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Final Straw! Good Buy Sprint 18 Years!
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- The past 2 years dealing with Sprint, I am done. I have 3 lines. I went in for a BOGO promotion, unlimited plan. First of all we were in the store for 5 hrs. We couldn't just lease as the representative was in process of changing phones. The representative actually had to drive to another store to get a phone. He didn't even tell us he was leaving, returned in an hr. or so. When I received the bill no BOGO, charged for both of the phones.

I called the store, went to the store 4 times after trying get this taken care of on the phone. 2 store attempts the manager was supposed to call back. Long and short it took me almost 5 months to get this correct. (I went online to Facebook). The bill at that point was so messed up, I don't even know if it was correct. The contract is up, my bill is really high and now the lease is active on both phones. (I paid the phones off & account balance.) I am switching carriers to T-Mobile. T-Mobile customer service seems to be pretty amazing right now.

Sprint has all 3 of the phones locked. So, I need to wait for the billing to record - Could take 12-72 hrs. Then I have to call another department to have the phones unlocked and this can take 12-72 hrs as well. I guess this is a way squeeze as much as they can out of you. The customer service is so so bad. Read the fine print, watch out for additional fees. So disappointed in SPRINT. You need to revamp your customer service starting from the Top down.

Sprint Treats Loyal Customers Badly
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Rating: 1/51

I was a loyal customer of Sprint for 12 years. Well, beware if you are not a new customer. Sprint used to have loyalty rewards for long time customers, not anymore. New customers get free phones and better monthly rates. The long time users get nothing. I had 5 lines for 12 years, cancelled all of them today.

Sprint would no longer give free upgrades, and plans for old customers were higher than a newbie! They wanted $90 for one Unlimited usage smartphone and $129 to keep my other reg. phones, total $219 per month. WHAT? I went to Metro Plus have unlimited usage for two smartphones and one reg. phone, total monthly fee is $95. Sprint should appreciate their long time customers who pay their bills!!!

Don't Commit To Sprint
By -

Why did I choose Sprint? Some of my friends and family had it; phone offered at a good price (granted it was because of a rebate); somewhat benchmark rates as far as minutes went and nights and weekends started at 7pm. I thought it was a good idea... Thought being the key word.

After having my Motorola v3m for about a week I found that service wasn't all that great. What I mean by service is quality of sound, calls not ringing and going straight to vm. Delay in calls being placed. Then I tried to call customer service. The reason I called was because I was supposed to get a referral bonus for being referred by another Sprint customer. After holding 14 minutes I tried to request my referral bonus and was given the runaround. I was told that I had 15 days from activation to request the bonus.

After speaking to a representative I was told that I should wait another day to request it and that the system should recognize me. The next day I called and held to speak to a rep for 22 minutes and I was then told that the referring persons account May be in bad standing. So I checked with them and confirmed that wasn't the problem.

I then called back and held for 29 minutes only to be belittled by a representative who had just heard out my whole fiasco. He first wanted to know how I even knew about the referral bonus because not everyone should know about it. He then told me that I was going wrong about requesting the referral bonus and read the rules and stipulations verbatim. According to what he read I was obviously eligible but he couldn't do anything for me.

I then requested a supervisor, he said that the supervisor was unavailable and that he would have him call me back the next day at 1pm. I never got a call. I then called and held for 30 minutes. As soon as I got someone on the line I asked for a manager. Naturally the rep. Wanted a shot at resolving my problem. Frustrated with failed attempts, I declined and was adamant that I needed to speak to a manager. I was put back on hold on and off for another 15 minutes only to be transferred to a "escalated call line" customer solutions or something. The rep there was really nice and empathetic and she seemed to understand my frustration. She however couldn't do anything for me...

Bottom line is, if you expect any customer service or expect a company that truly values your business. Don't go with Sprint..... If you expect to hold an average of 20 minutes to get a hold of someone in the customer service department, mediocre service and frustrations Maybe Sprint is for you.

Oh and by the way I cancelled service just in time..... Wheeeew. I was almost stuck for two years... I got a collections bill sent to me within two weeks of cancelling.. I tried to call the number provided to speak to a rep from customer solutions and was disconnected after entering my old mobile #, obviously because it was disconnected. But the geniuses at Sprint failed to offer any other options on this phone #. So decided to look up another number for Sprint online only to be told by the recording that calls would take 15-20 minutes to be answered so I hung up....

Come on Sprint, don't you want your money for my one month of lousy service???

Customer Service
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I had been with Sprint for over 2 1/2 years. As soon as I extend my contract and I received my bill, I noticed there were phone calls that I was being charged for that I never made. Compared to my previous bills, those numbers did not exist. I had to pay overage charges because Sprint refused to help me, and informing me indirectly that I was lying to get rid of these charges when I have never ever contested any charges previously even when my bill went over $400.00. Supervisor, that I spoke with refused to do anything even out of courtesy.

I used to think that Sprint had good customer service compared to all other mobile companies but now I think they suck and I wish they would go bankrupt. The company should lose all their customers. Whatever happen to the phrase the customer is right.

The worst service
By -

NEW JERSEY -- I canceled our plan with Cingular because the company that I was working for had a discount program with Sprint. The ONLY time I had decent service was when I signed up for the service. I have a family plan, 4 lines. They promised my many rebates when I opened the account, but the amount was outrageous when I received the first bill. I called, spent almost 3 hours on the phone with them. They transferred me to "customer Service" many times and I did not get it resolved. I finally had to threaten to cancel the service and write a letter to my HR department, then they caved in and gave me my credit.

The service is always on digital roaming when I am shopping 2 miles from my house. Many drop calls. I wanted to switch one of the phones, because the phone that they sent did not work. I called, they told me to pick out a phone in the store and they will give me a credit/rebate. I paid full price in the store, the SPRINT store cannot activate my account because they said that it is a business account. I had to call them back. Spoke to 2 people, cannot understand a word they were saying. They transferred me 3 times. I hung up when they tried to transfer me the fourth time.

I will definitely cancel the service after my contract is up. I never want to deal with sprint ever again.

Poor Service!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

Sprint is the worst service I have ever had. I been dealing with them for months on issues my phone is having, dropped calls, no internet connection, blocked calls and no one at Sprint will do anything about it!!

Sprint PCS Has Poor Customer Service
By -

I recently switched my wireless plan with Sprint to their "Fair and Flexible" plan. At the end of the month, I received a bill for $600, and was informed that the customer service representative had in fact changed my plan, but not to the "Fair and Flexible" option. Sprint's customer retention service representative apologized, but only offered a meager $100 rebate. I have been a customer for 7 years and had a good experience to this point. Recently, I have found Sprint customer service to be inconsistent, inaccurate and deceptive.

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