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Tax Software Store Deceptive Trade
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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Tax Software Store, Austin, TX deceptively shows TurboTax Home & Business program on their website, deceptively prints out a picture of the same product on the invoice, then shipped an entirely different product that states on the label, Personal Federal Return only. He also sent 2 programs that were in plain white envelopes unsealed and without the box but states on the order, "New, Unused". Owner refused to refund even though the website states it does refund money until reported to PayPal, then he sent an email to mail it back and he will refund, then states he will not refund on a used product.

His email states do not mail back (sic) will not refund any money. Very Deceptive Business. DO NOT BUY from them. Despite sending him a picture of the disc showing it is Personal Federal only, he changes his story over and over. Last story, "Manufacture put Wong Wable on Disc". A real Crook! "€œOh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive".

Company Response 04/16/2009:

In 2004, Intuit merged TurboTax Home & Business and TurboTax Premier into one product and retain "TurboTax Premier" as the name. Intuit normally released product twice. In late November 2004, they released 2004 TurboTax Premier retail product. When a customer purchased that product, she/he still need to do online update in order to use the product.

Around April 2005, Intuit released another version of TurboTax software with all updates for 2004 TurboTax Premier Version. In order to differentiate this one from its Number 2004 version, Intuit clearly labeled the new CD as "Personal Income Tax Software". Thus this CD contains 2004 TurboTax Premier/Home & Business version with all updates.

The seller repeatedly suggested that the buyer call 1-800-4INTUIT and find out if he received what he ordered. He refused to do so. Instead, he posted all defamatory information online. The buyer should stop doing so. The seller reserves the right to take further action. The seller also suggests that any customers call Intuit at 1-800-4INTUIT if they have any doubt for any TurboTax product purchase from this store.

The seller also encourage the buyer to send the CD to Intuit to verify the authenticity and functionality of the software program.

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