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7 Year Platinum Plus Furniture Protection Plan
By -

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FLORIDA -- They will VOID the WARRANTY if you have WEAR AND TEAR! Bought a couch from Macy's 5 years ago. Since we have young children, was highly recommended to get WorryNoMore furniture protection plan. Recently, got a covered stain, called WorryNoMore. The technician came, tried to clean but failed. Then WorryNoMore closed the claim. Their excuse: couch has wear and tear, which is considered excluded damage and thus has voided the entire warranty.

So it is only good for new furniture, or one that is in pristine condition except for covered that particular damage. If you happen to get ANY stain that is not covered (felt tip markers, odors, loosening of threads or separation of seams, or any wear and tear) in any unrelated part of the furniture than the stain that is covered, that will instantly void the entire warranty and they will not honor the warranty, even just to remove the covered damage.

This is like saying you visit a doctor regarding headache and a blister, and find out that you have brain tumor. But since you claimed and had the blister, and if the blister treatment isn't covered by the insurance they won't cover you for the cancer.

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. If it only covers for new items your credit card purchase protection plan, if you have it, is much superior and is free. Or if you are confident that you can keep ANY non-covered stains and normal wear and tear at bay for the entire 7 year duration, then may be it may be worth it.

Purchased StainSafe Warranty @ Levitz for Sofas and Chairs -Warranty Co. Not Fulfilling Warranty
By -

ORANGE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased StainSafe Warranties from Levitz in Los Angeles, California in 2003. In April 2003, I emailed a claim that included the discoloration of the dark leather, among other issues. By the way, I was told I could only EMAIL my claim and all transaction re: this or any claim would only be handled via email as that is the contractual agreement between Levitz and StainSafe.

I finally called StainSafe on 7/3/07 to say I haven't received a response to my claim. The person on the phone said my response was mailed on 5/3/07. (by the way, I never received this email and I thought I may have deleted it by mistake but it appears that this company is pretty consistent with saying they respond but don't considering, after doing some research on the internet about this company, there are various complaints from other consumers re: the same complaints- the company does not respond.) I asked the representative to tell me what the response was because I didn't receive the email.

She said I would have to go on the internet to find out and gave me my claim number. I told her since she couldn't tell me what the outcome was then had to assume it wasn't favorable so I continued to ask what the appeal process is. She referred me to the website and said I would need to appeal via email. I told her I needed to talk to someone to find out exactly what I will need to include into my appeal because I was on the website while talking to her and there are no instructions. She finally transferred me to someone else. The next rep told me I was denied. I asked what for. She said for multiple issues with each item.

I told her I needed someone to review the claim again because not all items had multiple issues so someone misread the claim. She asked what the issues were and for each issue, i.e., discoloration of leather, she said the item wasn't covered under the warrantly. I became so frustrated, I told her I wanted to lodge a complaint and she said I would need to do this over the internet. The irony of it all!!! Especially since there is no means of lodging a complaint nor instructions on the company's internet site. This is completely unacceptable and insulting to anyone's intelligence.

It is now clear to me that this company's policy is to initially deny all claims and take the risk that the consumer will not pursue their issue(s) any further. Why does this continue to be allowed to happen??? Why do Levitz sales Associates continue to sell this product and lie to do it- for the commission only??? I was told when I purchased the sofas and chairs that this company had the best warranty in the market because furniture pieces are replaced for "any reason" (I knew this was a stretch but believed that the message was it was that the company was credible and committed to service.)

I did some more checking and found that they have an unsatisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau for denying claims, poor customer service, and unresolved complaints. Complaints are lodged all over the internet.
This is a serious consumer injustice! Help! Thank you.

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