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COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- First of all, I am an intelligent woman with a Master's degree in education who was duped by this company. I moved to SC a year ago and was at a low point in my time here. Because the demands of a new job, a new home and a new country were weighing me down, I thought that I would seek the services of someone who could introduce me to like-minded individuals for friendship and companionship. After an initial interview with the owner, I was bombarded with phone calls preying on my loneliness.

She lied to me about potential introductions and the time frame involved in meeting those. I was assured during this face to face interview that I would be an 'easy' match and that there were people in their books... right at that very moment, who would be "perfect". I was "handed over" to someone who has never ever met me. This 'relationship consultant", was given the task of matching me with suitable introductions with people with whom I would have something in common. How could she know whether someone is suitable if she has never met me?

When I did inquire whether we were moving along, I was met with a form email addressing someone else. (a breach of etiquette, and confidentiality). When I asked to talk to the owner, who promised to handle my case personally, I was told that “She is not available to clients on a regular basis."

No one made verbal contact with me for 38 days. The only email communication was, basically, to tell me not to bother them. I called their offices on Richland Street on several occasions and received an answering machine message on each occasion. No real person was available. They use only answering machines and email, and their email address is not individualized, so it is next to impossible to reach the person to whom you wish to speak.

It was 38 days with no commitment from the staff, and a total lack of communication on the part of The Relationship Company before I got any sort of contact from someone about their service...and this was only after I complained. What kind of people should I expect them to match me with when I have made numerous complaints?

Please do not make the same mistake that I did…I let them prey on my loneliness, and was duped into believing that they may change my life. If this reaches one person out there that is thinking of using the Relationship Company, then I have done my job.

Company Response 09/16/2009:

Our company takes great pride in making matches that work instead of just sending names and numbers with very little reason for the match. It is not unusual for an individual to feel that something is amiss when they do not have an introduction right away. What is shared with all our members is that this is a process, one that is quick for some and can be lengthy for others. Not only do we value all of our clients but we do not take the fact that they have placed an investment into our service and their future lightly.This is the reason that we are cautious when sending introductions there is alot to weigh and just sending an introduction when someone is requesting one seems like the logical choice but one we refuse to make because that would be breaching the trust our members have given us. Our members don't have difficulty dating the difficulty is in meeting quality , compatible people. This is not a service people come to just meet someone who has things in common but someone they can make a depper connection with. These types of decisions can not and should not be rushed regardless of the investment made. Again, I completely understand the anxiety or anger that may come from waiting but I assure all current and future members our company does not make people wait because they are unimportant or forgotten nor do we take your investment and then just send introductions that won't work. Our process is selective and in being selective and taking our time we are successful for our members. This requires patience. I would rather deal with bad press as in this case and deliver a great service and make each member successful than simply fulfilling a contract and sending all introductions owed. We don't look at our members as people that are owed a service but individuals that have placed their hard earned money , their faith and hope in meeting someone special in our hands.
I realize that some will read this entry as an owner trying to cover his business but to all of our members current and future in the event there is ever any doubt I encourage you to drop by your local office and look at the testimonial book , these are real. The Relationship Consultants you have met or will meet care a great deal about what they do for each of their members. The Relationship Company will continue as it has for many years changing the lives of serious, sincere singles. Our commitment remains the same as it has always been that our members success is our success and we will continue that mission for all of our very valued clients.

Kenneth Pogue
The Relationship Company

Promises What They Can't Do
By -

MASSACHUSETTS -- None of the control of an online dating site and none of the features of a true match maker, plus it's VERY expensive: You're interviewed by the company owner, she fills out a card with amazingly generic information about you and then passes it along to the "match maker" who you can't meet even if you ask to.

The "match maker" then matches up your demographic info with that of whoever else is in their service, sends the match info along to the coordinator, the coordinator then calls you and describes the person by height, weight, religion, eye color, job title, hobbies, and maybe a couple of other things. You don't see a picture, you don't ever get a feel for whom the person really is.

They kept matching me with people that a stranger on the street would know weren't good matches for me. No matter how much info I gave them on what I was looking for (including pics of men I've dated, descriptions of my family members, my profiles from dating websites, etc etc etc) they simply DID NOT GET IT. From the second laughably arbitrary match onward my friends were convinced I'd been screwed.

I asked for my money back, they only offered to downgrade me to a lower level of service for a partial refund and have the owner and match maker work with me personally. I took them up on the latter part of the offer but the matches remained ridiculously wrong. I'm in the second round of the complaint process with the Better Business Bureau; The Relationship Co is painting me as impossible to please.

I don't think there's any malice behind what they do, I just think it's a service designed and run by people who have no clue. Unless your only criteria for a match are height, weight, eye color, hair color, job title and hobbies, don't waste your thousands of dollars on this company!!

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