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False Marketing, Capable Service but there are better / cheaper alternatives
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Rating: 2/51

BEAVERTON, OREGON -- I mis-reported stock sales in 2016 and was contacted by the IRS to pay back $16k in taxes + nearly $3k in penalties and interest. I contacted the Tax Defense Network and they said while they couldn't guarantee I could get the interest and penalties waived, that they had never seen a situation in which that hadn't happened with a case like mine. So I paid their $2,500 fee thinking at the very least I won't have to deal directly with the IRS and that the service would pay for itself by getting the penalties and interest waived. I was ecstatic when they audited my taxes and found that the IRS was wrong, that I didn't owe $16k but only $10k...great...then I wait and wait and wait...10 months before I get the go-ahead to pay the taxes but they were only able to waive $90 of the nearly $2k penalties and interest. Worse yet, I was told by the Money Resolver contact that they never get those fees I'm really mad because I was sold a line that I based on my decision on. In retrospect, I should have just taken it to my tax accountant who would have found the IRS discrepancy for a fraction of the cost. The other problem was that I had the money to pay the IRS 8 months before it was resolved but was told to wait to pay so that they could negotiate with the IRS...Mistake because then I ended up paying more penalties and interest during that time! From what I can tell, it's not that hard to contact the IRS and work this stuff out without this service. They also were slow to keep me up to date with the status and passed me off to different departments along the way. Get a good tax accountant and then work with the IRS and your tax accountant directly.

Tax Resolution - Tax Defense Network
By -

I hired Tax Defense Network to handle my case of back taxes owed. About $60,000 including penalties. It was explained to me that their attorneys would negotiate a resolution and assured me that I would be paying back a portion of what was due (they would probably deny that they told me this because the person who originally handled my case apparently quit and it was given to another person who did not get a thorough "turn-over" on the specifics of my case. I ended up submitting paperwork all over again.

I was led to believe that their attorneys were working hard on my case and that all was going well and progress was being made. I have the emails to attest to this (I had to insist on them updating me). After about seven months, they contact me by phone to tell me that my case has come to a resolution and approved by the IRS. I was excited because finally - I thought - my tax problems will come to an end. What really happened was that the IRS simply approved a four year repayment plan for all taxes due including penalties.

During that four years I even have to pay interest until the back taxes are paid. So there was no reduction in taxes or no waiving of penalties. I still owe the entire amount. The IRS letter even threatens that if I miss a payment or if the payment is not on time, I risk property seizure and/or garnishment. None of this puts my mind at ease. I paid Tax Defense Network up front over $4200 to handle my case. The worst part is that I could have done this myself for $43. "If you simply can't come up with the money to pay the taxes when due, you may be able to negotiate an installment payment plan with the IRS. Complete Form 9465, Installment Agreement Request, and attach it to the front of your income tax return. Include the amount you propose to pay each month and the day of the month you'd like to make your payments. The IRS will notify you if you're approved. There's a $43 fee for setting up the installment agreement, and you'll incur interest on the balance due."

I simply don't understand how people/business can do this sort of thing and have a clear conscience about it. I can understand Tax Defense Network charging a reasonable fee to handle the paperwork for you and filing them in your behalf because you do not know who to do it or do not have time. But to charge someone over $4000 with the false hope that you tax problems are solved is a real shame.

My tax problem is still there. Again, what they did, I could have done for $43. I was told that an attorney was handling my case. What did he do? I wrote Tax Defense a letter, explain much of what I wrote here and have not received a response. I personally would like most of my hard earned money back. I am less trusting today that I was yesterday.

Almost Hired Tax Defense, Saved about $4500 by not hiring
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I am very lucky to not have hired them. I accidently called the wrong Google listing when I was going back and forth with Tax Defense Network, which ended up helping me out by about $4500. TDN wanted to charge me about $8000 and it seemed like there were some other hidden fees as well.

Once I searched around I realized how many complaints they have and I started searching around for someone else to help me.

and talked to Tax Resolution Professionals instead, and spoke with the attorney Robert who I ended up hiring and they actually did settle my debt for $500 on $190000. The fee total ended up being about $3500 as opposed to TDN's $8000 proposed fee.

I recommend anybody to call Tax Resolution Professionals before hiring Tax Defense. Their phone is 888 515 4829 and their website is I can't thank them enough for them helping me. Also I did not have to pay all up front and in 30 days like TDN wanted for their $8k. The payments were spread out and much easier
(was about $550 the first month then lower after)

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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- 2000 Dollars down the drain for a payment plan only. Did not work for me at all.

Outstanding Service and Good Result
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Rating: 5/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I had so much problem in filing my taxes. But then a friend, who is also their happy client, suggested me to consult them. Attorneys at Tax Defense Network know their work really well. A big thank you to Tax Defense Network for getting me out of my tax trouble. Great job done by the team, great people, great service. Thank you Tax Defense Network!!! You are the best!

Company Response 06/07/2016:


Thank you for making our day by taking the time to write such a kind review. We're so glad we were able to help!

All the best,

Tax Defense Network

Unfair TDN Reviews
By -

JACKSONVILLE,, FLORIDA -- I worked at Tax Defense Network for over a year and the only reason I left was because I was offered a more lucrative job in a management position. The time I spent at TDN was fulfilling and challenging. And I am sick of seeing ex-employees whining about the company on these review sites. It's unfair TDN has to suffer because a few people can't move on.

It is true that a lot of people do not make the cut after training, but it's unfair to assume everyone hired will perform the duties of the job equally. Would you do business with a company that kept employees knowing they weren't fully capable of performing the job? TDN is NOT a hiring scam, as some ex-employees like to post. The fact is, Tax Defense Network's management is not unfair and it does everything it can to try to retain employees by moving them to different departments, having them retrain, and giving them constant guidance. It is still a business though, and management can't hold your hand the entire time. That would be unfair to them.

During the training process we were explicitly told not to give the client unrealistic expectations. If an ex-employee was told to do any of those things, the person who said it is probably not employed by TDN anymore. And it's unfair to blame TDN if they took that advice. Why would TDN want its new hires to fail? It would be in their best interest to have them succeed and bring in business. Hiring scams do not pay for training, and they have low commission rates.

Not once has any ex-employee said they didn't get paid for all their time with TDN. That doesn't seem like a hiring scam to me. It's a few people who thought they could just come into Tax Defense Network and be superstars without trying. Now they are screaming "unfair!" and bashing the company as a hiring scam? That is unfair. It is hard work, but rewarding work, because you are helping people with their problems. I would still be working there if I didn't receive an offer elsewhere. If you get a chance to work at Tax Defense Network, go for it.

Company Response 01/26/2018:

Thank you for your post.

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Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY. This company scammed me. They speak consolingly and understandably assuring you that they can help to resolve your Tax problems. Their salespeople will never speak to you again once you are are signed up and none of their promises will be fulfilled. Once you have submitted all the required paperwork and pay them (over $4000), they lead you to believe that their team of attorneys are hard at work on your case. They also let a span of time to go by giving you the impression that your case is in arbitration and negotiations with the IRS, again assuring you that their attorneys are working hard for you.

After many months, they contact you (claiming it is good news) to tell you that your Tax case is out of the IRS and that the IRS will send a letter. The letter you will receive from the IRS is not a reduction of my owed Tax nor a reduction or waiving of penalties. It is simply a repayment plan for the whole tax PLUS penalties!!! This was not good news!!! I could have done - and know how to do - what Tax Defense Network did for only $43. All that this company does is prepare a form requesting a repayment plan for the owed tax. You don't need an attorney for that. Anyone can do this and the form and instructions are on the IRS website.

I paid them over $4000 to do what I could have done myself for $43. They led me to believe that their attorneys were negotiating a favorable deal with the IRS. This was not the case. Plus, during the many months of this supposed negotiation, I was still being penalized. This company is a scam. I am extremely upset because I work very hard for my money and Tax Defense Network has no conscience about doing business in this manner. They monitor their internet presence and pay people to remove any truth. Employees of this organization post misleading, favorable reviews. Do not fall for them.

What a Bunch of Liars
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- STAY AWAY. I Just got ripped off. They promised that if I sign up with them and they couldn't help me, I will get all my money back. Out of the $4,500 they were asking I was able to give them $900.00 upfront and would pay the rest at $600.00 per month installments. After a month I was told that they could not help me because of my financial situation, and that they will not be refunding my $900. After a good 20 minutes argument they agreed to pay me $300. Don't believe anything they tell you. These people have no morals.

Scammers, Liars and Cheats, Oh My Goodness, It's Not True!
By -

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I am usually not one to review a company on the internet (whether amazing or scammers), but there have been a few reviews for Tax Defense Network (TDN) that I believe are unfair. When I found out I had a large tax debt with the IRS I searched for a company that wouldn't lie, take my money, and run. After hearing so many horror stories about how J. K Harris and Ronni Deutch are crooks and frauds, I immediately ruled them out. I checked the Better Business Bureau ratings for most tax debt companies and Tax Defense Network was one of the few with a A BBB rating.

My experience with TDN was not anything like some people have described them. I didn't find any scammers, liars, or crooks when I was a client from Aug -€“ Dec 2010. Even when I fell on hard times and couldn't pay the fee right away (there are attorneys working on the case, and they don'€™t work for free). I was given a reasonable payment plan, and always treated with respect. The only fraud that is happening around here is a few unrealistic clients that feel scammed because they didn't get an Offer In Compromise (OIC). Guess what? Only a small percentage of people are ever eligible for an OIC. Guess who told me that? TDN.

There are no liars at TDN, and I am sorry a few disgruntled ex-clients feel the need to call them crooks and frauds. TDN treated me fairly and was honest with me the entire time. They didn't promise me the moon but delivered on what they did promise, which was help me get out of my tax debt.

Almost Screwed
By -

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I was almost scammed by the Tax Defense Network but THEY fired me. And that made me take a look at them on the internet and I found terrible reviews. My little contact with them was full of lies and hope, and they kept changing the story and actually REDUCED their fee at one point. This attorney accused me of lying and I got upset and I should have and he immediately THREATENED TO DISCONTINUE THE CALL! He came to me with the attitude. I was just defending myself. I really have no idea why they fired me. I disclosed everything. I believe because I called him on his unacceptable attitude they fired me. Which did me a favor. Check them out. It's a scam!

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