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*We'll do Anything to get our foot in Your Door!* Synergy Companies Solicitor pretends to be a PG&E maintenance worker to 'get the
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MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA -- I answered the door because the guy was knocking pretty insistently. The young man claimed to be from PG&E and said that they were doing an 'inspection' for possible gas leaks and faulty electrical wiring. (It did not occur to me to ask him for identification) (I should have because all he was carrying was a small clipboard). He offered me a 'courtesy' appointment time to get safety inspections done in our home for a week or two from today. Now, I know that we do not have any gas or electric issues because of the recent remodel we had done in our kitchen and bathrooms.

However, to humour the guy, I said that this 'was not a good time' and asked if he had a phone number that I could call (as if...). The guy handed me a small flier; which I did not look at immediately; assuming it was PG&E. After he left, I casually glanced at the flier to find the phone number. The flier was not from PG&E, it was from an outfit called 'Synergy Companies' 'offering attic and wall insulation, duct test and seal, window replacement, air infiltration, lighting conversion, HVAC Replacement, Solar Panels (and MORE!). CA license #835016.

Now this may be a bonafide company that does all these wonderful services, but my issue is that they deliberately lied to me about 1) being solicitors and 2) being from PG&E. Just to get 'their foot in the door'. The flier also offered a 'free' home energy audit (a $500 dollar value!!).

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