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Do Not Rent From TCT Property Services
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MESA -- We rented through TCT Property Services; also known as Great Homes 4 Rent for four years. We were never late on a payment and never had a HOA complaint. They required $1563 in a rental deposit: $785 last month rent, $600 in pet deposits, $178 in cleaning deposit.

We left the rental in above and beyond what a typical renter would leave a property. Painted walls (with what they provided and bought new paint to make sure all the walls looked 100%; even though it flat paint), had a landscaper come in to reshape all the plants and thin out trees, had the carpets cleaned and more.

They refused to give us more than a 30 minute notice for a final walk through. They also refused to let us know what they were marking down for as damage, if any. When we got our bill we were outrage. They were charging us for replacement of carpet for the entire house! The carpet was in good condition except for 3 medium size stains; since the carpet was 7 years old, we were the 4th tenant on these carpet. We were told they only replace the carpet every 10 YEARS. Yes you are reading the correctly every 10 YEARS. We are responsible for the remaining 4 years.

Then they are charging us for a landscaping fees of $175 because they saw a few weeds inside a plant. These were not weeds. It was a vine plant! They installed. They also refused to replace a tree we complained on more than one time due to the roots being broken during a bad monsoon season. Their landscaper called them and told them but they said since it was not on the ground it was fine. Too dangerous for us to that side of the yard since the tree was sideways and not safe.

When we called them about these charges they said we were LUCKY we were getting $125 back from them. We also request her pictures and receipts but we still have not received any from them. I told her we had pictures and she said it does not matter because their normal wear and tear standards are higher than what the statutes require.

Avoid Renting From TCT Properties if You Want Your Deposit Refunded
By -

MESA, ARIZONA -- I am so disappointed in this Mesa, Arizona company. After being a loyal tenant for 18+ months with not a single late rent payment, prompt attention to the single complaint by the HOA that we left the basketball hoop out overnight and excellent care of the property - above and beyond what a typical renter would provide (having been a landlord before I can attest first hand) - TCT Property Services still kept over $400 of my deposit to clean a spotless house, "clean up" the landscaping which was in perfect condition, and shampoo carpets that were very stained when we moved in and had been cleaned before we moved out.

Yes, when I complained they provided invoices for these services, but clearly the money was used to grease the pockets of their contractors since there was no work to be done inside the house. There are a lot of unscrupulous landlords out there, and unfortunately it appears TCT Property Services falls into this category. I would recommend avoiding doing business with them if you have other options.

Company Response 08/18/2010:

Unfortunatley we are the go between with HOA's and renters. We just relay the information that we are given, we do not set individual Rules and Regulations for subdivisions. Per the lease, tenants are required to have the carpets professionally cleaned upon move out and supply us with a receipt. You also have the option to have us coordinate the cleaning and this will come out of the security deposit. We collect a non-refundable cleaning/redecorating deposit up front, however the home still needs to be left in the same condition upon move out minus normal wear and tear. The vendors that we use are licensed and bonded and not affiliated with TCT Property Services, LLC. We do shop around for vendors that complete good work and are reasonably priced. It is always going to be more expensive to pay a vendor to complete something if you can do it yourself. They are not only paid for parts, but for their time.
We take pride in the properties that we manage and the standards we set for our owners and tenants.

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