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Prescription Never Given
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Rating: 1/51

LATHROP, CALIFORNIA -- On the 13th of March, went to Lathrop Pharmacy to pickup prescription. When my turn came, girl at the counter had two bags - one with antibiotic and allergy tablets. She told me sign, I signed the screen on the sign page. Did not had medicines listed. Antibiotic was wrong, I asked them if they can call the doctor and change they said they do that. Picked up allergy medicine, came home. There was another medicine doctor had prescribed I forgot to mention at that time.

Went back on the 16th to pick up another medicine which they never had until you visit the few time. While I was at the counter I asked if the doctor had prescribed blood pressure medicine for my husband. She looked and told me it was already filled and reminded her its not old one, this is a new prescription. She said, "Yes you pick up on the thirteen" - I was shocked. Then, she said "let me check my camera", I said "ok". She said it two bags and both were given to me. I should go home and check. I reminded her, "yes, there were only two bags but we returned one and only took one home." There should be three of them.

She called security, I only had $2.00 co-pay. Why would I travel 25 miles to pickup my husband's medicine. Then, she called her supervisor but they won't admit that it was never in a bag. If I could pay $314.00 for one medicine can you imagine how they made me feel for two dollars. People working in Lathrop pharmacy are cheaters and liars. Always short on pills when get home. Please count and check your prescription if you going to Lathrop CA pharmacy. It is serious somebody cheats you on your medicine.

Partial fill! They don't tell! If you leave, they don't return when you find you were deceived.
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Rating: 1/51

HYATTSVILLE, MARYLAND -- I went to Target pharmacy for my 3-month Humalog insulin prescription at East-West Highway, Hyattsville, MD. I had a 3 month supply prescription a prescription insurance and a coupon for one free pack. The first time I went to pick up my prescription, I paid my 3-month copayment but I found them giving me far less packs than required for 3 month supply and they did not process the coupon. I heard all kinds of silly arguments such as: "Sorry but that we had in stock. We are giving you supply for 48 days! I: But I'm paying for 90 days! You should have told me that before getting my order." "The coupon?! Ohh this looks complicated!"

I asked them to return the order and re-order it so that things get corrected. I went there the next day after getting a call telling that my prescription was ready for pickup. She told they had given me 3 months' supply and processed the coupon! I have to admit that I committed a mistake by not doubting they might have given me less amount than my recommended dose. It was actually the case: they used the coupon for the first 16 days and my 3 months copayment for just 64 days of supply. The total supply I got was for 83 days only!

There are at least five problems here:

(1) I paid for 3 months + a coupon and they gave me supply for 83 days. With CVS pharmacy, I always received a # of packs after rounding up (rather than down) my needed supply to the nearest pack count.

(2) Even if they were going to do that, they should not have used the coupon which is usable for just once a year. They should have billed the insurance company for the 83 days of supply rather than 64 days and then give the coupon so that I can use it later.

(3) If they are giving an amount below my recommended dose, they should have notified me about. They should have given a phone call or tell me at the counter to save my time.

(4) All people at the pharmacy referred to the pharmacy manager who told me over the phone "No, I don't have to tell or call you!". He kept pretending he did not understand and, at the very least, he was not very friendly at all.

(5) The pharmacy was doing the wrong thing from the first time by taking a copayment for 90-days and a coupon and giving me in return supply for 48 days and ignoring the coupon.

Potential Prescription Error
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Rating: 2/51

TUKWILA, WASHINGTON -- On 9/31/12, I picked up a prescription, for pravastatin, 10mgs, bid prn, for ninety days. The pharmacy tech, checked the contents of the bottle, and discovered white pills and pink pills, in the same container. Were they the same pills - who knows? Being an nurse, I felt unsafe, leaving with the mixed pills in the same container.

The pharmacy tech, enlisted the help of the pharmacy. He didn't seem to be concerned, stating other pharmacies, mixed different colored drugs. However, she was to be applauded, as she insisted the pharmacist, check the pills against a identification chart. They were correct. This story could have a different ending, if I wasn't a nurse, and were a lay person, or an elderly person instead. Such a situation could be very confusing, and the patient may be reluctant to take her medicine.

Pharmacist Complaint at Target at Libbie Ave. and W. Broad St., Richmond, VA
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Rating: 1/51

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I made the huge mistake of going into this store on Wednesday morning at approximately 10:30 A.M. and went to the pharmacy counter. The pharmacist was a young, white male with very dark hair and slim build. He came over to the counter and I proceeded to show him the referral that I had from Kmart for my prescription and asked him if Target would honor the pricing from Kmart and he said in a very loud, demanding voice, "No, I will not honor Kmart pricing." I was shocked that any pharmacist would ever treat a customer like he did.

Also, what he did not know is that I am handicapped. He then told me he could beat the Walgreen's pricing that I had gotten and went to a computer and then did not even bother to get up and come back to the counter but announced that the price would be $38 which was $28 over the Kmart pricing and also over Walgreen's pricing. He was very unpleasant and unprofessional. My father was a pharmacist and I know very well what the conduct should be from all pharmacists.

I did report him to the corporate office and strongly feel that he should not be placed in any stores until he is able to present himself in a professional manner. This is the wrong store for him to be employed in for it caters to lots of elderly customers. What a disgrace to Target but probably not a surprise for I see numerous other complaints about the pharmacies throughout the country.

Poor Management
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GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND -- I just went through the most amazing experience I think I have ever been through in witnessing the complete lack of moral character and ethics a company can demonstrate. I went into the North Glen Burnie, Maryland Target Pharmacy this last Friday to refill some of my prescriptions just like I have been doing for the last 3 years. I usually wait till I am in dire need of refilling due to my insurance plan requiring that and the high cost of drugs, even with that coverage. It has been a real challenge to go to the store to do this, until recently, due to my health condition.

I have been dealing with 3 degenerative bone disorders that have changed my life into a living nightmare for the last 7 years. At times it took over an hour to just get my power wheelchair out of the van and drive it into the pharmacy to even get medicine. For over 2 years, until a few months ago, I have been told by my doctors if I get in a car or try moving around in the power chair I was at risk of breaking every bone in my body that wasn€™t broken already. My left leg, hips and feet already had multiple fractures and complete breaks in them. The pain I dealt with has been unbelievable, but I had good reason to want to go through all of that to get to this pharmacy.

For the last 6 or 7 years I have traveled to wherever I had to, to see a particular pharmacist, who is also the pharmacy manager. His name is ** and he has become more than a friend to me. He has helped to such a large degree in my getting better, not just on a medical advisory level, but as a friend, with sound advice anytime I needed it. I have lost count how many times he walked with me to my car just to be sure I got there okay. My medical story does get better. I should still be in a wheelchair and remain there till I die, which would have been fairly soon. Well, I started walking a few months ago without risk, and continue to beat the odds.

Well, I say all of that to say this. Last Friday I found out ** was fired by his relatively new boss for forgetting to set the alarm in the pharmacy 4 times over the last 3 years. I guess that could be a problem by the sound of it. Drugs all of a sudden open to the public just waiting around to get them, to then go out and sell them on the street. Problem is, ** was the last to leave in an already closed store after lowering the steel door to the pharmacy and locking it, to then exit the already securely locked and protected store. On top of that a camera monitors all movement inside the locked pharmacy should anybody somehow get past the steel gate.

Then, on top of that, ** would get a call 10 minutes or so after he left that the pharmacy alarm did not set. All he had to do was go ahead and set it. The day his new boss arrived on the scene she started a campaign to get rid of him by constantly challenging his judgment and constructive comments.

She would tell him that'€™s how you will get fired, by thinking his advice or ideas were better than what management could offer, which they never did. Problem with that is this particular pharmacist has increased the business of any store he has worked for over his long career including tripling Target's business in his 3 years there. When he has left a store the business then drops to pre-** levels again, never to return.

So now he has been fired and he was individually responsible for tripling their business and putting the store in the top 100 stores in the country and never once was he given any praise for that. By the way, a pharmacy customer buys stuff in the store at more than 4 times that of a non-pharmacy customer. So maybe you can see why I will NEVER shop at a Target store for anything ever again the rest of my, now, long life.

Any group of horrible management that thinks so little of its patrons to act in this manner unchecked does not deserve any business from me or all the people I can influence, and believe me I will influence a lot of people for some time to come. Just a final footnote. This boss that fired ** has also lost several other managers. What a great job she must be doing and Target couldn't care less. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. Target does not have much control or they just don€™t care how management in the stores conduct themselves. Well, there are a lot of other great places to shop that do care.

Target Pharmacists are Horrible
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ARVADA, COLORADO -- I used to love Target and I trusted them with my prescriptions. I have chronic pain due to a surgery that has had many complications on my body. I am not a drug addict in the least bit but I am constantly finding myself to be accused of being one simply because I have a monthly supply of pain pills. Big deal, what do these pharmacists truly know about dealing with this kind of pain on a daily basis?? Anyway the first time I took my prescription to the pharmacist intuition took over once I reached my car and I decided to count the pills. I was supposed to have 60 and come to find out they had given me 50.

Knowing they would not believe me, I went back into Target wanting to let the pharmacist know that what he did was not right in the least bit and I would like my money back. He gave me the speech on how they count this stuff twice, it's written on the bottle, they supposedly keep a record of it. He took the bottle and counted. He told me I was right, there were 10 pills missing but it was not his problem. He swore up and down that he put 60 into that bottle and accused me of trying to get more. Complete bull. I immediately asked to talk to a manager but surprise surprise no one was there. I called the police and reported that pharmacy right away.

I have told all of my friends and family to not trust that place whatsoever. Besides that last time I went there, I found that the pharmacy is extremely SLOW and do not follow through on their customer service. I would wait for DAYS for them to call my doctor to confirm a prescription and I would be the one to call and see if it had been taken care of. They do not care whatsoever that there are people out there, in pain, waiting for them to do their jobs. They just do not care and it is sick. I would LOVE to find an honest and compassionate place to be able to fill my prescriptions but I think my quest might be a lost cause unfortunately.

RESPONSE TO SOME OF YOU: Read closely... I went into the pharmacy KNOWING full well they would not believe me, people. I have been with Kaiser for years and never experienced a shortage at any time with them. The first time I go into a Target pharmacy (I-70 and Wads.) they short me.

I had never once experienced this before, am I supposed to pick out which pharmacies I ask to count and which ones I trust? No, I have a life. I wanted whoever was in that pharmacy to KNOW that what they did was wrong. Obviously getting my monthly supply is not an issue so why would I want to have them counted each and every time I went. The pills weren't the issue here, it was the lack of integrity behind that counter.

Pharmacy Is Going Downhill
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Rating: 3/51

MANHATTAN BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- A doctor said a prescription would be sent to Target electronically. When I got to Target, it was not there yet. An hour later I called and the person said they have it and are processing it. An hour later, I went to pick it up and it was not processed. Target used to be so reliable but their quality of service has declined. Seems that they were good when they were building the business and trying to lure customers away. I think I will return to Walgreens or CVS.

Up and Up Nasal Strips Large - Not Worth Paying Less For
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Rating: 5/51

ACWORTH, GEORGIA -- Yeah there was a $3.00 price difference in the generic and brand name Breath Right Strips. They are low quality, they last about 2 hours before they peel off. The quality is horrible. Spend the little more money. If you don't you will regret it. You do not get the sleep from the generics. Breath Right Strips are worth the extra money because it sucks not being able to breathe right.

Unfair and just plain bad service.
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VENTURA, CALIFORNIA -- I take vicodin for a back injury that I sustained at work a few years ago. I am a cna and do a lot of heavy lifting. My mom is also in the same boat. She also has to take vicodin for a back injury. We take the exact same med. Vicodin ES. 90 ct. Neither one of us has insurance. For about the last 2 years we have been getting our prescriptions from Target in Ventura. We were paying the same amount of money until about 4 months ago. All of a sudden they started telling me that I would have to pay $40 for mine. They said that I was on some kind of program that had run out. I didn't think anything about it at first.

Then I found out that my mom is still paying 16$ for hers. That started me wondering what was going on. I called them and they said that they would fix it. Well, next time it still wasn't fixed. I sent my mom in there to pick up my meds and they tried to charge her more $40 again for mine. So we had to call customer service again. The next month after that they gave me my meds for the same price as my mom. Then yesterday, I asked my husband to go pick it up after work because he works near there and our car is broken down right now. He came home with only 40 pills in the bottle and the price they charged him for that was over $20.

I called the pharmacy once again and talked to one of the girls there. She put me on hold and talked to the pharmacist. She came back on the phone and told me that they would honor the original price for the meds because that was the price I started with. I explained that it didn't make sense to me that they could charge 2 people with the same exact rx 2 different prices. They didn't have an answer for that. Anyway, the girl told me to have my husband bring all the paper work that came in the bag back to the pharmacy today and they would give him the rest of my pills and give him a refund for the overcharge.

So, today he goes in there on his lunch break and they don't give him my meds or the money. They all just act like they have no idea what he is talking about. So he wasted his whole 30 min going over there, he didn't get to eat. And the money that he was supposed to get back was supposed to be the money he was going to use for lunch. I have had nothing but problems with this pharmacy. The meds are almost never ready when they say it will be. They don't fax the doctor when it's time for refills. Or better yet, they say they will fax the doctor and then don't and when I call the doctor they say they never got a fax from the pharmacy.

There is one girl that works there that is rude every time I go in there. I see her being rude to all the customers. I guess that is just her personality, but customer service probably shouldn't be her line or work. This was the last straw for me. I will never use that pharmacy again and I will never let any of my friends or family use it either.

Pharmacy Manager Rude and Heartless
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Rating: 1/51

PORT SAINT LUCIE, FLORIDA -- The Port Saint Lucie Target Pharmacy manager Tricia is very rude and has an attitude when asked multiple questions about prescriptions. Well, I'm sorry but not all of us know everything about prescription meds! She is sarcastic with her response to us, seems bothered by questions. My mother and I even overheard her mocking a customer who had a speech impediment, how cruel can a person be? I am really turned off by her actions and I have complained to Target, but it seems nothing has changed. Due to that we will be moving our business to another pharmacy.

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