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What about me as the customer?
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CONWAY, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My mother signed a contract with Suncom for an unlimited package more than a year ago and there was trouble from the start. Upon entering the store, it was obvious to us that the clerks attention to her nails were more important than us at the time, but we took her job into consideration and politely waited until she asked if she could help. We said that we really liked the fact that they had an unlimited package and that's what I'd need for my new job. She gladly helped us and quoted us prices on phones. I selected a razor model, she quoted me the price, then charged me more for the phone.

She accepted her mistake when I pointed it out to her from the conversation on the phone previous to our visit, so she threw in a complimentary car charger at no additional cost and I paid the new amount for the phone. After getting service, I noticed that I was not receiving text messages like I should, and NO picture messages could be sent or received. I called customer service and went through what felt like 90 phone calls to address the problem with no solution.

Fast forward a few months. The phone started experiencing strange technical problems in which the phone would turn off by itself, fully charged, it would make a weird buzzing and tea kettle sound during a call, and the screen would go blank from time to time. I am very particular about phones, so I knew that I'd taken very good care of it and wondered what had happened. So, I go into the Suncom store in my home town. The first lady tells me that there is nothing at all that they can do about my phone and I can just buy a new one. That was her quick and abrupt solution. I went around in circles with her, got heated and left.

The next time that I went into the store was when I was told to file an insurance claim. I didn't know the rules and stipulations because they were never explained to me or my mother. Not only was I told that there would be a 75 dollar charge for insurance that was then somehow quoted at 100 dollars, but I was told that I couldn't put that money towards another phone of the same value. Since I'd heard very bad things about razors and had problems with text on that one, I wanted a different kind of phone. Nothing extra, I just wanted what was fair.

After talking to the same lady that had gotten me heated before, I asked to speak to someone else. The new lady was much nicer and more informative. She told me that I could get a new phone, and she'd allow me 60 dollars on a new phone since I'd been with the company for so long. So, I pulled out nearly 200 bucks of hard earned cash and purchased another phone that had better rates and reviews and no problems and thought that I was in the clear.

In the meantime, my phone starts getting text messages saying that I've gone over my spending limit? My what? We'd recently gotten the phone turned over into my name, and apparently because I have good credit, but little credit, I have a spending limit that I wasn't told about, nor was it explained to me. The only reason that we turned it over into my name was because my company I worked with at the time had to have it in my name for them to pay a portion of the bill since I used it for work.

So - I call in, accept the changes and keep my trap shut. Only for this new phone, the latest and greatest phone with no complaint history has a funky screen. I didn't drop it, no water damage... again, a defective phone! I go into the store and tell them my problem, explain to them that I had not had the phone that long. They give me the run around, throw out more stipulations and send me on a wild goose chase. The first Suncom store I went to couldn't help me, so they sent me to another even further out of town and a longer drive. I get there, and it's a new store with the same crabby lady behind the desk.

She was playing with a cellphone, no customers around her and as the door dinged for my arrival, she didn't even look up. I cleared my throat thinking that maybe she just didn't see me. She looked up, didn't acknowledge me, so I had to wait for the other lady to help 3 more customers ahead of me. I tell her my problem and she gives me a number to call. It's for the claims dept. She tells me that I have to send my phone in and the shipping is on me. She says that she hated that I just bought it and won't have a phone for basically a month, even though I will be paying for service, so she tries her best to help me out.

She tells me that I can "borrow" or lease rather a phone from them. I think that a small charge that will get refunded back to me means 20 or 30 bucks. Nope, half of what the actual phone costs. 100 - 200 bucks. If I had that kind of money, I'd just buy a new phone. So, I had to thank her for her time, feel like a cheap skate, walk out of the store with my busted phone and no further help. But hey, I had a claims number. Come to find out, you can only have so many claims in an amount of time. I was told that because I'd had a claim with the razor, I couldn't file one so closely with this phone.

Now, here's two problems, not only did I not go through with the claim the first time, spending more money for a phone, the second time around wasn't a claims case anyway. IT WAS A MANUFACTURER'S DEFECT!!! So -months later, they keep turning my phone off because of my spending limit, I keep paying them money to keep it on. The thing is though, with a spending limit, my bill isn't even late. It's just over 200 bucks at the time. Why? Because they charge me over 100 bucks per month for one phone when EVERYONE else that I know pays less than that. What's the solution? What would make me happy? Why have I still not paid my bill? I'll tell you why.

I've pumped enough money into Suncom, it's products that they clearly don't back and their minion customer service reps to have 10 cell phones. The first phone that I got didn't work on pic messages because it wasn't a real Suncom phone. It was a refurbished one from another company that wasn't programmed for it. It's like me taking my sim card and sticking it into your Altel or Cingular phone. It either a. doesn't work, or b. it doesn't fully work because it's not a true Suncom phone. Now, I didn't even know this until I went in nearly a year later with complaints - then they drop the bomb and act as if it's my fault. Like I knew.

Now, I say that with all that happened, crappy service, mean customer service reps, not getting full service because a rep didn't tell me a certain thing, and having the embarrassment of people calling my phone and they think I just didn't pay my bill because it's off because I wasn't told about a spending limit, and all of the other fuss that I've gone through, I should get this....

I should pay 59.99 a month for service. The rep told me that she could do that for me. Good. The bad news is, I'll have to sign another 2 year contract with these people so they can legally stick it to me or get another 200 bucks for disconnection out of me. I want to be able to switch over without the contract, especially since I will not be able to use my phone if it says partner with this price. Also, I would like for someone to work with me on the 200 dollar spending limit. I've never had a problem paying my bill, maybe it's been late, but it's always been paid in full. There is no reason why I should have a spending limit at this point.

Now, as far as my phone. I'm using a friend's old broken down, piece of junk phone for the meantime. I have to return this phone, it is not mine. I say, I should be able to walk into the Suncom store and they replace my defective phone with the same one, which has depreciated in price, so it would cheaper for them now to give me the same phone since I bought it at full price before. They still win.

But, due to rules and regulations that can't be bent for good, honest customers, I'm stuck and there is nothing that I can do about, there is no one that I can speak to that is above these customer service agents, so I should have a good day, and they appreciate my business. If anyone has experienced problems such as these, or they would like to comment, you can reach me at **.

SunCom Bad Customer Service
By -

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Regarding Suncom Customer Service: I have had insurance on my phones with Suncom for 5 years. I have a 6 year old and am a single parent. I am responsible and do my best to cover my bases for I have no room for mishaps and unexpected costs. I know things happen with kids so have always had insurance, and a few times in 5 years I had to replace my phone with insurance due to the kid when he was 3 putting phone into dog bowl and other stuff. Well... I dropped my phone in my cup of coffee (somehow??) this time. I called to get the insurance number to file a claim and SUNCOM said I no longer had insurance. I was like: WHAT!!!??

They said it was taken off my account in October. There were no notes on my account that I had asked for it, it just magically disappeared. I do remember going in the store that same month with a billing issue, and asking to add a service, a service called :ring back tones. I also asked to get a separate bill for my personal cell and my business cell phone so I could keep track of business expenses easier. Something simple. Well, the service rep at the store must have not added insurance back on my account when she changed my account.

I went to the supervisor at SunCOm and they said at the store, reps sometimes forget to add that service back on.
I asked how I am held responsible for this, and this was their final answer... "You should have noticed you weren't being billed for it". The insurance is $5.00 a month. I notice when am being overcharged, not undercharged! Cell phone bills fluctuate every month about $5.00 to $10.00 for text messaging and such.

The amazing thing is that about a year before that insurance was taken off my phone without me asking for it to be and I had it put back on again, but I caught it then before I had a problem. So this is the 2nd time. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. UNFAIR! IT WAS THEIR MISTAKE, and now I have no phone and no extra money to buy one. That is why I had insurance in the first place. They were rude to me on top of it. I have been a customer for 5 years. I would cancel, but cancellation fee is $200. You can be sure when my contact time comes up, I won't renew. I thought Suncom was supposed to "get it". Obviously they didn't and don't.

Barbaric rudeness!!!
By -

GWD, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I had already filed a complaint with the BBB before I stumbled upon this site. I'll have to say, I work for Terminix Service in SC and we bend over backwards to make customers happy and keep them with us. Suncom wireless, on the other hand, has their customers do the bending over. I have been a customer for three and a half years and have been dissatisfied for most of them. I have 2 months left on my contact for a phone I gave my wife, mainly for emergencies. Well, the other day we had one with our 2 year old daughter. I could not communicate with my wife because the speaker in the earpiece no longer works properly when it works at all.

I had been trying to resolve this matter with the company prior to the incident, to no avail. They would only allow an upgrade with a new 2 year commitment to poor service and quality. I refused and asked that they simply cancel the contract as it as well as their company was useless to me. The only reason I am still with them is that 22 months ago they conned me into another 2 year deal with them with the promise of better reception and fewer dropped calls with the new "upgrade", the one that no longer works even though the contract is still effective. Well, as I'm sure many consumers have found, Suncom will be more than happy to terminate your contract, for $200.00. What a crock.

When, after 3 days of trying, I was finally put through to a supervisor, I was told that my location was not his problem and if I wanted a loaner phone I would simply have to use my gas to drive an hour one way to pick it up because the company would not mail me one. "Phones don't last forever sir", he was so kind to inform me. Well no ** Sherlock, that's why I'm calling your sorry excuse for a company in the first place. I didn't use those choice words, though I was tempted, so they would not be able to use them against me later.

So, I have filed my complaint and am waiting for a response from the BBB. Meanwhile my wife and I are taking an unnecessary road trip to pick up a phone to use for 2 months that I'm sure they'll want a deposit, or the promise of our next child, or the deed to our home, or our souls, to insure its prompt return at the end of our contract. Please tell everyone you come into contact with about this company. They must be stopped.

False Representation/Poor Service
By -

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Following is a copy of my correspondence with Suncom. In spite of my complaint they continue to charge me for contract severance - $175.00. It is not so much the money as the misrepresentation and very poor as well as lack of service that makes me feel I should not be charged.

"In July of this year I visited your office on Battleground Av, in Greensboro, NC for the purpose of upgrading my cell phone. I was a customer of ATT (ATT had been bought by SunCom). They convinced me to switch to SunCom due to the considerable savings I would receive and that the coverage would be the same. In the next 3 weeks I made 2 trips to separate parts of Virginia. I did not have reception on either trip, for 3 days the first one and 4 days the second one. In total I made 11 visits to this store for the purpose of getting the phone to operate successfully or to discuss how I could get coverage in Virginia.

After initially being told there was no way I could go back to ATT, they later told me I could and it was arranged. During all of this, many calls were made to your offices to attempt to correct the situation. One time I was put on hold for 25 minutes only to be told the department was closed for the day. Another time I was insulted by one of your employees when I tried to discuss cancelling my contract. After all of this I went back to ATT paying the premium so as to have the coverage.

I am now living in Islamorada, Florida for 6 weeks. I do not have cell phone coverage here. I called to discuss what had to be done with your offices. After almost an hour of talking with several people the tech department told me they would correct it and call me back within 24 to 48 hours. Why such a delay I still cannot yet understand. That was Monday 6 days ago and still no call. I then called your store in Greensboro to request their assistance. I was twice told they would call me back. I even discussed the problem with them. I still have not been called back. That was on Thursday of this past week.

I now count 16 days for which I have paid where my phone was basically inoperative and am now faced with no service for 6 weeks. According to this inability to get phone service from you I am requesting you cancel my contract with you immediately at no charge.

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