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21st Century Support
By -

We've been running Norton Internet Security on our computers for quite a number of years. During the last year or so, I've gone for support on three separate occasions. From what I can see, Symantec doesn't offer telephone support anymore. But they do have an online chat system that you can initiate from their website. I think this is really smart. Instead of having to wait on hold forever to get help, you get a reasonably prompt response from someone who is probably concurrently working with other customers.

Now I've used this kind of chat service with other companies. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes you just don't get any response at all, and sometimes the representatives are just as useless and misinformed as the people on the phone (e. g. Dell and Hewlett-Packard). Each of the three times with Symantec, their reps. were able to address my issues very expediently. They actually know what they are doing. For example, Norton was kicking up an error code recently. I looked it up on the Symantec website.

The instructions said to download and run a removal tool and then reinstall the app. I'm sure I could have done that except that the instructions were admittedly incorrect as to how you get your Product Key, which you need to run the installer. I went to the online chat service. The guy didn't just give me my Product Key - he established a remote session on my computer, and did the whole reinstall process himself. Instead of burning up my time, I was able to get dressed and ready to go out while the removal and install processes were running. And, I'm sure, he was able to work with other customers at the same time. It's a win-win.

He was even able to reboot the machine after the install ran. Sure enough, Norton was reinstalled and showing no error conditions. The only abnormal thing was that the chat session had been restarted as well but there was no communication from the Symantec guy. After seeing that things looked OK, I just closed out the chat window. But the Symantec guy actually called me, just to make sure things were OK. And he even extended our license for an extra thirty days. Symantec has earned some loyalty with this customer.

Be Careful What You Order from Symantec
By -

I recently ordered Norton Antivirus 2010 as a download from Symantec for 39.95 (or so I thought). A month later, my electronic bank statement revealed that Symantec had debited my account $140 in three separate transactions. Two debits were just double-bills for the 2010 Norton Antivirus and one was for an internet security package at $70, which I never ordered.

I went to a Symantec chat room to complain, and the staffer immediately agreed to a full refund, no questions asked. The catch is I won't get my money back for 5-10 business days. And the company removed all its software from my computer. Also, they immediately wanted a statement from me that I was satisfied with their customer support (forget about it!).

I did some research and learned this company has been sued for deceptive business practices in the past and recently paid a fine to the NY State Attorney General for renewing subscriptions without permission and charging debit/credit cards.

It's ironic that people are getting ripped off by a "security" company that purports to protect consumers from viruses and other internet malfeasance. If you decide to do business with them, make sure to have your magnifying glass handy to read the fine print in their offerings! (I assume I missed the fine print.)

Symantec Charges for Free Trial
By -

I recently downloaded Norton antivirus 30 day (free) trial. In the terms, it said that after the 30 day trial that my debit account would then be charged for the service. That's fine, but the very next day the money was taken out of my account causing my account to overdraw. So I ended up paying the $40 plus $35 to my bank because of this product. What a great way to treat new potential customers. I paid $75 for the trial download. I also wrote to their customer service about this and haven't received a reply. I would strongly suggest going with a different product than this.

Horrible Custom Support - Do Not Buy This Product
By -

The online and phone customer support is a maze. I tried to cancel an auto renewal charge that appeared on my card. I navigated the online site to get a customer support “Priority Id.” The online site said the expected wait time was 1 minute. (The actual quote was, ”We answered our last call in 1 minute.”) I waited 50 minutes and gave up. I think I'll just have AMEX challenge the charge instead of wasting my time with this again.

Automatic Renewal
By -

LONDON -- After struggling with Norton antivirus for 18 months I finally attempted to uninstall it. It was causing my computer to rapidly churn out Windows pages from time to time. It was taking 15 minutes each time to reboot. Worst of all it kept indicating that I needed to update LiveUpdate even after I had just done this. I sent dozens of emails to customer services trying to sort this out but they never came up with a workable solution. So I was never sure whether LiveUpdate was completed successfully or not. When I asked customer services to tell me whether or not I was fully protected they always dodged the question.

I have sent several emails and a letter asking for a rebate for the unused period. This is being very generous as they should rebate me for the months of inconvenience. I got a response directing me to an expensive foreign phone line. And it is three weeks since I sent the letter and still no response. I have found out that they automatically renew peoples' subscriptions. I have contacted them saying they DO NOT have my permission to take money from my bank account. But they have not replied to me.

At the moment I do not have an internet connection at home thanks to Symantec. I got left with no antivirus cover and had to stop using the net. Another problem is that the uninstallation didn't remove all the files. I managed to remove some of them manually but others wouldn't delete. I just do not know what these undeleted files may be doing to my computer. All in all the Symantec experience is a very bad thing and I do not recommend them to anyone.

Virus Protection
By -

I'm devastated! After years of believing that Symantec was the cream of the crop in antivirus software, they let me down in a big way. When I got my new computer, I ordered Norton AntiVirus 2007 first thing because I knew I could trust it. Two months later, I have a virus that hijacked my IE home page and pesters me with constant alerts, warnings and pop-ups.

My first response was to go to Symantec... a most trusted partner. I did the software scans, the internet scans and downloaded the latest software... it would not detect. So, for a week, I chatted and e-mailed with people from India and got nothing but dizzy. Each time I had to start my story over (thank God for cut/paste). Finally I broke down and clicked on the "premium" chat.

Lo and behold! This guy was very knowledgeable about my particular virus (SpyDawn) and for $40.00, he would send me instructions to remove it but for $70.00, a tech would remove it for me. Huh? Oh, I get it now. I pay $60.00 for the virus software that doesn't work and the kicker is that I have to pay another $70.00 on the backside. Why didn't they just charge me $130.00 up front? So, I'll keep working on a cheaper way to remove this virus (it's the principle of it) and while I'm at it, I'll be shopping for a new virus protection software. I'm very disappointed and I'm done with Symantec.

Norton Antivirus 5 User Pack
By -

Not all of my 5 users antivirus software runs out on the same day and until now I have got 5 full years (60 months) of protection. However from last year Symantec have changed the system so that they all run out on the same day. Therefore I got 12 months, 5 months, 5 months, 3 months and 2 months. That's 27 months instead of 60!

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