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Fraud, Pure And Simple
By -

LACEY, WASHINGTON -- This is the second review for this company from me, and I am so pig-biting mad, I could spit bacon for a week. I ordered the stated item in good faith and submitted payment by my debit card through PayPal and received a confirmation that payment had been sent to Tactical Innovations. TI's website showed several methods of shipping, and I chose Priority Mail because it was the cheapest and fastest. The website showed that the item should ship in 2-3 days. Well, fat, dumb and happy, I felt that the order was in good hands. I had made the order through TI's automated order bot on Thanksgiving night, November 27.

On December 2, I sent an inquiry to TI, as I had not received an email that my order had shipped. I got a bunch of double talk about how they were so far behind, and I sort of accepted that. On November 28, Crystal sent a package of jewelry to a lady in the UK First Class Mail, and she received it in less than a week. On December 14, I ordered a replacement stock for my Ruger, and received it on December 18. Still no word from TI. This evening, I sent them an email that I was very unhappy, and that I expected them to ship the order Monday or send me a refund of my money, which they have had since November 27, interest-free.

The email was bounced back as no account known. I went into the website again, and saw that they claim to have sent me an email cancelling the order, as they were unable and unwilling to meet my shipping expectations. Not one word about a refund was offered. I intend to file a suit against TI in Small Claims court on Monday. Their actions in this constitute out and out fraud in my book.

Tactical Innovations is one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with
By -

BONNERS FERRY, IDAHO -- So I bought a barrel for my ar-15, it was on sale and seemed fairly priced so I was going to check it out. The shipping alone was 21 bucks with insurance (if you don't purchase insurance your sol) which the barrel was 99. So I called them and they were going to make the adjustment on it. They were going to end up charging me 13 and change which was reasonable. First they had to void the 120 dollar charge, then when it posted, they would complete the sale. Its been 3 days, nothing has happened. I've called 5-6 times so far, mostly talking to the girl in the business, and the owner guy, both of them will tell you different things.

I know its not Walmart, they are probably doing work out of a garage with a little credit card machine, but still they don't know what the hell they are doing. The owner made me feel like it was my fault they double their shipping to make a lil extra. The girl said it was out of her hands. Really? Isn't that her job. I finally talked to my bank merchant about getting my money back, they wanted me to call Tactical Inc and conference them in so Tactical Inc could indeed tell them it was a voided charge. When I called Tactical Inc., this was a problem. The lady told me she didn't have confirmation the charge was voided. She told me it was the last 2 days!!

They are nothing but liars, I really hope I can at least get 1 person to read this before they go to them. Hell, they mostly sell junk anyway so im not doing anybody any favors. If you want ar parts, go to rock river, dpms, hell i'd go to utg (the airsoft company) before I went to Tactical Inc. They sell 10/22 products, about 6 glock products, and a couple more junk products. I still haven't got my money back, I don't know how they do it in Idaho, but they won't be in business forever doing what they are doing. No its off to the bbb to really sort this crap out! You have been warned!!! Stay away from tactical innovations.

Horrible Estimates
By -

BONNERS FERRY, IDAHO -- Tactical Innovations Inc. is the only known manufacturer of all aluminum Ruger 10-22 magazines (clip). They state on their website a "6 to 8" week wait time for shipment of same, yet I have been waiting for over twelve weeks for my magazine. Two emails that I sent garnered only snotty replies about "6-8 weeks being an ESTIMATE" well its a pretty poor estimate. In addition, the only solution in their response was to offer to cancel my order. Tactical innovations inc. needs to be schooled on customer service and proper calendar usage. I will never again order from them and I would encourage others to be prepared to never get what you ordered.

Company Not Shipping In Timely Manner
By -

LACEY, WASHINGTON -- In the evening of November 27, I ordered a flash hider for my Ruger 10/22 carbine from a company called Tactical Innovations, in Idaho. I selected Priority Mail as the shipping method, as it was the least expensive. The most expensive was $73 for shipping one flash hider that weighs about 3 ounces. Priority Mail showed 2-3 days for delivery. On December 3, I contacted TI and requested where my flash hider was. They responded that they were experiencing a heavy amount of orders and that my hider would be shipped ASAP. Here it is now, December 8, and I still have no flash hider.

I know some people might feel I should not post this because it has to do with firearms, but why should I not expect as good a level of service for my firearm parts as I would, say, a shirt? They showed the part as being in stock, and Priority Mail was supposed to take 2-3 days, like it does when my wife ships out her jewelry. The part should have been here by now. Maybe if enough people decide to help this company out by NOT ordering from them, they can catch up with what has already been ordered.

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