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Terrible firm - they will waste both your time AND money
By -

TREVOSE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Dealing with The Furniture is HELL. They are absolutely unprofessional and will waste your time in any way possible. We ordered a bedroom set and paid $400 for "white glove delivery." On the day when we were supposed to receive the furniture, we get a call and we're told that it should arrive "between 9 am and 1 pm." Nobody shows up by 1:30. We call 3 times until the sales associate tells us that the driver has some kind of problem with the truck. We are told that he is not coming that day. But the sales person wouldn't provide information as to when the driver will deliver our set.

We have to call again and again - just to find that the driver has a flat tire. We are told that he will come the next day - no time available. And so we go out of our home. 20 minutes later - we call to find out what time we should be home the next day. We are now told that the driver is going to come after all - at 4:40 pm. It's 5 pm - and there is still no one. We call the firm - "Oh, he is running late, he will be there by 5:30." 5:30 pm - still no one. I call again - "Wait until 6, okay? Give the guy some break." 6:00 pm - guess what? Still no furniture. I call the salesperson and he says that he will talk to the driver who should call me "within the next 2 minutes."

6:25 pm - Still no bedroom set and no call from anyone. I call the firm to let them know that we must go out at 7 pm. (We had dinner reservations.) The sales associate SCREAMED at both me and my spouse for a good 10 minutes each. He was saying how the driver was up since 5 am and how tired he probably was. He spoke about the flat tire at least 7 or 8 times. I let him know that I am a woman and even I fix a flat tire for 20-30 mins. - not for 5 hours! I get yelled at again. I had to listen to a crappy story about "the poor driver" who lives in Staten Island and needs to pay his bills and works 16-hour shifts...

We are finally told to "go to dinner and forget it." The sales person continues screaming in my ear over the phone, refusing to give me the driver's cell phone number, so that I can talk to him directly. I am told that they will deliver the next day. The sales person HANGS UP on me. 6:50 pm - We are about to leave the house when we get a call - from the driver, who barely speaks English. He is calling us from a blocked number. He says that he will be there "in 15-20 minutes." We wait. 7:20 pm - still no driver. So we leave the house. 7:50 pm - we get a call from the driver, saying he's there. So we go back.

The "white glove delivery" included the 2 delivery men scratching my hardwood floors, as well as staining my white walls on numerous places. They spent about 20 minutes assembling everything - we were told that it will take "at least 3 hours." They even had the audacity to ask for "hot tea." !?!?!? I would NOT recommend The Furniture to anyone. People who work there don't care about you and your time. They are rude, ignorant and would scream at you a lot. The furniture itself was shaky and unstable. My spouse had to fix it for another hour, after their people left.

Utterly Unprofessional
By -

Avoid the company. We ordered expensive furniture with a promised delivery of roughly 4 weeks. At 5 weeks, they wrote to say the order would take at least 10 more weeks and that it may take longer, could not be returned and that once ordered must be paid for regardless of delivery date. Unreal. There are good online furniture companies out there. This is not one of them.

Buyer beware!!! False advertisers and horrible service
By -

Had a horrible experience with them. Bought a bedroom set. Well look at the irony... they claim that the platform bed that I ordered (as advertise on their website) does not come with a platform - they simply said it is a mistake on their website - for heaven's sake... it is an online store and if they cannot have the right information there that's just false advertising. Secondly, after lot of insisting they sent me the invoice from the manufacturer which has 2 additional pieces on it that I haven't received... there reply Oh! It's again a mistake on the invoice. They are still not willing to send me in writing from the manufacturer as to what pieces the bed comes with.

I have checked a lot of retail stores with similar beds and all come with a platform or central support frame. To add to that such horrible customer service who has no regard for the customer. Moreover the delivery was 1 guy showing up in a truck - had to convince him to actually help me take all that heavy furniture to the bedroom. They suck... please beware!!!

Damaged furniture - Worst Customer Service Imaginable
By -

The furniture showed up damaged, partly due to UPS and partly due to the manufacturer not packaging the furniture well. reordered the piece and I didn't hear back from them for 2 months. I called them several times to get status, but they never contact me. When I finally called them one time I was told it was going to be delivered the next day! That was great, but unfortunately this one was even more damaged! I strongly suspect it was the same one, just repackaged.

When I sent them pictures of the second one, they called me and offered to refund my money or order a new one and said I could keep, or dispose of, the piece. I chose to get the refund. That was great! I was pretty happy. The refund never came! After 2 weeks I never received the refund so I called them back. After being on hold for 15 minutes they came back on and said I did have to send the piece back and they would order another one, and by the way UPS was scheduled to pick it up today!

The lady in customer service did not want to hear about any previous discussions and would not let me talk to anyone above her. Luckily I had kept the armoire and box! So this is still unresolved and I don't know if I'll ever get my money back or what I ordered. I would caution anyone about ordering anything from ""!!!

Good experience
By -

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- Item came in a very good condition. Pleased with experience, love Google check out. Will definitely buy from them again.

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