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Stubhub's "Fan Protect Guarantee" Neither Protects Fan Nor Guarantees Anything but a Hassle
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WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- On 12/21 I purchased online 4 tickets to 1/2/08 Wizards/Pistons game. FedEx tracking showed tickets to be delivered to son in DC on 12/24. I called him night b/4 so that he would be at home when tickets delivered. Son & daughter-in-law home all day on 24th. They live in apartment building w/ outside secure door. Outside intercom rings directly to son's apartment phone. Intercom not activated all day. At 3:00 pm son checked FedEx tracking & saw notation that package had been "delivered" at 12:22 pm. No tickets. Son called FedEx immediately who said driver still on route & would be contacted.

Son called StubHub who confirmed w/ FedEx that son made claim & FedEx would return call. FedEx has never called. I also called StubHub reps on the 24th, 25th & 26th. On the 26th, Louann in customer service said that reprinted tickets were "part of the fan protect guarantee." This makes no sense with stolen tickets which are stolen to be resold, meaning my son & his in-laws from Poland would have had to claim seats 2 hours b/4 game time only to have to deal w/ witting or unwitting holders of stolen tickets to same seats. Some Xmas gift! I asked Louann for fan protect guarantee of comparable tickets.

When she refused I asked to speak to a supervisor. She resisted saying super would tell me the same thing. I insisted & she went "looking for a super." When she came back to phone 5 minutes later she said super said that I should get comparable tickets & that "research" would call me back. I asked why she can't just put me through directly to "research" since I had the 1/2/08 tickets available screen up online. She said "No. They will have to call." I asked when they'd call as the game was only 7 days away. She said they "should" call within 24 hours.

I emailed the gist of our agreement for comparable tickets to StubHub's customer service VP & to customer service immediately. When there was no call 48 hours later (or even a reply to emails) I bought alternate tickets from Coast to Coast whose rep said that they "always require signature" on delivered tickets. Sure enough this requirement was in writing under its shipping policy. It should be noted that the facts show that my son & I did EVERYTHING recommended in StubHub's fan protect guarantee while StubHub failed its obligations under this guarantee in every respect.

One, we made sure that someone was available at home to take delivery, and two, my son notified FedEx & StubHub not only early, but immediately upon learning of the failed delivery. On the other hand, StubHub, one, failed to follow through on deal to send original & then comparable tickets, and two, has never replied to any phone calls or emails since the 24th. All contacts have had to be initiated by my son or me. Some guarantee!

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