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Erroneous Charges for Calls We Did NOT Make
By -

29016, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My husband I left a company we really liked to move to SunCom, because we did not require a large minute plan. We do not really use that many minutes, normally about 300-350. This is why we got the 500 minute plan. Well, we did not look at the bill details, because we pay online, until we noticed a large bill. Our phone was making "phantom" calls as they are termed.

This apparently was a result of our phone getting wet. $500 dollars worth of calls. As we rarely use minutes, we immediately called to dispute. The phone was making phone calls during the business day. We are both teachers, and we definitely do not make calls all day long, and we tried to explain this to SunCom. It would be impossible for us to use our phone all day during school hours (especially since it is left in the car, as we do not get a signal in the building and are not supposed to have our phones in class anyway). There were also numbers we had never seen before, and to places we have never been or known anyone to live.

The supervisor's response was "turn off your phone until you get another one, and good luck." She told us that the company "did not look to the past, only the present and future, and therefore is unable to address any past billing problems." We have contested this, and finally they said the best we can do is give you $50 for the inconvenience of our not being able to look back at the previous charges. When a similar incident happened to a Cingular customer, these were credited immediately, and the phone was replaced.

Now we have written several emails and spoken to several individuals on the phone. One "supervisor" told he would return our call and never did. Any time we try to speak with someone, they are unavailable, and those available do not handle the problem directly. We have now canceled our contract with them, costing $200 dollars, which is far better than having to remain with this type of company and "customer service."

Customer service refused to compare the outrageous bill to our past minute usage. This would have shown them that we rarely exceed 350 minutes. They were very short with my husband, and one supervisor even hung up on him when he continued to try to work the situation out, saying "there is no more I can do for you today"... click.

We just do not talk that much on the phone as teachers, coaches, and parents of two small children. Who has the time. We just wanted a basic phone, nothing fancy, and a small simple plan. If we had the desire to talk that much, it would have made sense to upgrade to the "unplan" and not deal with extra charges. But logic clearly does not apply with this company.

We are now contacting our local news station and news paper, as well as posting comments. We would hate to see others choose this customer unfriendly company who does not even choose to listen to the problems of its clients. We did not initiate these calls, and yet are being billed a hefty sum of money for them. Beware. We are headed back to Cingular.

By -

JACKSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- After hearing all the complaints from other people about SunCom and their service, I continued to keep my service with the company. I have been a customer for almost 2 years, since 2005. I received a text message stating generally that I was APPROACHING my spending limit and I should dial *11 and pay on this bill before I was suspended. Well needless to say I went to handle this situation ASAP.

I paid this company $60 bucks of the $146 that I was told by the representative I owed and went on my merry way. I asked for a detailed listing of my bill from the manager of the SunCom store. I was told that the store could print my detailed bill out and I could come in and do that. I spent almost 2 hours in a SunCom store and I got nothing!

I called the so called "customer care" number and told them about my issue and my complaint and needless to say they didn't care... what good customer service. Well I was told by a supervisor at customer care that I owed $94 and some change left on my phone bill. Well I paid no mind to that because it was well under my "spending limit."

Well on 04/23/2007 I tried to call a friend and I got connected to SunCom and when I hung up and tried it again I got connected to SunCom again soo I talked to the representative and she connected me to customer care once again. Well in the end my phone was shut off. I had no notice that it was being shut off. I thought that when I paid some cash on this it would stay on. The company took it upon themselves to shut my phone off.

The company's customer service is very POOR... some of the representatives were very rude and acted as if they didn't care. I did my part and paid my some of this bill before it has reached my mail box. And then I turned around and paid some more money on this bill to cut my phone back on.

The company is very misleading. They mislead me and told me later that the price of $146 was only an ESTIMATE of my bill. I... was told initially that my bill "IS" $146 not it was ESTIMATED at $146. On top of making things worse the representative that I talked to told me on the lines that SunCom didn't have to disclose any information about this account and that they didn't have to send me a text that I was approaching my spending limit.

I could understand that it was a courtesy to send me a text but my point is that they did. They did send me a text. And I paid for what I was led to be a sufficient amount of money to put me well under my spending limit and instead of sending me a text or giving me a call the company went ahead and shut my phone off. I have stood in a SunCom store for hours in the past few days... and I have talked to a couple hands full of people in regards to my account and I have gotten no help and have not been accommodated for being a loyal customer who by the way has paid her phone bill in full if not more every month without late fees.

SunCom has very poor customer service skills and their company doesn't care about the loyal customers. Their representative cop you out to be liars and they are very rude all around and I hope that they realize that without me... a customer and account holder they wouldn't have a job. I hope that the increase of complaints drives this company in the hole.

Bad Customer Service
By -

CHARLOTTE/CHARLESTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- After 2.5 years with SunCom I have just about had enough! They say they "Value" your business, in the end they only value your wallet. Had an issue today where my bill was not past due (Payment mailed 3 days ago), but the system had automatically suspended my service because I hit a "Credit Limit". Credit limit with a phone company? The only reason I hit the "Limit" is because I have an additional $22.00 of roaming from traveling. I am on an "un-plan" and because they did not receive my payment of $90 yet, and the new month billing hit (Did not even get the bill yet), they shut off my phone for being $11.21 over my "credit limit."

I have got a daughter that has strep and my girlfriend NEEDS to be able to get in touch with me should she need to go to the hospital. In addition, my mother-in-law has a medical condition that make it imperative that she can reach us when needed. SunCom has put this entire family in harm's way tonight for a lousy $11.21!!! Why do companies always have to be worried about money, and not about the quality of services they provide their "Customers."

Examples. I have a cell tower in Charlotte, near my home that I have had problems with for over a year. After complaining MANY times, they tell me they have no plans to correct the issue. There are 15k cars a day that pass through this area and MANY people have the same problem, but they refuse to do anything about it!

Customer "Service" associates that do not care about anything dealing with service, or QOS (Quality of service). All they are there for is to suck you in and get you tied into a contract, and take your hard earned $$. Bad automation, bill are put toward your "Credit Limit" before you even see them, you can be shutoff at any time even before you have seen the bills to see if there are any incorrect or fraudulent charges.

Contracts that you are tied to no matter how bad the quality of service (QOS). Customer service associates and managers that do not care who you are. I am not some 16 yr old that cannot pay my bill. I am an adult that travels, has a family to worry about, career to keep going and needs a cell company that gives a rip and will allow me to stay in contact with my sick loved ones!

In the end companies are getting too damn big for their own good. All they want is your money and do not care how they get it as long as they do. Decent customer service is a thing of the past! My background? 35, Professional, a 13 yr IT Project Manager who knows how to keep my clients happy and to resolve issues. This is my job and my career, maybe SunCom should take a few lessons from their customers on how to treat their customers!

In the end, I will NEVER recommend that anyone go to SunCom, and certainly think again before getting locked into a contract that will get you nothing but headaches and put your family at risk! This complaint is also being mailed to the following corporate address as well as WCNC TV in Charlotte, NC: Corporate Headquarters address SunCom Wireless, Inc. 1100 Cassatt Road Berwyn, PA 19312 (610) 651-5900.

By -

The telephone companies are looking for every avenue of income, while failing to live up to their responsibilities or their contracts. We have a two-year contract with SunCom, the “Truth in Wireless” company for $50.00, for two phones, guaranteed it would not be more than $50.00 a month. Almost every time, there is a charge for something additional.

The latest is called “Add'l llink+ OB,” or “Add'l Ilink+ I/B.” Totaling $1.06. Not much but when you are a senior, every dollar counts. No explanation shown any place on the “itemized” bill, but on the Internet, it's described as hooking up with your computer, something I have never attempted. SunCom also replied to my question about the charge with a “if you accidentally pushed the button and it connected you are charged,” and then complimented themselves on their “dedication to great service.” Unless you want to go without a phone, the average person is trapped.

Our second phone, on which the charge was made, is used for phone calls only. No photos, texts, music downloads, or anything else, simply what it was designed for a phone. Some text messages appeared once and I called the company, and was told that if anyone “texts” me (even without my permission or knowledge) I would still be liable for the cost. Pay for spam? Is that next?

This phone rings only four times, then goes to voice mail. I asked if they could have it ring longer as voice mail does not help when an emergency call comes in (I am a fire volunteer) but SunCom said they could not do that and I should contact the maker of the phone, Nokia. I did and Nokia said I should contact SunCom.

When we first received the phone, we accidentally sent a text out (actually went to ourselves) and were billed for it. I requested the texting be disconnected so that it would not happen again. Contacting them by telephone, SunCom said it could be disconnected; but when going to their store thirty miles away, they said that was impossible. They also assured me it took some four or five pushed buttons to send any text. Not true, the actuality is that you can send a text message easier than make a phone call.

I signed up for $50.00 a month, not $51.06 or $52.00. We are so advanced in making these wonderful instruments that there is no longer just a plain phone, which is all I wanted it for. (And if truth were known, a lot of other people want the same thing.) If I want to text someone, I will use e-mail. I do not need the news, comics, photos, downloaded ring tones, TV shows, the weather, or any other items, adding to the price.

Sorry for the length of this, but it seems that since I signed a contract and do not use their other services, regardless of availability, I should be able to pay the contracted for amount each month. Of course, if I did want all the other bells and whistles, I would pay for them. Some safeguards preventing this should be in place. I guess they don't have phones like that but they really should.

Customer Service
By -

MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I have an 82 year old neighbor who enlisted my help with an issue she had with SunCom. Approximately 4 yrs ago she had purchased a SunCom plan and phone. She has always paid her bills on time. In April her phone stopped working. She took it to the store where she had purchased it and asked to have it repaired. The man in the store was busy at the time and apparently did not want to take a lot of time with an old lady. He told her the phone was too old to be repaired and handed her a new cell phone.

She wanted her phone repaired because she was used to it and it was large enough for her to be able to see the keys. He did not take the time to explain to her that by accepting this phone she was: (1) entering into a new 2 yr. contract, (2) explain the phone to her, (3) watch to see if she could even use the phone, (4) Tell her she had a certain amount of time to return the phone.

She brought the phone to me and asked me to program the speed dial to her family members who all live out of town. I told her then she would never be able to use this phone. It is too small. She suffers from an eyesight problem that is slowly causing her to lose the sight in one eye. But she wanted to try. So I took the phone from the box and programmed the speed dials for her. In the two months she has had this phone I have reprogrammed it at least twice. Because of her eyesight, she can't see the small buttons and messes up the settings. Finally, last week she became so frustrated, she called SunCom and told them to cancel her number.

A few days later someone from SunCom called her and told her she owed the $200 cancellation fee. Since she does not understand about cell phones and such, she did not understand by accepting that phone she was in a new 2 yr. contract. She just knew she had not signed anything and she had always paid her bills on time. She was told she would pay that $200 or they would turn her over to credit collection! It scared her.

This is when she brought the situation to my attention. I called the 800 customer service number and asked the young lady there to explain the situation to me. After inquiring of my neighbor if she had her permission to speak to me, she explained about the 2 yrs contract. I explained to her that my neighbor could not see the phone and asked if the phone was returned, could she get out of the contract. The CS rep explained she could not make that decision. We would have to take it to the store where it came from and the store manager could make that decision.

I asked the CS rep to tell me how much my neighbor had use her phone in the 2 months she had it... 61 minutes the first month and 80 minutes the second month. The next day, (Friday June 30, '06) I took my neighbor to the store and asked to speak with the manager.

After waiting approximately 10 to 15 minutes for him to come out of the back. I explained to him the situation. He made a show of pulling up the account on the screen, claimed he did not know why CS would think he could do anything about the charges, called "retention" on the phone and asked them if there was anything that could be done. They apparently told him no and he repeated to me there was nothing that could be done. I thanked him for his time, told him she would not pay this $200, took my elderly neighbor and left the store.

I again called the 800 CS number and asked for a supervisor. The young lady who answered the phone put me on hold a few minutes, then came back saying that while we we waiting for a supervisor to become available would I explain the situation to her so she could be documenting it on the computer. I gave her the number asked her to look on the computer and she could see the history and know I was authorized to be handling this situation. She did so and I brought her up to date about the store visit. She put me on hold again for a few minutes.

Another lady came on the phone and said she had read the history and she was sorry but there was nothing they could do. The store manager could have issued a credit to the account if he had been so inclined, but they could do nothing there. I do not seem to be able to find a means to get any farther up the food chain at SunCom. If someone knows, please let me know.

Now I am really mad! In my opinion this store took advantage of an old lady who had no idea what was happening. I am planning my course of action! Here it is. First of all, since my neighbor's credit score is high enough that a $200 charge will not effect it, I have advised her not to pay it. I will write letters to all credit reporting places and explain the reason she is not paying it. Besides, at 82 she will never apply for credit ever again.

Second, I am going to the FCC, to the SC Office of Consumer affairs, to the Horry County, SC Senior Citizens Council, the SunNews, and the local radio stations and tell them this story. If anyone can suggest anyone else please do so!

Sucky Service
By -

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year, in that time we have had SunCom the whole time. Almost a year ago we upgraded our phones so that I could be added onto his plan. He was in and out of town a lot and had no way of getting in touch with me, so we went into the store and got a plan with two lines and the phones were buy one for $50.00 dollars get one free. Well we got the insurance and everything on them paying over $150.00 dollars a month to get everything on both phones.

Well the problem with SunCom is that our phones are still under warranty and we also still have the insurance and one of the phones have almost completely stopped working and the company wants us to send the phone in and to do without them for 2 weeks when my boyfriend is the boss and has to have his phone. They also told us that the insurance denied our claims that we would have to go through the company that has our phones. To upgrade our phones we would have to pay full price for phones minus $50.00 dollars that we have accumulated from having our phones for this amount of time.

SunCom is the rudest, unfriendliest, and most money hungry company I have ever dealt with. I am also willing to pay the $200 dollar fee to have the phones cut off. I feel that if we went to any other cell phone company I would not have to go through all of this mess to get my phones fixed. So I guess that the moral of this is to make sure that the insurance is going to cover your phones and you will not have to pay more than you did to start with to get your phones fixed. I am having that problem now.

I wish that something would be done for people so that other people don't have to go through the problems that all the other people have to. I am not just talking about the people on the phone or customer service lines, I am also talking about the people in the stores as well. They are most of the problem, they are all out to get the commission that they can get. SO be careful when you do decide to get phone service especially now that SunCom has been bought out by TMobile.

Reply to SunCom Employee
By -

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I just read all the reviews of SunCom because I was considering switching to them because I hate AT&T. Looks like there IS NO good phone service out there that has good customer service, but the comment from the SunCom customer employee really stopped me in my track.

First of all, who do you think you are? Yes, we all should bite our tongue every once in a while, but don't you think that after calling over and over and OVER again to get a problem resolved that it would get a little frustrating? You tell us to be nice after hours of on hold with incompetent employees that don't even know the service or the product they are selling? Please. You act like you did the lady a favor by correcting her 2000.00 phone bill and asking us why we get mad over an extra 25.00 charge. Do you realized how stupid that sounds?

First of all.. that SunCom would make a 2000.00 extra charge mistake.. is absurd and the fact that you act like you did her a favor because you actually helped her and took it off because she was pleasant?? Come on.. get real.. THAT IS YOUR FREAKIN JOB EVEN IF THE CUSTOMER IS PISSED ABOUT IT! WHO DO YOU THINK PAYS YOUR SALARY??? WE DO! CUSTOMERS DO! And the fact that you post how you guys sit around and mute the customer and conference them in to other employees to laugh is childish and disgusting.

I would have fired you on the spot and all the other employees who do that! YOU GUYS are the reason that so many people complain. Maybe you will grow up one day and realize that YOU took that high stress job and YOU get paid for it by customers. If SunCom didn't have customers, you'd be out of a job. The fact of the matter is... IT'S YOUR JOB.. you are not doing us any favors by correcting our bill! Please! If we fuss and fume... well, too bad... deal with it, or go get another job where you have no dealings with the public.

Most customer service agents don't have the personality or the patience to deal with the public and if you are losing your temper with the customer and muting us and putting us on hold just to get us back, well go get another job... I am sure there is not one customer out there that wants part of their monthly charge to pay your salary. DO YOUR JOB and quit thinking you are doing US a FAVOR!!!

Billing and Contract SunCom Rip-Off
By -

CLIMAX, NORTH CAROLINA -- After my husband had heart surgery, he decided he should get a cell phone. Knowing nothing about cell phones or services, he went with SunCom which seemed like the best service for his needs. He had 1000 minutes which he never exceeded. In January 2007 he received a bill for overage minutes. We contacted SunCom, because he kept up with minutes on his phone and it showed no overage. They refused to prove the overage with an itemized statement unless he paid a $3.00 fee for said statement.

He told them when his contract expired, he would be changing service. He did just that on May 7, 2007. Now, they have come up with a bogus 30 day cancellation notice. He still has a copy of the contract he signed, which was fulfilled in total. There is absolutely nothing about a 30 day notice. Nor, has any company I've had service with (Cingular and Alltel) required such a notice.

When I complained about this, the representative told me I could take a copy of the contract to the local SunCom store and they would review it. We did just that the following Saturday. Total waste of time. We were told it didn't matter what the contract said. It was SunCom's policy to require a thirty day notice. With all the calls both he and I made to SunCom customer service telling them he would be leaving SunCom, nothing was mentioned of this notice.

Because we were set up for electronic withdrawals from our checking account, they took the money through June 1, 2007. Imagine our shock when we received a bill in June going through July 1. We should have received a refund check for May 7-June 1. I immediately stopped the electronic withdrawal. So, this month, we got a statement for 6 additional days in June (to fulfill the 30 day notice,) plus a $5.00 late fee. What a rip-off. All of our dealings with SunCom have left a bitter taste for this company and at this point, after trips to the store, phone calls to customer service, etc., there is nothing they can do that would ever convince us to return.

SunCom Unplan "Unlimited Minutes"
By -

SunCom Users Beware! On July 19, 2006 a SunCom Accounts Manager told me that when SunCom originally started the Un-Plan (that allowed unlimited minutes for calls in the US) they did not prepare themselves for so many customers to actually use “unlimited” minutes. Therefore they have begun dropping customers with the original “unlimited minutes” plan rather than renewing their contracts if they have been using 5,000 minutes or more within a 3-month period at a time. They are calling this an “excessive use of minutes” even though the plan states that it is an “unlimited minutes” package.

As I was told by the SunCom Accounts Manager “It is not profitable for SunCom to continue to keep customers that have the original Un-plan regardless of how long they have been a SunCom customer or how well they have paid on their accounts.” The new contracts now state (in small print) that the Un-Plan unlimited minutes package reflects usage that does not exceed 5,000 minutes within a 3-month period at a time. On an average of three months that's only using your cell phone for 1 hour and 32 minutes a day.

They continue to advertise “unlimited minutes” in all their advertisements, but fail to say or have in large enough print to read that “unlimited minutes” does not mean unlimited minutes. I have been a SunCom customer for 6 years, never late on paying a bill, and have even convinced many people to change their carrier to SunCom over the years.

Did it make a difference to SunCom? No, as a matter of fact – when they called me to let me know that my contract (my third contract with them that is up in August) was going to be dropped they were rude and treated me as if I were something smelly and nasty on the bottom of someone's shoe. When I called back, and spoke with the Accounts Manager - not only was I not offered an apology for how I was treated, but also told that an optional plan would not be offered, because those of us from the original Un-Plan were considered to be “a risk to the company.” So those of you with the original Un-Plan beware!

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