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Banned from Playing Blackjack for "Getting Lucky"
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Hello all, I just wanted to post a quick story about getting banned from playing blackjack at Sunset Station Casino in Henderson, NV. I believe I was suspected of card counting and believe me, I have no idea how to card count. However, I have played blackjack for several years. I pay attention to the cards. And when I have a “gut” feeling that I will Win the next hand, I will sometimes increase my bet by 500% or more. I usually average about $50-$150 per hand and never play more than $500 in a single hand. So last night, I was playing at Sunset Station. I started with $500 at a $25 table and slowly worked my way up to about $1500.

Once I have winnings I like to vary the amount of my bets quite a bit since I'm now playing with “the house's money”. Sometimes it goes great and sometimes I lose all my winnings. So anyway I got all the way to being $3400 up and decided if I got to a point where I was up $5000, I would quit. Of course, as soon as I decided that I started losing and lost everything down to $300. Now getting impatient and wanting to get back to where I was, I started playing mostly $100 chips, betting $100-$200 per hand with an occasional press to $400-$500. So fortunately I hit another hot streak and got back to a point where I was up $1400.

Now comes the fun part. I go to press my bet and put $500 on the table and the casino manager pushed my bet back and told me I was done. And that I was no longer welcomed to play at Sunset Station. What kind of cheap ass, classless casino makes a big deal when you're winning less than $3k? FYI, the incompetent casino manager's name is Vinny - be aware when playing at Sunset. So word of advice if you like to play blackjack and don't know how to cheat (count) and are a legitimate player such as myself, watch how you swing your bets.

I do it for fun because it's an adrenaline rush for me but the casino could likely view you as a counter and ban you from playing… especially if you're winning. If you're losing of course, the casino couldn't care less. I just wanted to share my story and advise against playing blackjack at Sunset Station. They're classless, have poor, incompetent management, and don't value their guests like their mission statement says on their website. There are many better places to take your business in Vegas other than this poor excuse for a casino.

I've lived in Las Vegas for 13 years and have never been treated the way I was last night. And I've played, won, and lost much more than $1400 in the past without any problem. If anyone has ever had a similar experience, please share. I'm interested in knowing if anyone has ever been through something similar.

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