phones off. Now that we have paid a $463 phone bill for this month, my husband calls Sprint to speak to them about an easy pay transaction.

Customer service proceeds to tell him he cannot use his easy pay until the cell phone bill was paid which the bill is $463 and some change. My husband told them there was a check in the mail which there was. The customer service agent talked him into doing a check by phone and assured him that when our check arrived to their office it would not be processed and reminded him that the calls are monitored and recorded. Needless to say imagine my surprise when a few days later I see two charges for $463 and some change out of my bank account again.

We call Sprint customer service. They tell us they have to do an investigation. It could take up to seven days to this refunded. My husband was highly agitated and told them he needed this handled ASAP. You said they were handling it and would give him a call on his cell phone. Well a few days later with no call he called customer service again and customer service tells us we have a $400 credit on our phone bill but we paid $463 and a credit is not what we needed. We needed and deserved a refund. Needless to say they said they would open an investigation but yet I thought that was already being done.

My husband was highly highly ticked off and the lady that he spoke to - her name was ** - she kept telling him well it could take up to 48 hours to even get a claim opened. Finally he got her to agree to open an investigation ASAP. My husband asked four or five times to speak to her supervisor. She kept saying "My supervisor is not available."

She asked him if there was anything else he could she could do for him. He told her he believed that [Sprint] compensate him for all of the excruciating trouble that they have put us through. ** said "Well if there's nothing else have a good day." My husband said "Really, are is that the way you were going to treat us?" She said "If there's nothing else I am disconnecting now" and hung up!!!

Sprint lies to its customers. "READ THE LIVE CHAT SHOWING JUST ONE INSTANCE."
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Well for the last 3 or 4 years the service has been getting worse and worse. But the first thing that made me really mad was I had a mifi box which is a wifi box basically. It was very slow even if I made sure no other computers were on it. So they send me another one totally free. I had to take it to the store. I had an unlimited plan.

The man at the store told me that 6g was a faster speed not that it was a new limit for the same exact speed of the old box so "stupidly not knowing any better" I agreed and signed and I was actually out of contract and was not knowing I was signing a contract for two more years, but I was actually giving up my right to unlimited data (although turtles move faster than their data speed) I was getting 6g worth of data for two years.

No I may not have understood that there was no such speed as 6g but I do now. AND I WAS VERY ANGRY TO SAY THE LEAST. I was going to school and their data connection would not work. So I ended up paying $350 and going to Verizon which has much faster speed - by the way and buying a modem and having to get a contract there. Of course the man at the store says he never said those things to me. Honestly I may be guilty of being naive about that being a speed but logically why would I of my own will knowingly give up unlimited data.

Now I had a Galaxy S4 pay per month plan, $600.00. Well three months into it I plug it up and the next morning it did not charge - they looked at it. I take care and it was in mint condition. So I receive a refurbished phone for replacement - so I am paying $600 for a refurbished phone. They had to send me three different phones before one worked properly. During all this time my calls are dropping, my data connectivity barely works and they tell me I just need to be patient because its not their fault that they are rebuilding. WELL ITS NOT MINE EITHER AND I'M STILL PAYING A PRICE FOR A SERVICE THAT USED TO BE GOOD!!!

So yesterday my phone gets stolen - I have insurance. I don't want a replacement of that phone so I do a live chat with a "customer care"- liar that says "What if we let you just get another brand new different brand of phone?" I steadily am letting her know I just do not like the treatment and service that Sprint provides and I will let the insurance take care of the problem.

She asks why and I go through the whole story of all the things that I have experienced with Sprint and believe me this is just the tip of the iceberg. What I am saying right now does not even come close to all of it. Anyway so she bounces out of the chat so I can't have a copy and she again ANOTHER SPRINT EMPLOYEE can lie and make it vanish.

So I go into the Sprint store this morning and they look in their computer and they say "Well you cannot have a new phone." I don't know anything about that and they don't make appointments. It is just strange to me how a company who is so well known can treat people so bad. I will not be paying for that phone and I pay my monthly insurance, so they can honestly deal with it. I will not ever get another in contract phone again especially not from Sprint.

They should call their new Spark Technology, snail technology and if it could go to the moon and back in 2 seconds flat my only hope would be that the atmosphere destroy the company on their way out of our stratosphere!!! I hope someone reads this and understands not to make the same mistakes I did. They will be really really great and sweet to you... until you are their customer.

Don't believe me, just go into their own website and read from all the other disgruntled customers and if you ever go into the store you will notice before you leave and even have a chance to evaluate their service they make you do a survey saying you got really great customer service and they do make sure you check excellent. A week later you are now their contracted customer. They treat you like you are crazy and they don't know why you are upset at all. That is how they fake their high rating.

Do an experiment go into a store where they make a sale, someone will come up with an electronic board for rating right before that customer walks out the door before they even have a chance to see if they like the service. But if you are an unhappy customer, well they don't even ask for a rating.

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Rating: 1/51

MADISON, ALABAMA -- I had Sprint for many years however dispute with them happened when I upgraded my phone. The deal was to buy one get one free lease program on Galaxy Note 5 when I added the new line. When I added the new line Sprint made a mistake and put my old phone number to the new line that I added. When I received billing I did not see the buy one get one deal so I called the Sprint and Sprint told me that they made mistake and put the old phone number to the newly added line instead of the new phone number to the new line and this was the reason why I wasn't getting the buy one get one free deal. They asked me to return all the phone and go to local Sprint store to help me with Sprint mess up. I follow the instruction Sprint gave me. Now the problem started with Sprint store saying that they can give me Galaxy S8 buy one get one free deal instead of Note 5. I told the sales person that will be O.K. with me. So, they set me up for Samsung Galaxy 8 as buy one get one free. However, I was still not getting buy one get one deal from Sprint. So I called Sprint and they gave me the credit, however, I had to call them every month to get my credit. For 6 long months of calling every month to get the credit, I was not happy spending at least one hour on the phone and explaining the situation every time when I called Sprint. Now I am with Verizon wireless. Before moving to Verizon I called Sprint to verify what I need to do. They simply said just return all the phones to them. So I returned my phones and called to verify that they received phones I sent and was confirmed that they received. Now Sprint is charging $1466.94 without my authorization. From the beginning, this issue wasn't my fault. It was Sprint made mistake and I should not be penalized for their mistake. I also called few times to Sprint to make sure I will not be penalized regarding this matter and Sprint insured me that long as I return my phones I should not be charged. I feel that Sprint lying to collect money from me.

Problem With Getting Emails Timely
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Rating: 5/51

PHILA, PENNSYLVANIA -- After having read some many unfavorable reviews about Sprint's customer service, I was reluctant to call, but I did. The lady on the other end listened to the problem I described and attempted to resolve. Although we were not successful, I did not have anything to do with her the level of customer service I received. Once she realized that our attempts were not working, she asked if I would like to go to a Sprint store to speak to tech.

I agreed and she gave me a couple stores that were close to me and asked which one I would prefer. I answered and she set up an appointment and told me that she would sent information to the store regarding the problems I was experiencing with my phone. We ended the call with me feeling very satisfied about our conversation.

Now, when I arrived at the Sprint store on City Ave, I was still a little anxious about the kind on treatment I would experience. I waited until the next available staff came up to me and asked how could she help. I explained that an appointment had been made for me by customer service for the tech on duty to help me with my phone. She politely said and she pointed towards the tech, that he was busy with other customers right now and asked to be take a seat. No problem, after all, I was about 15 minutes early.

As I walked to the sitting area, she went to tell the tech that I was here. She came back over to me and asked me exactly what was the problem, I explained and showed her my phone. She asked if she could let the tech see if, and of course, I agree and she did. A few minutes later, she returned and said she thought she could help. She sat down beside me and asked me to do some things with the my phone, I followed her directions. After about 5 minutes, my phone was back to normal.

I thanked her and told that my having a human resource background, when I experience good customer service, I acknowledge it. She said I was welcome and if I have any further problems I could come back. Without a doubt, I left as a very satisfied customer.

Unlimited Data Service - Like Being Charged for a Buffet and Not Getting to Eat.
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Rating: 1/51

MIDLAND, TEXAS -- About two months ago I switched my phone service to Sprint and have completely and totally regretted it. I went into the Sprint store and specifically told the sales clerk I needed better service than I am getting with AT&T. I work in the oil fields of west Texas and I was having problems with my phone getting a good data signal in a big portion of the area in which I work. The sales person showed me some great coverage maps showed Sprint having at least 3G in most of the areas I work.

So I switched my entire family to Sprint PCS. Unfortunately I did this right before going on a vacation. Also unfortunately for me I had read an old website from when Sprint had a 30 day satisfaction guarantee instead of the 14 day guarantee they have now (wonder why they shortened it?). I also let them buy back my AT&T phones as part of their technology entrapment... I mean buyback program. Let me state here that while I was unhappy with AT&T's coverage, when it did work it worked well. I could easily stream Netflix videos or read the news with AT&T's 3G on my iPhone 4.

As I said we went on vacation. We drove to Florida. There were places the phones worked great. There were places they didn't work at all. I didn't think much of it - after all I had seen a map showing the places I would be using the phone were all in great coverage.

So I get back to Texas and start to realize how bad my service really is. My home is nine miles outside Midland Texas and I find out my home is in a roaming area and I have no data connection (lucky I have WiFi or I would be completely out of luck) when the Sprint map clearly shows I should be in Sprint calling area and a 4G network area to boot. Not only that but my children's phones have stopped working. It seems if you go in and out of roaming too often a software glitch causes them to lock down. My son's phone has had to be fixed four times. Last time they erased all his apps and wallpaper doing it.

I would accept the fact that my home is in roaming (even though the map shows otherwise) if I got good service in town. My supposedly 4G town of Midland Texas has very little data coverage. I can't load a webpage at either local Walmart. No service at the mall. Sometimes 3G at work. No service downtown. The list goes on and on. It is just as bad in other west Texas cities. Odessa Texas is as spotty as Midland. Andrews and Kermit are both horrible. In most parts of Andrews I can't even get voice service. The one place I have a little service is Wickett.

Remember I specifically told my Salesperson I wanted better service than AT&T. Sprint has known about these problems for a long time it seems. Everyday they have customers in their store complaining about these problems. One salesperson tells you they have two broken towers causing all this grief, but they can't tell you if or when it will be fixed.

Another says that its because of the population growth here in west Texas, but Verizon sure doesn't seem to have a problem keeping up, and another says that Sprint is upgrading in the area and it is slow because of that, but it has been going on for months. All I know is I and everyone else on the unlimited data plan are paying for service we are just not getting.

The Galaxy IIs is a great phone but 90% or what makes a smart phone smart is lost without a data connection. CNN, Associated Press, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Andorra Radio, Soundhound, Wikipedia and others are completely useless. So much for unlimited data. It is like paying for a buffet and not getting to eat. Unfortunately my family will be paying for this buffet for two more years. Its not right.

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After years of what is exampled in summary below, I want to terminate my line with Sprint. I have made two phone calls this morning to Sprint, have been disconnected one time. I called from a landline in the call center where I work, and can only surmise that the call was disconnected by Sprint, not dropped or lost. I have been advised this morning that at this point that Sprint does not seem to be willing to waive the $160.00 early Termination Fee.

Let's do some math. We have been Sprint customers for 6 years, or approximately 72 months, give or take. We have paid, on average, $130.00-$140.00 per month to Sprint over that duration. That sums up to $10080.00, or thereabouts. We have purchased multiple devices at full prices as well, rather than simply taking advantage of free upgrades. We have, in the distant past, successfully referred friends and family to the Sprint/Nextel network. All in all, we have been good customers, albeit late in payments at times.

I am not interested in paying the $160.00 Termination Fee, and if this is my only option, then both my husband and I will cancel our lines, and Sprint will lose any future revenue from my husband, who intended to keep his account active despite it all. Beyond that I will post this letter on the internet in every possible venue and forum, and will post the many, sordid recorded interactions with Sprint to my YouTube page.

I understand it is not classy to make threats, and I loathe having to do so. Unfortunately I have no choice in the matter, since no reasonable concessions have been offered. I'm truthfully sorry to be ugly to you and your compatriots. I just want to drop my line, and being penalized for it after spending well over 10K as a customer - well, that's bad business.

I have been a Sprint customer for about 6 years, and I absolutely cannot wait to terminate the relationship. I will spare you as many of the details as possible. Suffice it to say, over the years the service has been low average at best, and very disjointed. Each time a simple situation would arise (activating a new phone, purchasing an upgraded phone, swapping out a phone, getting a return envelope), it required hours and hours of dealing with Sprint employees - many of which are unfriendly and inefficient.

There is no synergy between departments and I never felt any true concern from any representative or supervisor or tech that I have dealt with. I actually get a little sick to my stomach when I know I have to call and deal with Sprint for any reason. I push it off until the last possible moment because it is always so unpleasant; you have to be ugly in order to get the help you deserve.

Here are some of the issues we have dealt with over the duration: Sprint sending replacement phones that were broken themselves. Sprint unable to activate my brand new, upgrade phone, telling me it was because my MSID # had already been assigned to someone else. How was that possible on a brand new phone? After 3 hours some supervisor figures it out and activates it in 10 minutes. Sprint putting an $80 credit on our account without our permission or awareness in order to ‘sell' us an upgraded phone. This caused major billing issues later, which required hours of my time to rectify.

Sprint sending me a Nextel phone for my free upgrade, only realizing when I called to activate it that it was not a device compatible with our Sprint plan. Another night of talking to Sprint for hours. Local Sprint stores refuse to ship back defective devices. Local Sprint stores unable to assist in matters beyond simple new plan/upgrades and purchases.

Sprint billed us $275 for unreturned equipment, on a phone they are selling for $179. Not only is that ludicrous in itself, but there is another example of Sprint's poor service. Our HTC Hero stopped working, so we took it to the local Sprint store. They advised us it was broken, and arranged for a replacement phone and return kit to be sent. They would not, at the store, take back the defective device.

The phone and kit came, and within the 30 day return window, we called Sprint to let them know we had lost the return envelope and needed another. We were on the phone with Sprint reps for hours, and after several attempts to ‘email' us a new return label, there was still no success. The area where the image of the label should have been was blank, with a small red X in the top left corner. We were advised the situation would be elevated. Nothing happened.

We went again to the local Sprint store and tried to return the Hero. They would not take it. We went again to the local Sprint store when another employee was working, and he agreed to call customer service for us. Again a new return label link was emailed - this time directly to the Sprint store employee. When he tried to open the label, the image again was missing. He told us they would elevate the situation, again. Last thing he said as we were walking out was ‘Good luck with that'.

When we got home I called customer service, and after 2.5 hours, 5+ people, and repeating my story about 8 times, we have this solution: Someone in the ‘tech' department is supposed to physically mail us another label, today. Also, we have been billed $275 plus tax for this phone, and won't see a credit for that until our next bill.

Both of these solutions require me to do work, and follow up, versus Sprint doing those things for me. I have no choice - my money is at stake here. There is nothing anyone at Sprint could even do or say that would prevent me from cancelling my contract. I have an estate in probate that will pay out soon and dumping this company will literally be one of the first things I do.

Theft by Billing
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LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I am posting the content of my online complaint to Sprint PCS because I assured them that I would tell as many people as I could to stay away from them. Thanks for helping me keep my promise. See below: I am writing to let you know how incompetent your customer service is, and how they wasted 3 hours of my day after work on June 12th, resolving an issue that your own company caused. On June 12th, I checked my latest bill for the period Apr 19 - May 18. I was shocked to see that I had been billed for $103.33, although I had recently switched to a $40 plan.

A few weeks ago, I upgraded my phone at a local Sprint store. The only other thing I switched was to a lower plan. The bulk of my bill (Page 5 of 9) was from a 'Power Vision Ultimate Pack' which I had never heard of, nor asked for. I called *2 and had to speak with a representative that only knew passable English. I am a non-native English speaker, and even I had trouble having her go to Page 5 of 9 of my bill. I could at no point convey that I had never opted for these data service, and had to give up in

I then called back, and had to speak to a man who must have been in a train station due to all the background noise. I almost had to shout during the entire call. He basically said there was nothing he could do about the charges, but that I would be taken off the data plan. That is unacceptable because I required a reimbursement for a service I HAD NEVER ASKED FOR. He informed me that because I had bought an Ev-Do capable phone, I had got this plan. He might as well have called me a liar.

Go ahead and check to see if I have ever used your data service for the time I was billed. He then said that I could resolve this billing issue at a Sprint store. This turned out to be a lie. I therefore had to leave home and go to the Sprint store and of course, the said that they don't deal with billing issues so they put me on-hold with customer service, which I had no previous luck with, anyway.

What sort of company builds a retail location where a customer cannot resolve billing issues? I hung up after 10 minutes and luckily I spoke to the representative who had sold me the phone. He agreed that he had never sold me a data package for this phone, but could not help me otherwise. HE SHOWED ME HIS COMPUTER RECORD OF MY EARLIER VISIT which proves that I did not request this plan.

So now, we have a Sprint employee who agrees that I had not asked for this package, but then your company sees it fit to bill me and refuse reimbursement? That is called THEFT, and is enough grounds to take you to small-claims court. The only reason I am not is because the store employees recognized the ineptitude of your customer service, and managed to effect a service credit, which I will await before taking further action. I am now exploring legal recourse to terminate my current contract.

Since your phone calls are supposedly monitored, I challenge you to verify anything I have stated. In the mean time, I am going to make every effort to ensure that no-one I know considers Sprint for their cellular service. I intend to share my experience with any and all forums that I can post to.

I have been a Sprint customer for several years, and nothing has changed. Every time I have had to deal with your customer service has been an aggravating experience, and I am looking forward to the day when I can switch to Verizon. For the time being, I will use he power of the internet to make sure that any potential consumers are spared the aggravation of being one of your customers.

Be Careful When You Transfer From Sprint to Other Carrier
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SHREWSBURY, MASSACHUSETTS -- First I want to say I am an easy going man and not easy to get angry about things, but this time I am really disappointed with the Sprint PCS service, especially their customer rep. I have been a really good customer with sprint for almost about two and a half years, always pay the full phone bill on time, never delay. My contract ended for almost 1 year and a half ago, as I am not a tech geek so I didn'€™t change the carrier to get any fancy phones.

I have been paying around 75$ for two phones (one for me and one for my wife) family plan which has 500 anytime minutes and unlimited night minutes after 9:00PM (this is an old plan and I know it is not a good one, but as my wife and I don'€™t make too many calls, and we have unlimited call between two phones, we can live with that). Things begin to change since Feb, 2005, my wife lost her cell phone somewhere on her way back from work.

So I have to call to end the line, I called in at Feb 6th and a rep answered phone, she helped me to cancel the line, as sprint billed me at the beginning of the month for 75$, I asked the rep if I can get the refund for the second line as we'€™ll never use the second line, she said it is OK and I will get about 20$ refund in the next billing period. So I said OK and just hang up, but 1 month later when I get the next phone bill, I didn't see any refund, I called again and another rep answered the phone, this time she said she will take care of that and I have to wait for next month billing, I tried to speak to supervisor but it still didn'€™t work.

As 20$ is not too much money so I didn'€™t pay any further attention. I then asked if I can downgrade to an cheaper plan, the rep said "OK but you have sign another 1 year plan for the service", this makes me feel very bad as I have been a really good customer but what they want is to have every opportunity so they can get more money from me.

Then I start to look for other carriers as my don'€™t have any contract with sprint. In July, 2005 I got a free Motorola RAZR V3 from Amazon. The phone arrived on August 4th and I transfer the phone number from sprint to the new carrier. So this time I only use the Sprint PCS service for 4 days. As I no longer use the sprint service, so I think it might just be fine to wait and get sprint to send me the bill for this 4 days service. But the bill didn't come until yesterday. When I opened the bill, it is still the full charge for the whole month, I called the Sprint PCS service and this time, those reps behaves very rude.

I talked to two reps and explained everything to them, then asked what happened., the first one said "hold on for a second" and then ended the phone, the second rep said that sprint don'€™t bill the service per rate (which is different than what they told me before) and I have to pay the full month service for that second line ever I only used for 4 days, I really didn't understand this and ask why, she become very rude and interrupted me and keep saying: "€œit is our company policy, you have to pay the full month fee even you only use one day service".

That is ridiculous and that is how they treat a two year and a half customer. What I guess is as I have already transfer to other company, they don'€™t have to be polite and just want to rip me off. So be careful when you decide to transfer from sprint to other carriers. Transfer at the end of the billing cycle otherwise you have to pay the whole bill even you only used it for one day!!! This is my experience with Sprint PCS and I will never use any Sprint PCS service.

Nightmare - the Worst by Far in Customer Service & Billing - Why This Is Not Considered Theft I Do Not Know?
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KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- I made the unfortunate mistake of doing business with this provider. Who knows you might be the customer they keep telling me about... that are so happy with their services?! I am obviously not one of them! And according to them, I am all alone out here! So odds are that this will not happen to you! The Phone is awesome. I loved it! It'€™s just I believe the provider cannot seem to get off the... proverbial "smoking" pipe.

Just a bit of my documented, logged experience. You happily decide this provider will be the best and least expensive provider for your needs. You order phones, a plan and pay for it on the spot. The only thing left is that you pay your monthly bill. They give you a receipt for payment in full charged to your bank account. But what actually happens is that they record an undercharge your bank account in their books (by their own mis-billing) then bill you again for the same exact amount their own receipt shows you paid. As if it never happened! When you protest? They shut your phone off for non-payment a few days after you get the phone.

When you contact them to find out what in the world is going on - be prepared to possibly be transferred many times, and at least a few times during those transfers you should be aware your call might get dropped because ironically, they have phone troubles. At least that was what they told me. And you might not have to worry about getting actual names, unless you are logging information, because there is no way to speak with the same person twice!

You might be given different numbers to different locations I accumulated about 10. You might be spoken very rudely too, condescending and argumentative. To be fair you might be spoken nicely too and told, "I just have to work here to pay my bills. I have no clue why they do what they do here. What a mess - I am so sorry for this." But this was a rare occurrence for my experience. Be prepared to spend a minimum of 1-2 hours following along with this song and dance each time you call. I have logged 6 hours with three telephone sessions. I will call them sessions because I had to make numerous telephone recalls due to their hang-ups, or inability to transfer me.

I would say it is an average of 12 transfers per session. Remember a session was an average of 1 1/2 or 2 hours of my time. You might be promised a call back when they realize it is THEIR billing error, but you might never get that call. That happened to me twice. And of course you might have to call them back to see where they are at in figuring out their mess - only to find there are 'no notes'€ on the account and have to start the whole rigorous process again.

Oh, and don't expect to get any real answers. I did not get anywhere for three months but a bonus to this you get to hear a lot of music -- sometimes. I would suggest if this does happen to you that you might just record your problem on audio and just replay it so as to not loose your voice in this ritual. Because of course, you have to tell your story over and over and over again. Oh, if this does happen? Keep the numbers on memory speed dial, so you don't develop carpal tunnel syndrome or something.

Also, don't even think about telling them a general statement to hurry matters along when they ask if they can help you, and you have already been told numerous times that their department cannot - like: "€œI paid, you gave me a receipt, yet you are billing me for this again and turned my phones off because of it. And the last CSR said your department cannot help me it is in collections now, and collections says it is a Customer Service issue they cannot help me either. So whom can I speak with that CAN help?"

Because it won't work, you might have to go through your whole story thoroughly in detail with all specifics each time because no one seems to be able to tell if they can handle your call until you do. And for goodness sakes don't let them know you are becoming frustrated, that is the best way to get hung up on! You have to be dripping sweet and nice and hand-hold them all the way through the whole grueling experience.

Don'€™t you dare get angry or upset at this treatment for they might think you to be difficult and it does get worse, even when you think it cannot! And whatever you do, don't dare to speak with a manager, at best you will get a supervisors voice mail, that automatically hangs up on you! They seem to like "control". Yeah, control by confusion... I tell you, when you have to call them - plan to brown bag it! Your time means nothing to them. And don't think for one minute that they do not have a history of all these phone calls, transfers, dropped calls etc... and the time you have invested in figuring out their problems - they do.

Knowing full well this drama of an ordeal you have been through! One CSR took a look at the record of the count of times in three months I tried to contact them on my account, apparently it logs each time your account is accessed by their system, either a rep or automated. After a second of dead silence, his response was "Oh my God!" After many apologies, and sending me to the Mis-billings Department (imagine that?) He had no clue why this did not happen sooner? He said "They should have sent you there in the beginning!" Three months of this! (I would have assumed his guess, as an employee would be better than mine? Scary right?)

I thought for sure this is one employee of the company that knows how to do their job. A literal oasis in the desert of elevator music, dead silence, or dial tone for that matter... But NO... when they transfer you to the right people, the Mis-billings department, (which truly amazes me that they have such a department?? What is that? Like a self admission that they are incapable? So I guess that I must assume their internal errors are acceptable in their eyes. Just how do you set up a mis-billing department and why?

I mean I can see the planning meeting there now... "Hmmm... Well we will have customer service, collections, and for all the screw-ups we will need a whole department to handle those issues - what do you think? We will call it Mis-Billings Department - Good Grief!")

They tell you even though it was their billing error, you will still have to pay the monthly fees, and late fees and uphold your contract for two years or pay to get out of it. Because you refused to pay the amount in duplicate from the beginning as they requested -- while they figured out the problem was theirs in the first place. So if it was their fault, they can pay you back on their own time... On your dime, with no interest! Clever eh? Even though you have a genuine receipt from them that you already did so.

Now, that total is at the tune of additional $598 after already giving them $290 (receipt) to start this service, to have it for less than a month? Fat chance they will get another penny from me at this point. Meanwhile, by then the collection department of the provider keeps calling you while you are still working with the Mis-billings department then you should expect during this same time that they might turn you over to a collection agency (within 60 days) that might try to tell you (taped) that they can call you as many times a day, week, month, etc... until you (as a deadbeat person whom does not pay your bills) pay them the total amount you owe them.

They don'€™t care either if the providers collection department is calling or if you are still negotiating with the mis-billlings department. According to them -They are immune to the THE FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT. They can do whatever they want to collect a debt. Oh and if they call you twice a day or more and speak with you... they can blame it on a auto dialer. And you should fully expect all of this to happen within a three month time frame.

Meanwhile I keep trying to pass them my reality pipe. It seems they don't want it - I believe they want to hold on to whatever they are already smoking. But of course when you live in untouchable land... why change? The attorney advised me to take them to small claims, turn them in to the States Attorney General or pay them off to leave me alone. The last time someone contacted the AG regarding this provider they apparently had been popped for "padding their revenues" by class action. Over billing their customers and taking a marked amount of time to pay them back.

Apparently numerous complaints but for some reason they continue to operate and grow larger. You could have course investigate these allegations via the net. Must be a sign of the future for our children. I find enamoring this thought to be quite sad. He said that he would have to charge me an hourly rate at the tune of $200 an hour! It would get quite expensive and not worth it - based on his experience with the hours of "elevator-music-dancing" he himself has had with them - he suggested another service. I have obliged! I don't need this headache!

If I billed them for my time, I believe they would owe me? Hmm... Nonetheless, I am tired, and I simply do not have the time of day to sit around for hours haggling over something so blatantly obvious so... But wait, theres more. I also have the unfortunate experience of having Sprint as a local service. We just won't even go into the 3 year drama there you can only imagine.

But I should have known this would happen. The first bill included a fee for someone to come out and run a line to my home, that did not happen. When I called, they admitted this was an error, but that I should pay it, because it could take three months to reflect on my account, and meanwhile if I don't I could be disconnected for a past due balance... There is simply no logic, or integrity nowadays. I am truly scared for my childrens future in this world. Big Business is getting away with way too much, too much control over our lives. If anyone decides to gather together on this type of deal, let me know!

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