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Worst Dating Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- They suck you in by telling you they have the perfect match for you but they can't give you any information on them until they get cleared i.e. after you pay lots and lots of $$$$$$. You give them your thousands then you get nothing. And when you get a match it's not a person anything like what you asked for. I'm an active person and stated I wanted an active person to hike with and they set me up with someone that must have weighed in at over 300lbs and told me that they got winded walking to the mailbox 2 blocks away. Really?

My other encounters weren't any better. Sure they will give you the number of matches during the right amount of time just so they don't have to give you your money back. No refunds and No service! Stay away from them. You will have better luck on which is FREE. Yes, I said FREE not thousands. Great people are on this site. Don't waste your money. I'd give them a -10 but it's not an option!

Dating Service
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Rating: 1/51

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Worst, rudest people, all they care about is getting your money! They go on and on about how great their service is! That they have a few clients that would be perfect for you right at this instance. Butter wouldn't melt in their mouth but after they get your money, they forget about you unless you constantly contact them! Their responses are so rude it totally makes you so mad, you want to have nothing EVER to do with that company again! Then they set you up with someone totally different than everything you told them you wanted! I don't know how these people sleep at night!

They say karma is a bitch, too bad I won't be around to see them get what they deserve! Too bad I didn't see this website before I gave them my money! They tell you they have hundreds of prospects for you! I've met 3! Worst matches you could ever image! No common interests AT ALL. It's been over 2 years, they say it takes time, Right! They were supposed to set me up with 10 different perfect matches, within a 3 year period. I don't think they understand even the concept of "perfect". At that point, you have to renew, which means paying them more money. It'll be a cold day in hell before I give them another penny.

This company is a SCAM !!!
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Don't sign any contract with these people. It's simply a rip-off. If you are fat or chubby, then you get maybe the right woman, but if you are intelligent and attractive, forget it. They promise you everything it takes, thus you sign and PAY. Then you get nothing for that. The company changed name, it was called "The Right One" before. Now it's called "The Ideal Match" ...but it's the same people, same tricks.

They had many law suits against them regarding "The Right One", and therefore they decided to change name. Maybe they changed their contracts as well, thus it will be even harder for you to fight at the court to get your money back. You can also search the web for "The Right One", "KAM Management", "eLove", etc. .... same scam. It's all run by the same owners.

It's the same crew/owners like "The Right One", just a different business model. A company that pretended to provide dating services of high quality, for which of course you had to pay. Unfortunately I trusted that without doing any web search and I've paid for their services after signing a contract. That contract was over 3 years, and it stated that I would get 10 contacts/dates of ladies who would well suit me, because of their high quality Dating Consultants.

Well, I was embarrassed to meet someone who was chubby/fat and on top of that had also some mental issues. Their second person wasn't even close to someone that I would ever go out with, not to talk about dating. I was then careful enough to not trust them anymore. But this didn't give me back the money I've paid.

On top of that very disappointing situation (meaning that they had NO great women in their database) came the second one: because that company was such a failure, they decided to screw the members. So, that company simply closed and contracts got canceled. Just like that. I got no call, no e-mail, no letter. Nothing. But I got a letter towards the end of 2010 telling me that my contract was terminated long time ago. Does this sound like an honorable company? Does this sound like professional services? I got NOTHING for my money ($2,600). Be careful about this company!! All the great and positive reviews are simply a setup.

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