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Sugarloaf Mountain Motel - Bend, OR Consumer Reviews

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Bad Experience, Even Worse Customer Service
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BEND, OREGON -- My wife and I stayed at the Bend Oregon Sugarloaf Hotel while attending a family funeral. In the morning my wife tried to get a tissue from the dispenser built into the face of the vanity. The dispenser had a sheet metal faceplate over it and it fell off onto the floor. A syringe and a spoon with a crusted something on it also fell out.

I brought this to the attention of the desk clerk, and asked to speak with the manager. I was told the manager was not in, however the clerk would have him call me. Several days later when I had not heard from him, I called the hotel and again asked to speak with the manager. I was told that he had just returned from vacation and the clerk would pass my request on to him.

A week later I still had no call from the manager, so I called and got the phone number for the owner of the hotel (**). I called and spoke with a Charity who said she was the office manager, and I relayed the entire story to her. She promised me that she would look into it and get back to me. Guess what? Nothing. Based on the total lack of response to me, so far as I can see these people do not care about responding to their customers who have had a very upsetting experience. I for one will never stay at any Sugarloaf hotel again.

Worst Hotel Experience EVER.
By -

BEND, OREGON -- We arrive at 1am in Bend Oregon after a 7.5 hour drive from Seattle. I enter the hotel lobby to find no one on duty. At 1:05 am a slovenly dressed man with tattoos and hair growing from the top of his nose arrives pushing a garbage can on wheels. I ask for a ground floor, 2 queens.

He proceeds to ring me up not once, not twice, but 5 times asking me the same questions over and over again. I begged to pay with cash as it was now 1:30 am and I just wanted to go to bed. The kids were exhausted and crying at this point. On the 5th try, he exclaimed, 'this register is unplugged'. He went to a new terminal and finally rang me up. At about 1:45 am we finally settled into the dirty room when the phone range. It was our hairy-nosed friend asking if someone was already in the room. Oh my god. I tell him no and hung up.

At 2 am, I get a knock on the door. It is my hairy friend again with my driver's license he neglected to give back to me. Did I mention the room was filthy and it was on the 2nd floor despite my request and his assurances that this was a 1st floor room? The following day when checking my home phone # for messages I found a message from the hotel asking for someone with my middle and last name (apparently he keyed it in incorrectly) requesting a credit card to pay for the room. Apparently the 6 swipes of my card were not enough.

Upon return from vacation I noticed 3 charges on my credit card for $20 more than what was promised initially. Apparently 1/2 of the credit card swipes worked. After calling the hotel for a full day with NO answer at all, I finally called my credit card company and had the charges reversed. This is simply the worst customer experience I have ever had in any retail establishment. Avoid this place like the plague.

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Sugarloaf Mountain Motel - Bend, OR Rating:
2 reviews & complaints.
Contact Information:
Sugarloaf Mountain Motel - Bend, OR
62980 N. Hwy 97
Bend, OR 97701
866-499-3971 (ph)
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