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Makes you Stressed!!!! Worst Co.
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Rating: 1/51

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- I wanted a home phone and thought about getting cable. I already had High Speed Internet so I considered a bundle. First of all, these old HD DVR Scientific Atlantic boxes are the terrible. Mine freezes every single night I go to watch TV. It's annoying and I figure I spend an hour or more a week total trying to get this damn thing to do what it's supposed to do with no problem-but nope, it's always a problem. Already switched a box and have had people look at the lines and every thing was said to be okay-but it wasn't, obviously.

I was promised a newer Samsung HD DVR box but now I'm told they're in high demand but have few to offer. So why was I told I could get one when I signed up? They lied to me from the start and I should have known right there I was getting into a company that doesn't care about their customers but themselves. Making it even worst, as soon as I had service, I noticed right off the bat that I was experiencing the problems I've continue to have today. They supposedly give you 30 days warranty and I should have taken that advantage when I could have.

They charge you a month ahead and so in no time your bill is past due-and I'm suddenly in the hole paying my bills because of Time Warner tacking on 20 plus dollars a month because of being late when technically I'm not late but am by their standards. They say they can work with you on a payment plan but that's ** because when I asked the guy about the plan he said the "plan" is paying the minimum... lol What a LOAD OF **!!!

This is a racket and it's wrong how they're treating people. I can't even cancel services because I can't get anyone on the phone! I just called and now they're saying that there's an unusual wait time so fine, I'll wait it out while on speaker phone.. Four days ago I spent an hour on the phone for nothing - I got hung up on! I want cable but can't deal with this headaches anymore.

I'm so stressed out over this. Just as I catch up and pay the damn bill, I'm already past due from the new month. With Dish Network, I never had these issues, their equipment was wonderful and I was extremely happy with service but decided to try TWC since I already had their High Speed & getting a land line. Biggest mistake I made.

A word of advice, you want Cable-do not go to Time Warner! Go to Dish Network instead! I'm still looking into all these charges I'm paying. My bill started at 154 a month and now I'm trying to figure out why it's been 168 a month (before late fees). Don't do it. They make it easy, you call them up-they're kind but after they got you, you'll not experience any pleasantry after wards. Good luck, wish me lots of it because I'm going to need it.. (still waiting for an operator by the way and I've even walked away for 15 minutes for coffee and to make a sandwich!!!!)

Center Ice Services preempted by MLB on Time Warner Cable
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Rating: 1/51

SYRACUSE/BUFFALO/NYC, NEW YORK -- I have been a Time Warner customer for almost one year. I have had every problem under the sun. Could not get the weather channel for the 1st 3 weeks. DVR records nothing but black or a message that says this "channel is unavailable at this time." Tuning to channels that just black out. I have also been recently charged $3.94 per month for a modem that was to be included in my package price. Apparently, this has begun a class action lawsuit against this deceitful communications company.

I also subscribe to NHL center ice. Not only do I experience the above issues with this service as well but Time Warner has found a new way to (in my opinion) rip people off. Services that are paid for in advance are not being delivered. I live in upstate NY. I am 6 hours form Buffalo, 8 or more hours from NYC, and my closest NHL team is 1.5 hours away in Ottawa Ontario, Canada.

On Tuesday March 26 2013, Buffalo Sabers at Tampa Bay Lightning. Even if this game were in Buffalo, I would not drive 6 hours to see this game live. This game was in Tampa Florida over 1300 mile away from my home. The center Ice channel said this game was "required to be blacked out in my local market area." Maybe this part is true but I don't think that's how blackouts work.

All that week the NHL center ice channels were not working in the day. There were no game replays between 3/26 and 3/30/13. Replays are part of the agreement for center ice. Also missing was the Statistics channel for NHL (also part of the deal). Time Warner could not and would not offer an explanation to this. Then it got much worse.

On Saturday March 30th, Center Ice seemed to work OK until game time. The 10:30pm (eastern) game between the Phoenix Coyotes and San Jose Sharks was not on. Instead I got the same message that the game was "required to be blacked out in my local market area." This game was in San Jose California which is about 3000+ miles from me. If this required blackout were the case I would not get any games. This game was not on the HD channel 1119 or the standard Def channel 1122. Both had this message.

I called tech support and the tech said they are getting lots of calls about this and working to remedy this. This was at 11:23 pm on 3/30/13. The next day I was looking for this games replay and could not find it. On the channel where the live game and replays were supposed to be I found the same message at 11am on 3/31/13 (required to be blacked out in my local market area). This was a replay of the previous nights game. Replay blacked out? But it gets worse.

Later that day, (Sun. 3/31/13 At 6pm) I tried to watch the Los Angeles Kings at the Dallas Stars. Again, this game is thousands of miles from my market area. I got the same message regarding my "local market area". I called tech support. While waiting on hold, I checked for this game on the SD channel 1122 and it was on their in Standard Def. Why does the HD channel say "required to be blacked out". Is time Warner lying to customers and used blackout restrictions that don't apply to games.

I spent over an hour on the line again. The tech was trying to find out why this was happening. He attributed it to the fact that Time Warner uses the same channels (1112 through 1134) for both NHL center ice and MLB baseball. The tech went on to say that I am "probably going to run in to this issue a lot now that baseball is starting, especially on the HD channels."

Prepaid Hockey preempted by MLB is not what NHL center ice customers pay for. I believe the messages about "local market area" are false statements. These blackouts or not because of FCC or NHL Rules but due to Time Warner's Unwillingness or Technical inability to assign separate channels for Mlb and NHL. Direct TV does have separate channels. Is time Warner using FCC and NHL blackout rules to mask this problem that is obviously within their system.

In my opinion this is not only blaming the FCC and/or NHL but an abuse of these blackout restrictions. It is also my opinion that this is another method time Warner uses to rip off unsuspecting Hockey consumers. All subscribers paid in advance for NHL center Ice and press releases about the agreements for this year state that it includes same day replays and that it runs from 1/19/13 to 4/27/13.

Today is April first yet I have already had NHL games (both HD and sd) have been blocked or preempted by Mlb baseballs package. This morning I turned to the NHL channels and see that there is no hockey schedule as usually but the Mlb schedule is there instead. This caused me to form the opinion that Time Warner already got the Money from Hockey fans and now the need to get MLB subscribers money at the expense of the NHL subscribers. Many have paid for this and expect hockey until 4/27.

To broadcast games on SD channels and black out the same game on HD under the guise of "Blackout restrictions" should be criminal (and it may be). After the call to tech support yesterday, I requested to be transferred to cancellations department. As I explained my concerns about this, the representative tried to use these same lies to "make me go away". When the representative realized I had researched the accurate info and would not buy his explanations, it got quiet and then the representative hung up. I called back two more times to the same department and again was hung up on both times.

I call last week regarding this issue, I was actually told (in a very snotty tone) is because of FCC rules. I believe that is false. In my research I discovered that time Warner had or has a lawsuit against them regarding Illegal modem charges. I too have had these charges even though my agreement was to include this in the monthly fee. Hopefully someone looks into this and files another class action suit against time Warner for this deceitful business practices regarding sports packages.

I have even contacted the Office of the President (on numerous occasions) where a representative there also lied to me and was extremely argumentative. I will not be going through this for the full price of the package next year. I will most likely switch to Direct TV as there are no other cable providers available due to time warrens monopoly on my area. It is obvious to me Time Warner is not interested in fixing the issues. I will be taking this up through other avenues as I have given time Warner a year and never had anything resolved.

Anyone else having these problems (and I am sure they are) can file a complaint a There is also a similar complaint line for the federal trade commission. I would also encourage letters or other communique directly to the National Hockey League offices. They may be interested to know what time Warner is doing to hockey fans to accommodation Mlb. They may have issue with the way the product is being mishandled by Time Warner. ** is the attorney that was involved in the other class action lawsuit against Time Warner. I wonder if he would be interested to look in to this. For others with this issue, ** office is on Avenue of the Americas In NYC.

Time Warner Cable caused me to have an emotional breakdown.
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ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- On August 02, 2011 my apartment caught on fire in which destroyed everything I owned including Time Warner Cable Equipment. Thank God I did have renters insurance. So in the month of September I finally was able to find a place to live in which I was very excited to do, because of the places I had to live because of the fire. I called Time Warner Cable to have my services transferred and to pay the balance due on my account. I relied completely on Time Warner Cable to be able to give me the balance owed on my account simply because all the bill that I had was destroyed in the fire.

The agent that took my call told me that all I owed was $50.00 dollars, so that is what I paid. We then was able to set up an appointment to have my services connected. My services was connected on September 8, 2011. After 2 whole months had passed I received a call from ** in the collection department saying that my service will be disconnected tomorrow if I fail to set up payment arrangement with her now. I explained to her that I was not aware of such a balance due and that there is no way that I could make a payment because I just paid my bill for Time Warner Cable of $303.00 two days prior.

I immediately became ill because I work from my home and I have to have internet and my phone service to do so. While we was talking she disconnected my service. I started crying uncontrollable. I couldn't breathe. She told me to calm down. I had so much pressure on me through this lady ** that I had no choice to give her dates out of my state of confusion on when I could pay this bill. She said that I had to pay the bill before the month is out.

I paid the first payment, so when the second due date came which was 2 weeks later, I called Timer Warner Cable because I couldn't meet that deadline in such short notice. I was advised that I didn't have to make a payment today but I needed to make a payment the following Wednesday to avoid disconnect. I trusted the agent again. So my time came to clock in for work and about 30 minutes toward the end of my shift Time Warner Cable disconnected my cable, internet and phone services.

After paying my the bill with borrowed money my services was reconnected all to be disconnected again by ** because I advised her after she phoned me, that I no longer needed her services and that I was going to make a formal complaint against her and everyone else who provided me with false information and downright lousy service. I then had to call Time Warner Cable again to find out why ** did this. The supervisor said that she did not understand why my service was disconnected. I kept on stressing to her that ** did it. She eventually was able to reconnect my services. I wish that I could get another provider but unfortunately they are the only company in my area.

Time Warner Cable of GSO, NC Totally Incompetent
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GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I would really like everyone to just read the review and comment on the service and tech work. I have lost thousands of dollars here for a -17 signal. And I just found out that the previous owner had to have a AMP/Boost box attached here to get the service working, and that was installed by TWC. When they moved they took the AMP/Booster box with them I did not know this. All TWC did was push a button and switch my service to a new house, never once coming out here to check to see if my equipment was correct or that I had the correct equipment to run the services that were promised to me in a BINDING CONTRACT that I fulfilled but they did not!

I had more services than the previous owner so I would think that I needed a AMP/Booster also but I am not a TECH so I had no clue except for what they would tell me on the phone and you know how that goes. I talked to the previous owner a few days ago while I am putting this all together for the BBB and found out about the AMP/Booster. My god TWC should have come out here and hooked up my service instead of flipping a switch at their office and calling it done. So when I called TWC finally about this they would say went cannot monitor all of their customers?!?!?!?! I found that hard to swallow.

If TWC are going to run a monopoly and pronounce themselves as the premier Cable/Phone/Internet service company then by god they should produce. Who ever made the comment about nothing being perfect, you are right nothing is but I at least expect service on time and not having to call them over 100 times in a few months because they won't even bother to figure this out. I am in the service industry myself and never ever would do this to a customer.

I have cakes, cookies, tips, etc waiting for me when I go to a service, not screaming customers because I promised something I couldn't/wouldn't deliver. I have even been threatened by them and hung up on. Is that the way to treat a customer that is paying on time and fulfilling their contract? Do I not have the right to say something when I am being stolen from? I have no problem paying my bills, but I refuse to pay for something that I am not receiving in full. Go to ** and check out one of the videos I took from my TV and tell me if you want to pay for that.

I was under contract or I would have changed services in a heartbeat for this. But that's the cowards way out and it lets them get away with even more, well I say no more and I do not like to be stolen from or lied to. The only way to stop this is for people to band together and agree on what we can do about it. All I see are a bunch of people too scared to take on the status quo.

They should not tell us what to do, we allow them into our cities and towns when they promise stuff and then some of us get shafted. Well why don't we all go back to writing bad checks and crap again then it would be the same. (A bunch of pissed off people owing something to someone else) is that really where we are headed again? Whatever happened to standing up for what is right? When did people lose their backbones? I have still got mine and it will always be here so take your best shot TWC or any other company that's trying to steal out of our pockets, someone will find out and hopefully will make a stand against you also.

TWC flat out lied on their BBB response to the complaint and I have over 40 incriminating things that will put those chumps at TWC looking like the biggest liars in NC. I'll link em all every where if I have to for people to see. People might say enough is enough but that's only the people who don't want to hear or see the REALITY of it or life in general.

They now have me down as a complaining customer that they are trying to make happy lol, whereas I have the videos of them cutting my line 6 times in the snow and some not in the snow and cutting my neighbors lines because they sent no locators until 4th dig and so on. Complaining customer? HELL YES!! Your digging up 480 of my yard before Christmas and killing my neighbors lines + phone that runs a daycare so she's mad because she cannot get calls from the parents so she is losing money also.

None of that is mentioned in their report just that there was no problem with my service? (I'm Confused) They told me if I didn't call they would not know there was a problem because they cannot monitor everyone of their customers but at the same time when I do start calling I am now a complaining customer? If that doesn't sound like a scam to you all then I must be crazy.

So please read this review and comment about it please lol. I will post a different review about blue eyes OK that we can all get on :P. I'll be adding more. This has been going on for 2 years and 7 months now. Oh and btw my service was finally restored just 2 weeks ago and I already owe my first bill in the next 7 days lol. Ahh life. Come on people are you with me?

3-1-11 There must be accountability for actions taken by these large companies, and if we do not voice it how are others to know? Btw thank you for some of those comments :P lol, and also the people who actually did read it and commented on it. I am trying to replace the pic with a pic of just one of my service issues. Thank you. As of today I am waiting on the response from the BBB and TWC, then I will go from there. But one thing in this world I will not stand is lying, it will come back to get you every time! And they are caught. And I do not blame TWC for my accident, I am just stating what has happened to me and the reason I did not notice how bad the problem was.

My problem with TWC started on Nov 1st 2008 when I moved into my new home. It is 480 feet off the road and TWC installed 560 of cable, (which was already on the ground when I moved in) even after telling me that 400 feet of cable was hard to get a signal through and the still didn't cut it. (If it's too far then why give me service? Or why leave so much extra cable for the signal to have to run through? There is a TWC junction box that can fit 10 people in it beside my house about 75 yards away..)

I went by what they had said/done after all they are supposed to be the professionals. I was paying $166.00 for a service and expected nothing more than what they said they could give. I made multiple calls to TWC after moving in because my signal was bad and they would just say they were working in the area or they would refresh my boxes, which seemed to help for periods of time. But I live alone and rarely used more than one service at a time. So I really never noticed a problem just glitches and things when the phone would ring or if I was uploading an upgrade for a game or something the phone would cut off every few min even down to every few seconds.

In June of 2009 just 6 1/2 months of living here I was hit from behind in my truck while I was working by someone on their cell phone. I sustained many injuries and the worst one was to my head. I could no longer watch a regular TV (Any models that had slow framing) any more because for some reason I could see the frame works flashing down and it would make me pass out. I was in 3 times a day therapy and having head injections through my forehead and temples and soft spot and such it hurt so bad.

When I would get home all I wanted to do was cry and sit in the dark. My TV of course was an old one so I did not watch TV/Internet again until May 2010. That was when for a present I was given a 46" LCD TV. I was so happy that I could finally catch up on my shows lol. I even went and got the HD box and everything, soon as its all installed and ready to go "BOOM" half picture, words blurring together. I have plenty of videos, audios and such that they won't even look at.

So I started calling them to get it fixed and also my Pricelock guarantee that they would not honor even though I had fulfilled my part of the contract and they were the ones who mailed it to me. It took them 2 weeks and still could not figure out how to bill me even though I'm standing there with a paper in my hand, that they should be able to print off since they sent it to me. I had to finally step up and say hey since you can't figure it out.

"Managers" just throw me on the 33,33,33 deal on the TV right now and they did in just less that 30 min probably (WoW). They started to work on my house and found that I was receiving a -17 signal coming into my house. Now for anyone out there I really don't want to pay 166 bucks a month for a -17 signal when I'm supposed to have super turbo boost. The wire running to my house was no bigger than a pencil and the New Ones (x) 6 were all bigger than 2 or 3 fingers put together. That's when they started cutting the lines of the 2 house's in front of me.

So they would come out to fix their lines and cut mine then fix mine and cut theirs again this happened 6 times over 6 months right at Christmas too. I have lost over 2000 dollars on my pay check due to having to be off days for them to be here and the 5 hours they were here the day after Thanksgiving on a Sunday when I wanted to be at church. And especially the days where they don't show up and when you call in they want you to take another day off work.

How am I supposed to pay the bill if I cannot work because TWC is at my house all the time it just doesn't make any sense. They dug 3 times before they ever sent out a locator and when one finally showed up they painted their marks on top of the snow.

One question kept popping up from them and it was "How can we make you happy and fix this". I could not believe what I was hearing. How can they not know how to fix the problem they created. Honor your contract you sent to me that was underlined "you don't have to do a thing" and yes they used slang I could not believe it. In a business like theirs they should be a little more careful wording with their contracts. And second give me the correct equipment and such to run the service that I am paying for is that too much to ask? BUT!!!!!!! All I have gotten is the run around, threatened, hung up on, and called names, and a few other things.

Sure I could give up like a lot of people and just say blah I'll go with another company, but the reality of the matter is, is that I honored my contract with TWC and did not receive my proper service (To me that is stealing my money). They did not know I had a video every time they were working at my house, even when they were inside my house the cameras were rolling ^^.

(2nd) One of the people from TWC that is handling the BBB complaint hung up on me tonight (I have it all recorded). This is after a call from the same department the day before on a wrong number. They have been given the number 40 times or more to call instead of the one they did and I have personally witnessed them put the number in as the prime number to call and they still don't so that is total harassment, but I still talked with them and they said they would not honor the terms I was asked to give them from the BBB so I am going to rebut their claims.

They say they did not cut or disrupt my neighbors lines and such which were also credited on their bills and the horrible landscaping now will prove otherwise lol. They say there was nothing wrong with my service even when one of the managers was here and saw the TV box rebooting every 8 minutes, but on their report they have they stated they removed my Radio Shack wires I had put in. This is after they had been here numerous times and had installed the wires themselves.

I had the bag and receipt from the HD box I had received from them and the wires laid out on my couch and everything ready for the tech to fix my problem and the tech came without any of the equipment that was listed on the work order. The response from the tech while I was on the phone with TWC customer service he would not call and they would not call the tech was "Where am I going to get new boxes on Sunday".

In the middle of a conversation with the tech about my service the tech's personal phone rang and the tech answered it while I was in mid sentence and walked out of the house for 22 min 12 sec then the tech brought up a beat up HD cable box (all the tech had in the van) and hooked it up to my TV in the bedroom where I don't even watch TV. This is the same tech that registered my -17 signal and had the new wire scheduled to be installed.

I was told tonight by the person from TWC handling the BBB complaint that I was a complaining customer they were just giving me new stuff to make me happy and there was nothing wrong with my service -- My service was finally almost fully restored on this last Sunday 2-20-11. I have been credited from the top people in TWC over this area and if that doesn't say something I don't know what does around 500 dollars so far but I have not had regular service for 6 months so why was I receiving past due bills even though I had completed my renewal contract and they were working on my service?

I have given you half of the story so far I have videos, audios and recording from them and they are still denying it all. Someone dropped the ball and they just kept on kicking it I guess, and now they think they can just sweep me under the rug? Well they have never met the likes of me before, I have my will and respect to stand on and a voice that can be heard. I have been called a liar, cussed at, threatened and said I had threatened, put on hold while they went to lunch and when they got back I was still there and they would hang up. I have been told that I am the cause of the -17 signal lol, plus much more. (NO MORE!)

We allow them to be here and we can just as easily as a majority kick them out. After all look how long it took us to agree on the new FedX Hub ^^. I say treat us like people again and not numbers and maybe we will begin building trust in TWC again. Thank you for reading my post I have plenty more information and will be adding it tomorrow. This is enough for tonight they have already taken up 2 years and 6 months of my life. I refuse to give them more than this tonight.

Making Promises They Can't Keep
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Rating: 1/51

HENDERSON, KENTUCKY -- Where do I start. Let's see, I called and set up a date on which to receive service. The woman states that I'll receive a 3 room hook up, DVR in only 2 - no problem, fastest internet around (Yeah I'm sure) - and home phone. She goes on to give me my total: $143 etc change. Which isn't bad. I go on to ask if there's a hook up free, she replies "No". I ask one final time. "How much will it all cost because I need to put it on a credit card? Because I only deal with cash." She replies "$143". She goes on to tell me that I need to call a said number to make sure they'll come out on a certain date, which was set for a week later, Monday I believe.

So I call, leave a voice mail. No return call. Couple days pass. I retry, voicemail, no return call. Monday arrives. No one shows up. So I call TWC. They proceed by telling me that because I didn't call to verify the hook up date that they cancelled it out - wow. I tried to explain but they weren't willing to listen.

Then they say "We can come out on set date." Which is fine I guess. I went on to tell them that I already have the $143 on my credit card, "Can I go ahead and pay?" The woman then goes on to tell me that amount is invalid. That the total cost is $250. "What?!? Why?" She goes on to say because I let it cancel out it's a $50 charge. There's a $29 hook up fee for each room (3). Are you serious?

It's ridiculous, I'm a hardworking single father of 3 children and I'm being taken advantage of. There isn't any other company that offers service in my area. So I ran all the way back to (*** Mart) put the money on my card. Come home, call back, tell them my situation and the guy goes on to tell me that since I ended the call with the woman, that it cancelled out our verbal contract. Do what?!? It's ridiculous. Time Warner Cable are so unprofessional. I'm so upset, I can't even think straight. Someone is ALWAYS trying to con someone. And today it was TWC.

Not satisfied with installation
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Rating: 2/51

INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA -- So I'm a customer and have been for quite some time now. 2 years ago Time Warner got very expensive so we cancelled our cable and went to Dish. We still kept our phone and Internet. Dish got us with contract and then all of a sudden we were paying $80 for cable alone. I saw the ad for the 3 package bundle for Time Warner and decided to go back to cable with them. The sales representative was real nice they got me the deal.

My issue now is with installation. I had to go into a Time Warner location because of a system issue 2 weeks ago and set up an installation date. I went in on a Wednesday and the earliest installation they had was the Thursday after. I accepted it but then the day before installation I had to reschedule.

The next one was scheduled for Wednesday from 3-4pm (today). Then I get a call from my mom saying Time Warner never came. I call Time Warner and I go off on them because I'm coming from another provider for them. I had a scheduled installation and no one came, and It's almost been 3 weeks since we originally agreed to install. And what happens? Oh "sorry ma'am the next available day is Monday at 3pm."

I had cancelled Dish specifically on Tuesday so Time Warner could install on Wednesday. And no one shows up. The representative goes on how his supervisor called dispatch and nothing is available until then but if anything comes up the will call me. What am I supposed to watch for the next week? Is it hard for you to request a special inquiry as your last installment after all appointments?

I am dissatisfied with time Warner right now. I'm glad I got the 3 bundle deal but the fact that I had to wait almost 3 weeks for installation and whoever scheduled me for today screwed up really makes me want to just not be a customer anymore.

Can Time Warner Cust Serv. Get Any Worse?
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SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- I have never been more upset than I am today. We have spent hours on the phone with Time Warner over the past couple of months trying to resolve TIME WARNERS issues of not being able to provide a new (or even working) cable/DVR box. In mid-December we had a tech. come out & replace our black (cisco?) box with the older, less memory gray box. It has been nothing but a piece of junk since. Everything we record is pixelated & glitchy and the sound is garbled.

We called Time Warner and were promised a new box. The tech came with another old one and said that Time Warner was out of any new boxes until after the 1st of the year. So we waited. We called mid-January & were given the same excuses. We waited until today, January twenty-ninth, 2012 to call & request some service. I spoke to a rude woman (1/29/12, 10:50am - 10:55am) who didn't want to try to help, she was just plain rotten and wanted to argue. "We don't have any new boxes so I don't know what you expect us to do". Hmmm, I know, how about some customer service?!?!?!??

Two months of really bad service & WE get argued with by the cable provider. And to boot - we are PAYING for this!!! I asked to speak to a supervisor. Time Warner's representative said "there wasn't any". I insisted. She put me on hold for 15 minutes (per my cellphone time/counter). I was just about to hang up when I got another female who was slightly nicer but told us the same thing. No apology by the way, just "Well we can't guarantee you a new box". Plus she told us we could order one & pay $17/hr to have a tech come out to install it, if we can get a new one. That's it.

It has become apparent to me that Time Warner does NOT care about us as customers. Time Warner does NOT care about quality customer service with reps like that. Time Warner canNOT guarantee anyone a new DVR/cable box for the past 2 months. Time Warner does NOT know when they will be able to provide us with any relief, and they obviously do NOT care. As a matter of fact, I was upset and told the representative that I'm done with Time Warner & will seriously consider switching to DirecTV. You know what she said?: "Thank you for calling Time Warner Customer Service." Again, Time Warner does NOT appear to care.

They Don't Care
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GARDNER, KANSAS -- Our problems started around Thanksgiving when our box continued rebooting so we got a new box on December 2, 2011. But immediately the new box was rebooting even more than the prior box. The first technician came out and could not find a problem. An hour after the tech had left, the rebooting continued so we set up another tech to come out to see about the problems.

Over the next three weeks 3 techs came out and one main line service man. Because they could not find the problem they decided that they would call in construction and dig up the main line on December 29, 2011. I was told that I would be called when this problem had been fixed. Because I had not heard anything in two weeks I went ahead and called Time Warner. Customer Service had no clue what was going on and told me they would have to talk to maintenance and get back to me.

It is now January 22nd and I have heard nothing. I called yesterday and Customer Service said they could send out another tech. It is scheduled for today. So in summary we have not had cable since December 2nd, but are paying for it. We were prorated on our last bill; however, nothing has been fixed and unless we ask they will not attempt to do anything. It is frustrating when you call and they treat you like it is the first time you are calling when actually I have been dealing with this for a month and a half now.

You would think that there would be one person who would work with me until this problem gets fixed. Not only is it frustrating to work with customer service and be on hold for long periods of time, but I'm using my minutes on my phone plan, my time, missing my favorite shows and no one seems to be trying to actually fix the problem. This should not be going on and on as this is your job and you should cater to the customer and not act as if the customer is bothering you.

Time Warner Is Only Nice To "New" Customers.
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CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been a Time Warner Cable customer for several years. They had a great deal when we signed up initially but after 12 months, once we were settled in with the service, the price went up and now we find that "NEW" customers are getting billed at about half of what we are billed and Time Warner just doesn't give a hoot. I know it will be a real pain to switch everything to a new company but it needs to be done. If enough "OLD" customers did it, perhaps Time Warner might change their policy and show a bit of loyalty to existing customers.

Worst customer service EVER
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BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have spent hours on the phone getting the run-around from one customer service representative to another. No one knows what the other person is doing or saying and no one gives you a full or straight answer. They pretty much just tell you what you want to hear to shut you up and get you off the phone. Please, Please someone get rid of this cable MONOPOLY! If there were market competition Time Warner might care a little bit more about their customer service, but because many of us don't have a choice, we're screwed - and they know it.

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