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Money Back Guarantee
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Rating: 1/51

GRAND RAPIDS, MINNESOTA -- Nothing to Lose but the Dirt: Money Back Guarantee. Don't believe Swiffer's money back guarantee. My Swiffer Wet Jet's Handle broke the first week after purchase. P&G's instructions state to not return the product to the store for a refund, but to fill out their online form and mail to them. I found that you have to be careful with these clowns, as I purchased mine on about July 5/6th, 2015. They cleverly stated that in order to receive a refund the product had to be purchased AFTER JULY 15, 2015.

Now, I have a Swiffer Wet Jet with a broken handle. Swiffer won't honor a refund, and I am OUT close to $20.00. Being a woman past her 65th birthday, I still have my senses and am tired of being ripped-off by the now generation! Would I recommend this product or any of the other Swiffer products? I DON'T THINK SO!

Discriminating Commercials
By -

I am very offended by the Swiffer mop commercials which compares single women to dirt and mud. There are just as many married scumballs in this world as non-married. Remember, divorced people come from married people!! Believe it or not Swiffer, not everyone in this world is co-dependent and as needy as whoever wrote your degrading commercials.

Also, I have never been impressed with your cheap products. I guess only poor, dirty, married people buy your cheap products. I'm not alone in this opinion as my friends and I all think your commercial encourages hate and scorn towards people who CHOOSE not to be married to cheaters, liars, deadbeats etc. Every married couple I know deals with issues that I frankly will never lower myself to tolerate ever again!!!

I think married people are jealous of successful single people because we have idyllic lifestyles with the freedom to do anything we choose!!! I tried to email this to Swiffer but the website would/did not put it through!!! Maybe they need to hire a smart single woman to fix their technical problems!!!

Household Cleaning Product
By -

PEARLAND, TEXAS -- My name is Kathy and I have been using all of the Swifter products in my home and have been very satisfied until I purchased the Swifter Wet Jet Mop. I have wooden floors in my home and during the last 3-4 months I have noticed that where I do use the mop the most I have noticed that it is turning my floor a darker color, such as a dirt color. I have tried everything to get it off but it will not come up in these certain spots.

Don't get me wrong, I love all your products and would like to use them in my home-from the wet mop to the duster to the dry. I would like for you to tell me what I can use and why would this wet jet do this to my wooden floor only in the certain spots that I have use it the most? Everywhere else I have used it I have had no problems whatsoever. I would appreciate if I could get some type of reply regarding this matter. Waiting for your reply.

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