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I was planning on selling this scooter on Craigslist, but in lieu of recent events, have decided that would be a BAD idea. I've read a lot of electric scooter recalls involving similar problems and similar scooters being recalled, but this was a real nightmare. I plugged my scooter in to charge it. I left it charging in the garage and proceeded with my day's activities. About 30 minutes later, I heard a loud screeching sound coming from my garage. Upon entering my garage, I noticed that the scooter was lying on its side and that the room was full of smoke. Lots of things were out of place, knocked over and down, and there was debris everywhere.

The scooter was making a ticking sound, still plugged into its charger and when it would tick, the back wheel would spin a little. Now, I have no clue why this thing went berserk, but it's obvious that it took off on its own with so much force that it spun the back tire leaving about a 4 foot long trail of burned rubber on the garage floor. It shouldn't take much of an IQ to figure out that this situation could have hurt someone, perhaps even burnt my house down, but wait it gets worse. The scooter has emblems all over it. These emblems say "Terminator Scooter" and have a website address on them.

Of course, after this scooter went wacko, I went to the website and called the number at the top of the website, IT'S NOT EVEN THEIR NUMBER! According the 4th person who barely speaks English but is allegedly from "California", they are merely the importer of the scooters and have no clue why their number appears on the Terminator Scooter website. Try giving them a call. You will quickly get a feel for what I have dealt with over the last couple of hours.

These scooters are obviously dangerous and can take off like a rocket with nobody within 100 feet of it WITH THE KEY IN THE OFF POSITION. If they can do that, I hate to even try to fathom what can happen with a person on it. They obviously have electrical gremlins that can perhaps burn your house down and when one of these apparent deathtraps does something to harm you, your loved ones, or your personal property, you can expect to be hung up on and treated like a nuisance by their customer service techs.

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