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Texas Power Electricity Company Is Out For Themselves
By -

ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- I signed up with Texas Power about 2 years ago, I've hated it ever since but find myself stuck. I can't really afford to pay a deposit elsewhere right now and regret ever switching to Texas Power. They give you 2 extensions a year, 2 A YEAR! The extension is only for 7 days, there are NO EXCEPTIONS, NONE ZERO!!! In November of last year, 2009, I paid my bill 1 day late, my cut off was due for the 3rd and I paid it after midnight making it the 4th. 3 days later, on the 7th, THEY DISCONNECTED MY POWER. I called and they said that it was my fault for paying it late, never mind the fact that I ALREADY PAID MY BILL.

I spoke to 4 agents before I finally got an agent that said that I was NOT at fault. They fought with me on not charging the disconnect fee but finally after 2 hours of fighting with them, reversed the fee. My power was cut off at 2:30 pm and was not restored until 9 pm. I ended up spending $30+ on dinner out for my family of 6 for fast food. 2 of my fish ended up dying 3 days later. This company couldn't care less about its customers, all they care about is getting their money. By the way, they have a $300 deposit from me, the bill I was paying was $225.

Texas Power Rip-Off
By -

GRAPEVINE, TEXAS -- BEWARE!!! This company sent me a bill stating that they had under charged me for the past 6 months! Now mind you they were recommended to me by a local Christian radio show so I trusted them. Their customer service is horrendous and will do nothing more than demand the back money. STAY AWAY!!

Texas Power ~ FRAUD & Embezzlement
By -

MCKINNEY, TEXAS -- We were referred to this company through the Christian radio station 99.3 KLTY so we thought is would be safe. Several months went by at a rate of 11.9 Cents per KW so needless to say we were happy and seen no reason not to be. We went out of town for two weeks in July and expected our bill to be cheaper. When it arrived in the mail, much to our surprise our 11.9 cent rate jumped to 19 cents per KW and our bill was $100.00's more than the previous month despite the fact we had used HALF the electricity!

I called to inquire why and she stated it was because gas prices had increased.. blah blah. Needless to say it takes approx. a month to switch companies so we had to ride it out another month before the change went into effect. Bill number two comes in again almost $400.00's! for a mobile home! Tears streaming down my face, I didn't know what we were going to do. I still don't! To make matters worse we then received a notice the same day stating they had UNDER BILLED us for the last six months and that we were responsible for the 6 consecutive month BILLING error.

They stated that according to PUC rules and regulations they have the ability to bill you for any undercharged amount within a 6 month time frame which was exactly to the "T" what they were doing. They said in addition to the $400.00 bill for August we now owe them an additional $175.00's! for their billing error and that we have no rights but to pay! BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! is all I can say. I called 4 times and was referred to the bill pay arrangement desk where I was forced to leave my name and number for a call back. I am the mother of three young children and go to school full-time pre-med. My middle child has a rare genetic disorder.

Needless to say at this point in our life we are extremely low income and don't know what's going to happen from here. WE may be low income but I am highly educated and I Will report them to every person I can to prevent this from happening to more innocent people! I've filed with the Better B.B. and the P.U.C. I called to request bill pay assistance which they claim to have for families experiencing severe financial hardships! They referred me to 211 and told to seek help from my community providers! AGAIN BEWARE.. and please pass the word!

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