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False Advertising To Potential Employees
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DELEVAN, WISCONSIN -- I quit my job because I was working illegal hours for my age -- 10 hours a day six days a week, which I didn't really mind except that I wasn't learning really anything. Their method of doing things is throw you on and see what happens, which also made me feel very unsafe. They will ask you to do unsafe activities -- DECLINE them.

We open on Wednesday and didn't start practice until last Tuesday -- some of the horses weren't ready and were very nervous (they're Arabs) plus they put these fan things on our shoulders for the illuminated routine that made it so if we fell off we would either get stabbed in the back from the shards of wood and mirrors if we fell off backwards or have our lung or heart punctured by the heavy shoulder things from falling off forwards. Not knowing my experience of riding they put this fan thing on my back that would damage me very badly and most likely kill me if I fell off on a horse while also introducing three new things at a time to the horse.

There was also a battery pack flopping on her flanks which caused her to buck and luckily I knew Clinton Anderson's emergency one-rein stop otherwise I might not be here right now. I don't mind the bucking; I've started colts before and have experienced bucking on several occurrences, no big deal, but for them to have the dangerous fan thing on my back on a horse that could possibly buck -- actually setting up the situation for her to buck, not knowing my level of experience is what caused me mainly to leave. There was just no preparation in anything that the owner had organized.

There is bailing twine all over in the pasture and the stairs had to be redone three times because they didn't pass inspection. The water is disgusting and smells like rotten eggs. It felt more like a lure for young girls to work for her strip club than anything else-- she asked for photos and if we could dance before she accepted us, but who would have guessed that she owns two profitable strip clubs. With all the other things that were unsafe I didn't feel like getting killed for $25 a week plus not learning anything but how NOT to run a place. A lot of the other employees readily agreed with me and were think of also leaving once the show gets started.

She promised me things in the job description that could never have possibly been there and other interns left too because she agreed that all she wanted was cheap labor. I don't mind the grunt work, but for every ten hours of work I'd like to be gaining experience at least one of them. She made it sound as if we'd be getting lessons and such but there's no way that that is even a possibility! I flew in all the way from Oregon, got out of school early, jeopardized my honors diploma, and sold my horse so that I could work here.

I was the caretaker of seven stalled arabians, seven stalled national show horses (arab x saddlebred), a stalled lippizan, and two stalled freisans with the assistance of one of the trainers. Plus I was a catcher and groom of six broodmares, a gelding, five miniature ponies, two belgians, a percheron, six mini donkeys, and six yearlings/ two year olds, which had no preparation for when the farrier came. She said to bring our own training devices but we weren't even allowed to "train." The job title was "Assistant Trainer." How much of an assistant trainer does I sound to you?

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