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Avoid The Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Company
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I am a co-insured under a policy from The Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Company, and a loss was recently incurred on this policy. After the adjustment process, which took a very long time (5 months!), I was shocked to have The Providence send me a claim seeking reimbursement for the claim they had just adjudicated.

The claim states that they are seeking reimbursement for a loss covered under the policy (they are not disputing whether or not the loss was covered). This is COMPLETELY ILLEGAL under Massachusetts general laws' consumer protection statutes. What's the point of insurance if the insurance company pays a claim and seeks reimbursement you?

The adjuster I spoke with was an idiot, and no one at the company seems to care. I cannot get this resolved. I am about to embark on legal proceedings against this company, but wanted to caution anyone seeking to do business with The Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Company that, in my opinion, they are as shady and unethical as they come. Look elsewhere.

Avoid This Insurance Company
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MAINE, MAINE -- My father's house and seasonal home were both insured by The Providence, The Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Company/Providence Rhode Island, probably for more than 50 years. Recently, my father moved into an assisted living facility, following some health issues which may or may not be temporary, leaving his home unoccupied for now. Unfortunately a pipe burst in the cellar and given the time of year and temperature caused a fair amount of mold damage even though the house was checked several times a week by my sister, who lives within 2 miles of my Dad's house.

The cost of clean up was over $6000.00 which The Providence did not cover. No problem, it was mold, which many insurance companies no longer cover unless you pay extra for a "mold clause." My dad did not have a mold clause and so paid for the clean up out of pocket. No harm, no foul... until now.

Two days ago my sister who is Power of Attorney gets a call from our agent. The Providence is cancelling our policy on both the house and the seasonal home. We didn't file a claim, the house is unoccupied only for the moment and is checked and checked often. If my dad was on vacation would his house be covered? If he lived part of the year in Florida and part of it in Maine, would it be covered? The point is, we didn't even claim anything once we were told that we could not without a mold clause and now his coverage is being cancelled.

Buyer beware, Insurance companies are becoming the slimiest, shadiest most low life scum sucking businesses on the planet. Make sure when you are shopping that you are covered because insurance companies are just looking to take your money and give you nothing in return. Shop carefully.

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