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Charged $25 for Rescheduling an Appointment Within 24 Hours
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LIVINGSTON, NEW JERSEY -- My OBGYN put a new policy in place in January of 2010 that any cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment would cost the patient $25. He didn't inform any of his patients. The receptionist told me something to the effect that it didn't make financial sense to send letters to all of his patients to inform them of the new policy. I haven't been to the office since before then, so I don't know if it is posted in the office. I had an appointment for June 22 and had to reschedule it because of various reasons. I did call within 24 hours of the appointment, which I normally try to avoid, but sometimes things happen.

Since I was getting charged anyway, I cancelled the appointment since I was afraid something else would come up and I'd get charged another $25. Yesterday, July 28, I got a bill from the doctor! Not for $25, though. For $5. Apparently, I had a $20 credit on my account from my last appointment (around November 2008) that I was not aware of. They went ahead and applied that credit to my cancellation fee and then sent me a bill for $5.

Pretty sad that that's what a longtime patient is worth, isn't it? It didn't make financial sense to send a letter to me about the new policy, but I guess it makes perfect financial sense to send me a bill for $5. Now I'm looking for a new doctor who has a little more than just money in mind. Yes, I know that will be difficult, but I can try!

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