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Terrible Moving Experience
By -

Going with The Moving Experts resulted in the WORST moving experience of my life! And I have moved a lot. I was planning a move from CO into temporary storage, then to Texas. The problems started with the fact that the sales representative clearly would say whatever he thought I wanted to hear in order for me to go with them. When I mentioned my hesitation with going with a broker he told me my move would be done by their guys coming from Chicago. Part of our arrangement was that they were going to be storing my items at their facility, which he informed me would probably be in Denver.

We had scheduled the move for Saturday, but at the last minute he said I had to give a 3 day window, just in case, so I said Fri - Sat under the impression that it wasn't a problem for them to come on Saturday. Then there was the issue about the quoted price. I was told that my inventory list was below the minimum amount, so as long as I didn't add anything huge like a bed, the quoted price wouldn't change. So what actually happened: The movers ended up arriving Friday morning, so I was completely unprepared. The movers were, of course, a brokered company. The men drove in from Maine, not Chicago.

They had no idea where my items were going to be stored (I still don't know where they are, 2 months later), and the move ended up costing me close to $1000 more than quoted! Not okay for someone that has just been laid off! I got charged extra for every tiny box that wasn't on the original list. PLUS, since they came earlier than I expected, I had to buy extra moving supplies from the company, and pay to have them packed, which added almost $500 to the cost of the move.

When I called The Moving Experts while the movers were there to discuss the change in price the sales representative was VERY unprofessional, defensive, and basically said, "I never said that," constantly. I then spoke to the manager, who was nicer, but did nothing to improve the situation. I hung up in tears. I then sent a follow up email voicing my concerns for how they were running their company and I got no response. They had a opportunity to make things right with me and they didn't take it. I can only assume they couldn't care less because they already had their money. The bottom line, DO NOT use them, and be sure to get everything in writing!

Horrible Service - Do Not Use
By -

FLORIDA -- Here is my saga with Moving Experts and Four Points Van Lines. I moved across the country from FL to IL and they were very bad at keeping in contact with me once they picked up my items. April 18, 2007: I called Moving Experts and explained that April 25 was the day I could accept delivery on my furniture. Moving Experts thanked me for calling and said I would have my furniture delivered within 10 business days of the first available day for delivery (4/25/07). First frustration: my early calling did not count toward a faster delivery.

April 25, 2007: I called the Four Points Vans to try to determine a delivery date, I left a voicemail with my cell phone number on the answering machine. Four Points returned my call (to my cell phone) and I was told that the truck was going to be in town (FL) either Thursday or Friday (4/26 or 4/27) and that they would load my items up and call me when they were in IL to set up a delivery.

April 27, 2007: I called Four Points Vans and left another voicemail on the answering machine explaining that I just found out I was going to be out of town 5/1/07 and 5/2/07 for work and to please call me back to discuss the details of my move. Again, I provided my cell phone number and asked that they call me back. I had a person lined up to accept delivery in my place and I wanted to set up the details with them.

May 3, 2007: Having never returned my call from 4/27/07, I called Four Point Vans again and asked for an update on my furniture delivery. At this point I was told that they called me on Sat. 4/28/07 and left a message saying they were going to delivery on Monday 4/30/07. I explained that I never received a message nor did I have any missed calls on my cell phone. What number did you call? Four Point Van lines said they did not know which number they called.

They also said that since I left voicemail saying I wasn't going to be able to accept delivery, they sent my items back in the truck to FL!! I explained that I had a person ready to accept in my place and had asked them to call me back and they never did. Plus if they were ready to deliver on Monday, I was still in town. After talking with Four Points, I called Moving Expert to try to determine an exact delivery. I was told that because I was unable to accept delivery when they were in town, I would have to wait. They could not determine when my next delivery would be.

May 4, 2007: Four Points Van Lines called to tell me that they would call me on Monday 5/7/07, to set up a specific delivery time for that day. May 7, 2007: I call Four Points Van Lines in the morning to try to determine an exact delivery so I can inform my work. At this point I am told that during the conversation on 5/4/07, they never said they could set up a specific delivery time and that my items were still in FL. I was also told that because I was out of town the week before, they would not be delivery within 10 days as promised.

I was very frustrated and again asked why my phone call from 4/27/07 was never returned. At this point, I was told that as the customer, I should have called back if I didn't hear from them in 24 hours. I explained the theory that as the business, you should return your customer's phone calls. I also pointed out that the answering machine says that if you call during business hours (which I had), someone will call you right back (which they didn't). I explained that I either expect my items to be delivered in the guaranteed 10 business days or I would like a discount on the delivery price.

At this point the Four Points Van contact very rudely said he was surprised by my attitude and hung up on me!! When I called back, he claimed we got disconnected. Perhaps, but I don't believe it. After my conversation with Four Points, I called Moving Experts to again express my frustration with the lack of communication and respect I felt during this process. Again I asked for a firm delivery date and some sort of compensation for them delivering past the agreed upon 10 days.

I was told they were pulling phone records to try to pull up my voicemail as well as the phone number Four Points called on 4/28/07. Later in the day, a person from Four Points called and said I would have my furniture by the “weekend” and they would call me on Friday 5/11/07 with more details. I asked whether the “weekend” meant Friday or Sunday and she said at that time they could not say. I also received a call from Moving Experts to verify that Four Points had called me and that they would call again on Friday.

May 9, 2007: I called Moving Expert to see if there were any updates or changes I should be aware of regarding my furniture delivery. I was told that Four Points was still on track to call on Friday 5/11/07 with delivery details. May 11, 2007: Four Points Van Lines calls and informs me that the truck with my furniture is just leaving FL today and I can expect delivery in four to five days. Frustrated, I ask what changed since on Monday I was told I would have delivery by the end of the weekend.

I called Moving Experts again to express frustration with still not having an exact delivery date, not having a clear answer on a discount and not having an answer as to why what Four Points promises keeps changing. I was told that there will be a discount applied, but they can't determine it until an exact delivery is known. In four or five days they will know more.

May 14, 2007: Four Points calls to say that they will deliver my items tomorrow (5/15/07) morning. I ask what time in the morning, so I can inform my work. They say they don't know, but it should be pretty early. I also ask again about the discount and they tell me to call back in the morning.

May 15, 2007: I call Four Points to determine a discount and I am told the best they can give me $50 off the original price!! I was so frustrated but really wanted my stuff, so I didn't press the issue. The movers finally show up at 12:30 pm (so much for early morning). They take 2-1/2 hours to unload my items. I live in a one bedroom apartment and don't have much stuff. Although I finally have my stuff and there doesn't seem to be any damage, I did have to miss the whole day of work after I promised I would be in that afternoon.

The driver gave no apology or reason for why they were late. All in all, I am glad this horrible experience is over. I will never again work with Moving Experts or Four Point Van Lines. I would have been better off renting a U-Haul and doing this myself. Beware!

Confusion and Lies!
By -

ESSEX, MARYLAND -- I called around to find the best price and movers around. I went with the lowest estimate-The Moving Experts. I went over the inventory list 3 times, updating it whenever I bought something new i.e. new bedroom set... About 10 days before the scheduled move, I received a call with a final inventory list and to pick the days for pick up/drop off and were we flexible? We stated..."Thursday the 25 of April, not flexible. Drop off, anytime after the 1st of May until the 15th, flexible." MD to ND move... I was quoted $2645.

April 23rd I received a call from Movers USA with a gentleman unable to speak clear English - he was Ukrainian. He told me he was arriving the evening of the 24th to load our belongings - I then went on to explain that I was unable to do that, the date was set for the 25th, NOT the 24th. He continued to argue that he was told I would be flexible on the date. They ended up arriving at 10 am on the 24th. After I took off work.... When he (the uk. driver) came into our residence, he said "you have way more things than the estimate." He showed me his inventory list and it was ONLY HALF of what I had set up for!

Our estimate then went up to 5000! He added on some odd cubic feet, GAS SURCHARGE of 115$ and 995$ in packing materials! I was able to get over all this. HOWEVER.... When they arrived in ND they called me and told me that they would arrive May 3rd. They showed up May 2nd at 9 am. The driver, in his pajamas, his wife who does NOT work for the company and an older gentleman who may have just been picked up off the streets and paid. They told my husband they would only take CASH 300$ to move our stuff up the apartment steps and would not complete the move until they were paid. So they sat in their truck.

My husband called me frantic... after having paid 5g's for a move we could have done ourself, we were strapped for cash and he was unable to do anything. I then called The Moving Experts back and asked what was going on.... why they needed cash and what the fuel surcharge was, why so many packing materials were needed... etc. They called the movers, Movers USA, and called me back.

Here is what she said to me in so many words..." The estimate must not have been updated, I cannot help you with the overall price. I will send you a check for 115$ because we DO NOT charge a fuel surcharge to our customers. I will also incur all charges for moving your things up the steps." I asked why she would be willing to incur the charges, she stated, "well, they are not allowed to accept cash, and you have already paid for the flights of steps. They were trying to take your money."

WOW! They also disassembled a bed from IKEA which are painstaking to put together... left behind 16 pieces of that bed (screws, etc) in the old house. Upon delivery they did NOT reassemble the bed. They left rudely. So there it is. A long rant. We were almost scammed out of four hundred and some odd dollars. I highly recommend The Moving Experts... but if you do go through them ask to NOT BE MOVED BY MOVERS USA. Horrible service. Also there was damage to most furniture.

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