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Fraudulent Vehicle Valuations
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I have been with State Farm for 35 years. An elderly man totaled my car. It was totaled because the frame was bent. He had cut rate insurance so I switched to my insurance. State Farm has been horrible, even though they will not have to pay a penny. I am a retired life insurance actuary. I did not accept any money and filed with the insurance commissioner. I am fortunate because I was able to cash purchase another car and I wasn't injured.

State Farm uses Autosource for vehicle valuation. My car was described as a heavily damaged smoker car. I called all the comps on the report. Some sold for $2,000 more, had 20,000 more miles, or were EXs instead of EX-Ls ($2,000 difference in MSRP). The biggest fraud was the 1.25 cent mileage valuation.

2007 Honda Accord EX-L -This car might last 300,000 miles.
Car MSRP was $25,050 - it has less than 100,000 miles
300,000 miles x .0125 cents = $3,750 MSRP
$25,050/.0125 = 2.004 million miles
The difference in price of this car at 100,000 miles and 200,000 miles would only be $1,250 if mileage is really worth 1.25 cents, My complaint to the insurance department was the car did not cost $3,750, it won't drive 2.004 million miles and the difference in value of this car at 100,000 and 200,000 miles is $7,000 not $1,250. I want an actuary at State Farm to prove I am wrong.

My other complaint is that I am not given any information on these vehicles. Technology has progressed to the point where the fraud against the American people by third party vendors such as Autosource and CCC must end. My vehicle was a one owner, never wrecked vehicle, the interior was in nearly new condition, the exterior in great shape, I have all maintenance records. I had a mever wrecked 2001 Yukon XL that I drove the majority of the time. The Honda was the car I used to run around town in alone.

When I can get on multiple car websites, find multiple exact copies of my car using 20-32 close-up photos/video, including good maintenance records, never wrecked status, one owner, located in a good climate, have a guarantee that all mechanical components work, purchase it and have it delivered to my house, a paradigm shift has occurred in vehicle valuations.

I demanded comparables from State Farm before the vehicles are sold so that I can see the Carfax and the photos of the interior and exterior and compare them to my car. I also demanded an actuarial analysis of the 1.25 cent mileage valuation. They said no to all requests.

I plan to create a web page called "Your car was totaled by State Farm - join a Class Action Lawsuit". The mileage fraud is self evident. Find me if you want some justice.

Discrimination Due to Stage 4 Breast Cancer Metastatic
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Rating: 1/51

WEST HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- I was involved in an automobile accident on 04/06/14. I was the passenger of a vehicle that was rear-ended. The driver of the vehicle that rear-ended us had Mercury Insurance and they paid the policy's maximum of $50,000 and awarded the driver and myself $25,000 each.

Our mutual attorney filed a first-party underinsured motorist claim, using the driver's insurance of the vehicle I was in, which is State Farm. The State Farm Adjuster, David **, offered the driver $70,000 new money and offered me nothing although both of us suffered nearly identical shoulder tear injuries. The tears in our shoulders were verified by the results of MRIs we received. Moreover, the majority of the damage was on the passenger side on the rear of the vehicle.

I am also unsure why the adjuster was asking my attorney about my longevity since it had nothing to do with the accident. I have stage 4 breast cancer metastatic to the bone. The adjuster stated to my attorney that the reason he was offering zero is because I waited 6 weeks to be treated and the damage to the car was minimal. I had in fact gone to Urgent Care immediately after the accident, but the office was closing. Based on my MRI results, it showed that the tear on my shoulder was a result of the accident.

The other reason the adjuster gave my attorney for offering zero was because I had already been paid by Mercury Insurance. It was explained to the adjuster by my attorney that I had waited six weeks after the urgent care to treat further because I had just had a Bilateral Mastectomy less than 90 days prior to the accident and that I was hoping the pain in my shoulder would go away. It is my contention that the adjuster David ** has discriminated against me and ultimately made the decision not to pay me as he is banking on the fact that I have stage 4 breast cancer metastatic to the bone, and I may not live long enough to go through the arbitration process.

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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- My new van was stollen, hadn't even made the first payment. By the time it was recovered, just hours later, it had been stripped. State Farm totaled it but did not pay me what I had paid for it. Claimed it was my fault that I had paid more than it was worth. When I refused to accept their settlement offer, they cancelled my rental car leaving me with no transportation at all.

I fought with them over this for another two weeks before the adjuster gave me the name of a dealer who said he could replace it for the settlement amount. I drove all the way to Clear Lake to find out the vehicle he had was a car and not a minivan. The dealer called the adjuster and told him he was crazy, the van could not be replaced for that amount. Come to find out, the adjuster was looking in the wrong section of his blue book. His total ignorance of his job caused me undue stress and time. I was never even offered an apology.

Homeowners Insurance
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Rating: 1/51

CONNECTICUT -- I paid for a homeowner product thru State Farm plus 3 automobiles for two decades. No prior claims in all that time. When my chimney incurred storm related damage and bady leaning they sent a contractor appeaser from 1200 mile away only to tell me I am on my own. And to top it off if the 12 feet of chimney approve the roof line where to collapse damaging my house Sate Farm would not coverage any of those damages too. After researching the company SF contracts with to find they are the same engineering firm that the Feds sued State Farm after two sisters and former employees came forward with information of falsifying hundreds of structural damages claims to for the betterment of State Farms. Seriously SF devoted more resources to denie my claim than the $3,000 I needed in repairs. Avoid any State Farm product at any cost. Like a bad neighbor State Farm will sweep you under its rug.

Claims agents refused to investigate an accident
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Rating: 1/51

APTOS, CALIFORNIA -- Hi Justin Hambly,

When I was talking to you, previously, I told you how I am now 64 years old....and have stayed with State Farm Insurance, for my entire life. And, I mentioned to you, that State Farm was a trusted company, which my parents, and their neighbors, also admired. And I stayed with you, as an agent, even 15 years after we moved away from Aptos, because we valued your seTVice, and your integrity.

However, I am saddened to say, I am now cancelling my business with you....due to a string of total incompetence, lack of professionalism, and outright dishonesty...on the part of State Farm's claims investigators.

What it comes down that these claims investigators were to lazy to do their jobs....and I am asked to pay for damages I couldn't have possibly caused...because your investigators were too lazy to even interview the primary suspect in the accident.

I am committed to spending some time, m every day, over the next month, pursuing this complaint.; State Farm will be laughed out of court, when they claim I somehow crashed myself, between 2 cars, for 50 minutes. I couldn't have done that! Nobody could have ever done that! Yet your lazy, and unprofessional agents were too lazy to even talk to the truck driver, who caused all of that damage.

It is clear, that the qualities of honesty and integrity, that my parents so admired, from State Farm, has gone straight down, and has been replaced by a culture of lazy agents....who like to sit behind their desks....and get paid for doing nothing!

Doesn't Not Pay Claims
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Daughter involved in auto accident on December 7, 2016. She was hit in the rear bumper. Cut and dry, it was clearly the other driver's fault as he explained to the cop how he could not stop his vehicle in a timely manner, State Farm insured him, or did they? They clearly said they were not going to pay for the damages their insured has caused. Their reason? Their client said he did not hit my daughter, my daughter hit him! Morons! I asked; "what did she do? Throw her car into reverse at 30 mph and hit him?" The State Farm agent name is Dan **. Terrible customer service and ignorant people. NEVER USE STATE FARM!

Why should I accept liability if it wasn't my fault?
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LAS VEGAS -- I am a young driver, 19, but I have been with State Farm under my moms policy since I was 16, and she has been with State Farm for much much longer with several cars and her house on the policy. I had never had a major accident before and until now I would say that any dealings I have had with State Farm went in my favor and they were always very fair.

So anyway this is what happened, we were on a major street waiting to make a left turn from the turn lane onto a small side street where we were making the left turn there was no stop sign or light. It was just one of the left turn medians. There were two lanes of oncoming traffic that were backed up to the next light so both cars left a gap and politely waved us through. We were creeping around the corner halfway into our turn when we were hit. Apparently a ford expedition had decided it was OK to cut across the traffic at the backed up light by using the right hand turn only lane, and in doing this he basically t-boned us on the passengers side, where I was seated.

The side air bags deployed and we spun in a full circle across the street hitting another car and pulling them into the wreck, finally it ended when we went over the curb and hit a palm tree. Luckily there was no major injuries to anyone. I suffered the most with a very badly bruised forearm and sore back. The guy in the ford expedition claimed full responsibility for the accident at the scene. It was pretty obvious the whole thing had been his fault.

I mean he was going at least 40 mph, not paying attention, and cutting through a right turn only lane (by this I mean that there were two lanes designated as through traffic and the third lane was right turn only onto the side street we were turning on, but instead he went straight through the turn lane.) it was horrible but at least I thought, OK it was his fault totally everything will be good and my car will get repaired off of his policy. This was before I realized that the accident wasn't nearly as bad as dealing with the robots at State Farm. I say robots because they must not have any feelings at all.

When we first made the claim no one would give us answers on how the process works and we got calls from so many different people we didn't know who was who, and no one at our agents office could give us any answers. Then finally the guy at fault in the expedition adjusters got in touch with my mom because she is the main policy holder, by the way he has State Farm also. They told my mom that the accident was split 50 50 for liability and she demanded that was ridiculous. They were so rude to her and even yelled and hung up on her. This was before they even had the police report!

We got the report ourselves because they said it would take them 2 weeks to get it. Once they had the report which cited the ford with full liability and no one else with any citations they decided that he was 80% liable and I was 20%. My mom still did not accept this and asked if the woman had looked at the police report my mom faxed. **, the opposing cars State Farm adjuster, informed my mom very rudely that it didn't matter what the police report said and that her decision was final and that's all my mom would get and then hung up on her.

My mom talked with several of his adjusters and each time they said they same thing. All were very rude people who were trying to manipulate her into agreeing to the 80 20 split, but she stood her ground and denied them. Finally our adjuster call my mom, and she is a nice sweet lady who doesn't seem interested in fighting for our side at all. My mom told her, aren't you supposed to be trying to get us not to have liability? Her response was I tried to get them to go 90 10. I even called a round table! But they wouldn't budge. she then explained to my mom that a round table is when all the adjusters on the case meet and they re-enact the accident with toy cars to determine who is at fault.

Am I the only one that thinks this sounds insane! a bunch of idiots sitting around a table playing with cars get to decide my financial fate? I can't believe this is common practice in this company. So basically State Farm, will screw you over just because they think they can get away with it. I don't understand at all. Me and the driver at fault have the same flippin insurance company! Why did State Farm decide to back him up? Why did they put all the hard hitting adjusters on his side and give me little miss sunshine? It makes them seem really stupid. Isn't the reason I have insurance to be protected when I become a victim? But instead they victimize you more.

Now I have an attorney talking to them since they wouldn't even talk with us after many times of being hung up on. it doesn't seem like they are going to budge though. They even sent us an $800 check, 80% of the $1000 deductible, without my moms consent to that deal. They were just hoping we would cash it so they could close they case. They are so sneaky!

The sad part is if I had more injuries this could have been a case that went to court, but since I'm still walking, well it's just not worth the attorney fees. So while my little Hyundai accent sits totaled by that huge expedition in some junk yard I'm without a car and probably won't see much money to buy a new one. Thanks a lot neighbor... I'm switching to Geico at least they have a cute lizard.

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Rating: 1/51

COLLINGDALE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I was in an accident in Oct. 2018. A guy hit my Jeep and tore it up. I called them about it they tell me to call the guy's insurance because I didn't have collision. I did. Long story short I was told it was a no-fault accident. Now my rates are high and I'm wondering why, comes to find out they're saying I'm at fault. How? Smh. I'm so done with this shady ** company. Run as fast as you can. I don't recommend this company to anyone.

Hail Damage Claim
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Rating: 5/51

MACHESNEY PARK, ILLINOIS -- After a severe hailstorm, State Farm set up a claim station in Lowe's parking lot. It was so convenient. I got my car looked at and had a check in my hand within less than 40 min. I can take my car anywhere to get it fixed. State Farm also provided body shops in my area. I was very impressed. Thank you State Farm.

"Good Neighbor", Huh!
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I have had State Farm Insurance on my autos since 1995. I also have a couple life policies and I used to also have health and home owners insurance. I recently placed a claim through my car insurance policy. I have not even had an adjuster assigned to my claim and I am already treated like a criminal. The claims representative that I had to deal with was not only rude but was accusing me of trying to put a claim through a policy that was not mine. I gave him the policy number thinking he was looking at the wrong screen and he reassured me that I was the one that was wrong.

I told him I had my insurance card in front of me with my name on it and he told me I was wrong and that was not what he had on his screen. I cannot understand why I am being treated so rudely by my own insurance company. They never have a problem collecting my premiums or increasing my rates when they felt in need. Why should I pay an insurance company like State Farm to take my money on a monthly basis and then feel intimidated when you need to put a claim through.

If this is how I am treated when placing an auto claim, I would hate to see how my relatives will be treated if they would unfortunately need to put a claim through one of our life insurance policies. I am so unhappy right now, I wish I would have invested all these years with a more reputable company. The ironic thing is that their slogan is "like a good neighbor, State Farm is there". I have had good neighbors and the customer service I received today was far from what they preach during their commercials.

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