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Timeshare Experts - Big Time Fraud
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ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- On 7/24/2010, a woman called claiming to be from our current timeshare and stated she had someone who wanted to purchase or rent our property. We needed to make a final payment on our timeshare for this deal to go through. When we corrected her on the credit card information a $2,500 charged with the name Timeshare Experts showed up on our credit card statement. We had never heard of Timeshare Experts as our Timeshare was through Worldmart. The amount that was supposed to be charge was only $100. NOT $2,500.

We contacted them on 7/26 after researching through Google who Timeshare Experts were. They said that there was some misunderstanding and that they would do a charge back before the end of the week. We called every week and spoke to a Travis ** who stated he was the General Manager, a Kristen ** who was a Night Supervisor and a Cassandre **. Each week we called was each week, they had a new title and that they were waiting for someone to give them the confirmation number of the charge back.

On September 3rd 2010, I demanded my refund. They referred me to a company called TTI and said that this was the company that was going to credit us back our money. It turns out that TTI is a 3rd party company who charges you a percentage to get your money from them and then after they get their cut, will give you back what is left. It was called a "rapid refund program". Then on that same day, TimeShare Experts sent us an email with our advertising number.

We never agreed to to this. Until now, this cell phone belonging to Cassandre ** is no longer in service and Kristen ** stated that I need to write a letter to them requesting for my refund and it should be postmarked before the 7 day mark that they charged the card. They charged the card on 7/24. She told me this on 9/3. I told her the date she was telling me this and she stated that it didn't matter, it was their refund policy.

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