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Recently I had to reload my operating program on my computer. All went well until I attempted to reload Norton 360 but finally I got it loaded but that is when the problem started. I knew that I would have to renew my subscription soon but was shocked when they debited my checking account for $42 for antivirus and 84 dollars for 360. I immediately called and talked to a customer service supervisor and we agreed that she would refund the antivirus charge which should appear in my account within 3 or 4 business days and would extend my current subscription with the 360 charge. This gave me over 400 days remaining.

I waited 11 days and no refund. Once again I called Norton and spoke to a supervisor. She assured me that everything was straightened out, that because of a technical problem the refund had not been processed and I could expect it to appear in 7 to 10 days. Then yesterday to my surprise I got an email from Norton that in seven days that my free trial period would expire and my account would be charged 84 dollars for a subscription. Once again I contacted Norton and demanded to talk to a third level supervisor but an American so I could understand what they were saying. I was assured they would call at 10 am central time on August 31, 2011.

That time came and went and no call. When I attempted to find out why, their only answer was that they wanted to set a new time. To date, there has not been a satisfactory resolution to my complaints and not call from American management personal. I intend to write to Symantec world headquarters in mountain view ca but don't expect any different results. In the meantime they have my money and I have been charged $108.00, Nsf charges by my bank as a result.

Symatec's Products Let Viruses on Your Computer Then They Want to Charge You to Remove Them
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On 3/14/10 at approximately 4:30 PM while on Internet Explorer Norton 360 software allowed a low level threat to change two files on my computer without notifying me. This file was done by a file named kgsi.exe which no information can be found on the internet for but that the Norton technician has since identified as Malware and would be willing to charge me at least 99.99 to remove what their software allowed to infect my computer. I went through hours of technicians with Norton and in control of my computer and all they say is "we cannot stop viruses from infecting computers, we only supply software to try to prevent them from doing so."

So their software, identified the threat (which their support website does not identify as a malware or any kind of threat, allowed it to enter and change items in one of my profiles disabling many of the software from functioning properly (however back door ways can still open the software, sometimes on that profile). All other profiles have not yet been infected. Running a comprehensive scan from another profile on the computer then identifies one virus, does not tell any details on the Virus's name (I am assuming Symantec does this on purpose so you will pay them to fix your computer after it lets a virus through). And it removes the virus (although who knows).

Symantec then refuses to fix my computer which its software identified as a threat to it (from its security history report - low level threat), but allowed it to alter files on my computer which does not allow files with .exe extensions, ie executable files to open the applications. However if you click on a file such as Word or Excel and such, it will open. Plus all other profiles operate normally with no issues (to date).

I am thinking that Symantec/Norton 360 may be allowing these types of issues through their software so that they can then come back and charge another 100 to fix your computer after infecting it. Why did I buy antivirus software from them if it fails to do what it is supposed to do after it detects the threat, and still allows it to infect my computer? And then they want to charge me an additional 100 for what their software allowed on to my computer to remove from my computer. Somehow I think this is wrong, but maybe I just grew up on the right side of the street.

Caveat Emptor - Norton Products and Support Destroys PCs
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CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA -- Internet pirates attack everything from our personal bank accounts to entering our private email accounts. As a consumer, we try to protect ourselves using brand name products that catch viruses, malware, and spyware. One well known company, Symantec, offers Norton products that give us a false sense of security. I purchased a laptop a little over a year ago and it came preloaded with Norton's 360 version 2.0 software. The subscription was free for the first year. It seemingly worked well for that period, and then the subscription reminder immediately prompted me at the end of my initial subscription to renew.

I did thinking I was in good hands and that part of the subscription included Norton's online archive of data and documents. I renewed my subscription and after the protection files were updated, I received two error messages. I contacted Norton's technical support and they connected directly to my computer to resolve the problem. Little did I know the incompetence of the technical support team. Symantec's technical staff remotely accessed my computer and, without my permission, installed Microsoft's Group Policy Client on my Vista Home Edition computer.

Symantec then proceeded, again without my permission, to uninstall Norton 360 version 2.0 and install Norton 360 version 1.0. They did this without my permission. It should be noted that the Norton 360 version 2.0 that I paid for included the online archive but this feature is NOT support in version 1.0. My computer went through the process of updating the system files then asked me to reboot to complete the installation. I did and what followed was an error message that denied me total access to my computer. The error message said, “The group policy client failed logon. Access denied.”

I spent over 13 straight hours on the phone with Symantec Technical support getting no place fast. They kept blaming the issue on the operating system and Microsoft. I called Microsoft and was informed that the Group Policy Client was not delivered in the Vista Home edition that I had delivered with my laptop. I contacted the BBB and yet Symantec's End User License Agreement (EULA) provides NO protection, warranty, expressed or implied, for their products.

In fact, they even totally disclaim responsibility for errors and inept technical support resulting from using their products or service. Their product totally destroyed my computer and what is more distressing is the loss of critical legal documents that I cannot retrieve now because the technical team removed my version 2.0 and replaced it with an unsupported version 1.0 for online backup and archive. Whether you place our trust in Norton, McAfee or some other software, beware: They make NO promise for support or the reliability of their products. In fact, most of these companies use open source code when possible, borrowing or pirating errors without testing.

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I purchased Norton 360 about 5 weeks ago. I've used Norton Security software before and had no problems, but NOT this time! Nothing but problems from day one. When I purchased Norton 360, I also purchased 27GB of online storage. I backed up files from my laptop to the secure online storage. Three days later, my laptop crashed and very little info was able to be retrieved from the hard drive. Thank goodness I had the online storage, right? WRONG!

I guess that it's so frigging secure that even the Norton folks can't access it - actually, they couldn't even find it! I find that out today after communicating/live chat with Norton customer support for the past two weeks! I demanded a refund and plan on finding other software for my online storage. It just makes me sick that I backed everything up, my computer crashed, and can't access the files I backed up!

SYMANTEC Internet Protection Nightmare
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Thank God I am not the only one having problems with a Norton product and customer help. I was having problems with live update and confirmation of subscription for my my Internet Security Professional 2004. After 2 weeks of trying to fix it in telephone conversations with people in India who I could not understand at all sometimes, and had to keep asking them to speak slowly and repeat themselves. It was frustrating and embarrassing.

I then switched to the Technician Chat Room. I uninstalled and re-installed 5 times with no improvement. Downloaded the Auto-Fix tool which just told me to uninstall and re-install again. Then the next technician asked me if I had uninstalled the Symantec product from THE REGISTRY??? I tried that and still had problems.

By now I was sick of going round in circles. I was constantly sent e-mails asking me if I was happy with the service. My answer, for what it was worth, was always NO. Despair made me decide to upgrade. The Symantec webpage advertised the whole package of Norton 360 as a better buy than anything else. I paid online by credit card and chose CD as opposed to a download. Don't like or trust downloads. CD arrived quickly but with no instruction manual. When I installed the 360 CD there was less than half the security products promised in the 360 package. THIS IS WHEN THE 2nd CUSTOMER SERVICE NIGHTMARE BEGAN.

I tried clicking on the UK Customer Service website given by the Customer Service page only for my Windows Security to block access to it with a high risk warning that it was not a certified or valid web page??? So here I have my Windows Security telling me, that a web page by Symantec, supposedly the world's number one internet security provider, was a definite HIGH SECURITY RISK??? And a NO NO. By now I am getting a headache and starting to get a little bit worried.

I then used the Customer Service tel. number given which was a London number. After listening to an Irish lady's voice pointing out my selection choices, which I followed, I was then on hold for 15 minutes at which point I gave up. I tried later in the day, once again nice reassuring Irish voice, and had to hold for nearly 25 minutes till someone answered my call.

My heart sank when greeted by a gentleman from India whose opening sentences I could not understand a single word of. I am from Lancashire in the UK and we speak very slowly and with a definite local accent. So that did not help. After asking him several times to slow down and enunciate properly I finally got across to him my problems. He promised me an instruction manual within 5 days. Fine, but we shall see.

That sorted, I then asked him where the rest of my Norton 360 security package was. Then I am told, WAIT FOR IT. "Oh they will not be available for at least another week at which time you will be able to DOWNLOAD them." "No" says I, "I don't want a download. I asked for the product on CD. I want a CD. Not a download." "No it will be a download" says he, "But I don't want a download I want the CD package I was promised" says I, AGAIN. I gave up after about the 3rd attempt to get the full product CD I was promised.

I pointed out that nowhere on the website did it inform me that the 360 product would not be supplied whole for at least a week, or that it would be part download. To finish I told him that the reason the phone lines were so busy was that the customer service website was down and also my warning from Windows etc etc. Then I e-mailed Customer Services with all my complaints and questions, the main one being how did I make a complaint, what was the complaints procedure? I received an answering e-mail today, totally ignoring everything except to tell me when the rest of the 360 package would be available to download and where from. SIGGGHH!

Shortly after receiving this I received a phone call from another Indian gentleman asking me if I was happy with the service I had received with my numerous problems. "NO" says I and as I began to recite the now memorized list of complaints. HE CUT ME OFF!!! NOW I am truly, truly, ANGRY.

So here's what I intend doing. I shall start with an e-mail to BBC WATCHDOG. If they do bring this matter to the millions that watch this programme I KNOW they will be inundated by other unhappy Symantec customers. I shall also complain about the misleading website advertising the Norton 360 to a Trading Standards Office. I am going to write with my complaints to every UK Computer Magazine and any other part of the news media that will listen. If that fails, I just might be found OUTSIDE the London Symantec Offices with a placard or placards.

I shall endeavor to attract the attention of a large section of the UK media whilst doing so. Maybe I should start a U.K. protest campaign against the SYMANTEC CORPORATION. NORTON SYMANTEC PRODUCTS??? Never, ever, again.

Pay For Their R&D
By -

In Summary: Symantec although large, may win a few battles, but sadly, will lose the battle. Poor support polices, huge tax lawsuits, and deficient software will soon drain their resources and the resulting loss in customer base will ensure they do not have replacement revenues.

I went with Microsoft One Care because of superior service and software. Pure and simple. This sloppy, resource heavy, failed software needs serious attention. They will require a major cash infusion for a rewrite and the only place get it is to suck more money out of an unsuspecting investor group.

Bad Everything
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First of all I moved to Norton 360 and I could not get 2 out of 3 computers I licensed to update the program definitions. Customer support was useless. Re-install and if that don't work re-install again was the advice. It was possible to manual update so I did that. I eventually sorted out the problem myself. Norton 360 cannot pass though a proxy server and needs a live internet connection. So with the problem fixed I should be happy.

The problem is with automatic updates installed 360 tries to update every few hours and when it does the computer becomes non-responsive until it finishes. A look at task manager reveals the problem which is multiple lucallbackproxy instances. One solution is a simple one.. switch off automatic updating. The best solution would be to find yourself a product that actually helps not hinders you.

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