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Another Piece of Crap From Telebrands
By -

Let me begin by saying this is being written for a friend who does not have access to the internet. She saw the ads on TV for the Slice-a-Matic, a device for slicing and dicing foods. She ordered two of the packages, as she wanted one for herself and three to give as gifts, since the promotion was buy one, get one free. When the box arrived, there were four of the units in the box, but none of them had the promised recipe book. The cheap plastic units have a very hard time with potatoes or onions, and contrary to the TV ad, state the unit works best on leafy vegetables. The invoice stated the box contained two standard SAMs, and two 'Deluxe' SAMs.

All four of the individual boxes inside bore the same item number, and the only difference was that two were white, as seen on TV, and two were black. Our friend is very unhappy with the SAMs, and the bill turned out to be much higher than quoted on TV. As we explained to her, they make their money on the outrageous shipping and handling charges. We told her that when you see a Telebrands item advertised, you can usually find a similar item elsewhere at a much lower price and with higher quality. Telebrands is a ripoff, selling garbage at inflated prices.

Bad Product and Customer Service
By -

I have been seeing the ads for the Alum-Wallet on television, and several of the claims made the wallet attractive to me. The offer on TV is $10.99 plus S&H, and they double the offer to two wallets, and you pay separate S&H for the second 'FREE' wallet. I know this bring the total cost of the two wallets to close to thirty dollars (you cannot just order one wallet, as with all those TV offers, they package them in twos,) and many stores carry singles of the same items in their 'As Seen On TV' sections.

I bought the alumawallet at K-Mart for $10.99. The latch did not work right from the get-go, and I tore up my thumbnail trying to open it every time. The ad shows, supposedly, a truck driving over one of the wallets and not damaging the "cast aluminum body" of the wallet and not damaging it. Mine has one side collapsed in on itself just from being in my hip pocket.

I called the 800 number for customer service, and got blown off. The CSR, who talked like she had a mouth full of candy or something, said I had to take it back to K-Mart for a refund, that they were only customer service if I ordered through the phone or online. I told her K-Mart did not make the wallet, they did. They compare the Aluma-Wallet to a stainless steel wallet that costs over fifty dollars in the ads. The SS one ends up costing not much more than the TeleBrands POS, and probably is much sturdier. I will never purchase anything from TeleBrands again. as all the cr@p they sell has this two for one (plus separate shipping and handling scam as part of the 'offer.')

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