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Don't Work for This Company
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FORT LAUDERADALE, FLORIDA -- I started this company on December 27, 2010 and I quit on January 17, 2010. Every since I started with this company their equipment never worked or it worked off and on. Training would be messed up because we were not able to get into the company's system working from home. I was asked on one occasion to try to call their help desk on my lunch break and see if I could get the issue I was having with my thin client resolved. My lunch break which is a time that I do not get paid for and they wanted me to call help desk to fix equipment that they sent to me and should already be working.

Well to make a long story short my first pay check was supposed to go out on January 12 because that was the day we were supposed to get paid. There was a lot of snow that week so the checks were mailed out on the following day. Well today is January 19th and I still have no check. I work for Teleperformance from the comfort of my home and I receive paper checks because I do not have a bank account right now. I have constantly called the company to see what is the hold up with my money and someone told me that it is possible that my check is still at the office because I quit.

I am writing because I want to warn everyone that this company is not the company you want to work for. Every time you call into the HR Department they give you different answers for the same questions you asked before. I have a bill that is due and I could have paid it by now but I still don't have a check from them. This company has been sued before for not paying people and I know that because I did some research on the company.

I gave the company the benefit of the doubt and so far I got burned. Don't put yourself in the say predicament that I put myself and family in. It's better to find another job that you know when it's time for you to get paid that the check is going to be put in your hands and not in the mail. Please listen to me I am not out here to try to bash the company because they did me wrong, I'm just writing to let everyone know the truth and what I went through while I was employed with the company for the 3 weeks that I did work.

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