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Inferior, Unsafe Work Done on My Pickup
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Rating: 1/51

ORANGE PARK, FLORIDA -- Drove my Chevrolet 1/2 ton pickup to Tire Kingdom (TK) to have a $339.90 brake job done; a price quoted me by the Manager for a "complete brake job". Nine hours and $1,452.65 later, my brakes were not one scuntila better than when I dropped the truck off for repair. In fact, I nearly smashed into the building while turning around and trying to leave and nearly rear ended a car at a stop sign. Their "mechanic" (so-called) said the brakes were "perfect" and the Manager (who never set one foot inside my vehicle) said I was "good to go".

Not satisfied with having an UNSAFE vehicle with almost NO brakes, I took it to Gordon Chevrolet for a brake inspection and repair. The ASE certified mechanic only had to depress the brake pedal to determine the brakes were not right. That REAL mechanic found (1) there was 2 - 3 inches of play in the left front tire because the TK "mechanic" stuck in the WRONG wheel bearing (it didn't need) which caused (2) damage to the new rotor (it didn't need) by having grooves carved in it. (3) The ABS system was not bled properly leaving air in the lines (4) the rear brakes - in the new drums (it didn't need) - were not adjusted correctly.

The REAL mechanic at Gordon Chevrolet repaired the brakes and brought them to GM standards. I paid Gordon Chevrolet $478.91 to repair Tire Kingdom's shoddy, inferior and UNSAFE "repair" job. The parent organization for Tire Kingdom - TBC - has now offered to refund the $478.91 I paid Gordon Chevrolet; but refuses to refund even one cent of the $1,452.65 I paid Tire Kingdom for a brake job on my pickup[ (it may or may not have needed).

I was NOT allowed to see the condition of the brakes once the wheels were removed; was NOT shown the parts they removed (IF ANY); was NOT told my pickup actually NEEDED a brake job (maybe a simple brake line bleeding and adjusting would have been sufficient); they simply piled on more and more parts and more labor charges. Thanks to Gordon Chevrolet, I have good brakes. ANYONE who owns a motor vehicle should be WARNED to stay clear of Tire Kingdom as they should NOT be in the automotive repair business. DO NOT GET RIPPED OFF HERE!!

Poor Quality Work With Two Oil Changes
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Rating: 1/51

NEPTUNE BEACH, FLORIDA -- I have been using this store for years and have recently had two serious issues pertaining to my oil changes. January 2016, I brought my Honda CRV in for an oil change. There is a rock shield bolted beneath the oil pan. They failed to bolt it back on correctly, all of the bolts except one fell out causing the shield to be damaged and consequently I had to replace.

March 2016, I brought my Toyota 4Runner in for an oil change. A few days later I noticed oil spots in the driveway. I found the oil filter loose and was leaking. Fortunately I only lost a quart of oil before discovering it. Tire Kingdom Store #215, 1353 ATLANTIC BLVD., NEPTUNE BEACH, FL.

Very Poor Service to Regular Customers.
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Rating: 1/51

LAKE PARK, FLORIDA -- I purchased 60,000 mile tires from this store, and had them rotated by this store every 3,000 miles. I went in recently for another rotation, and they told me the tires were too worn to rotate (after 22,000 miles). They then gave me an estimate for 3700 for work I should have THEM do, so that the next set of tires would not wear out so quickly.

I took my vehicle to another mechanic for an estimate on the same repairs, and they told me that all I needed was an alignment, but more importantly, that Tire Kingdom had not actually been rotating the tires, which resulted in uneven wear. DON'T TRUST THEM!

Consumer beware
By -

APOPKA, FLORIDA -- I took my car in for oil change and tire balance and rotation, I purchased my tires there two years ago. The manager called me and said my front two tires needed to be replaced that I had damaged them by running over or hitting something, and my struts were going bad so that may also cause the problem. Since I did not purchase road hazard I would have pay full price for two new tires. Because I do not trust them due to dishonest information they had given me previously I did not have them change out my tires.

When I picked my car up they said "I cannot believe you are going to drive on that tire. It is VERY dangerous." I said "What am I supposed to do if I don't have the money to replace?" Their reply "get someone to put the spare on". Now if they were so concerned about me and my children's well being and not their cash register don't you think they would've offered to put the spare on?

I was feeling panicky but wanted another opinion so I took to another place recommended to me, first only one tire needed to be placed but mostly they said there was no way I could've done that damage and the tire was in fact defective (and although the tire wasn't great to drive on unless I hit a pot hole in a specific way the tire wouldn't have blown for a while). End result they were able to contact tire manufacturer and give me a new tire at a prorated price obviously much lower than Tire Kingdom wanted to charge me and again only one tire was in need of being replaced

The same day Tire Kingdom while they had my car sent me a quote for close to $3,000.00 worth of work that they claimed needed to be done or soon would be (my car runs fine absolutely no problems). I showed quote to my boyfriend and my boss after they reviewed both could not believe what they listed and what the charges would be. What is so ironic to me about this is the last time I took it in for service they said I needed a new serpentine belt ASAP and the charge would be approximately $300.00.

I declined the service called other mechanic referred to me. He quoted me a third of the price and when he looked at it said it was fine didn't need to be replaced... now on the newest quote Tire Kingdom doesn't even mention this belt that I never had changed that they said was so deteriorated previously.

I also have had problems with my brakes since they did them. They first said it was my fault and after I refused to accept that, they repaired them. I want to state the only reason I was going back to that location after I knew they were dishonest about the serpentine belt and brakes is because I am on a tight budget and I have free rotation and balance because I had purchased my tires there and they are very close to my work. When I dropped my car off that morning I specifically told the manager I could only afford the oil change. Needless to say I will not return there.

3rd Straw was the Last
By -

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- This was the final straw. I have been a Tire Kingdom customer for several years now; but apparently I'm not a valued customer. Straw #1: My daughter got her oil changed, and then when driving home warning lights came on and the engine started chugging. Come to find out, the drain plug wasn't replaced properly and all the oil drained out before she got home. Straw #2: My daughter got her oil changed and tires rotated, upon leaving her car started making a banging sound. She immediately returned to the store to find out the lug nuts weren't tightened.

Straw #3: My wife drove her Audi A4 to OH and while there the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) came on. A mechanic hooked up the computer and got the code. What we believed was the problem was that we had been using Regular Gas in her Audi A4 Turbo and should have been using Premium Gas. My wife returned to NC and went through 3 tanks of Premium Gas. So I called Tire Kingdom, told them what was going on and asked if I could bring the car in to have the IML reset to see if that took care of the problem. The lady said sure, bring it on in.

When I arrived at the store, she was very nice and went back into the garage area. Moments later, a mechanic came into the office, with an attitude, and said to me, "she'll have to write up a ticket, we'll get to it as soon as we can, and just so you know it will cost $49.50 to reset the indicator light." Now, I don't know if she told him the whole story, and he certainly didn't appear interested in discussing it me. In fact, when I said, "never mind I'll take it somewhere else," he seemed almost relieved I was leaving.

But what I do know is what's involved in resetting the indicator light. It's no more than a 2 minute process. With all that we've been through, with all the tires we purchased there, with all the service we've had done to our autos and with the explanation of why I was taking our car in there today, Tire Kingdom wanted to charge me $49.50 to reset the light??? Are you kidding me!!!

So, I will now take my car to somewhere else to have the MIL reset. And if the MIL comes back on, then that means there is more to this than just changing from Regular gas to Premium gas. And if that's the case, I will have THAT automobile service shop do the repair - NOT Tire Kingdom.

In fact, I'm done with Tire Kingdom. There are simply too many other places I can take my car, who do quality work, who value my business as a returning customer of several years and where I don't have to encounter "attitudes" by their mechanics. I believe I have several months remaining on my 2 year wheel alignment program and that is the only reason I'll be returning to Tire Kingdom. When that's done, I'm done!

Not All Tech's for Tire Kingdom are BAD
By -

I've worked and still work for Tire Kingdom. Although there are many bad experiences by consumers posting their concerns online I would have to say sorry the tech of Tire Kingdom didn't meet to your standards. I can honestly say some people which work at Tire Kingdom shouldn't be working there. I have seen with my own eyes people get frustrated over something simple as balancing a tire or alignment and just leave it the best they can, which sometimes isn't the best job. I do apologize to all the people who have been mistreated.

Now I can only speak for myself, but I have many repeat customers come into Tire Kingdom and ask specifically for me to work on their vehicle. I believe in customer service and not leaving something undone because it gets in the way of my time to make some money. As a mechanic/tech, there is always money to be made just doesn't have to be dishonest. I'm sure none of these techs would give up on their vehicle or would like to have someone give up and say they did something they didn't.

I would work on vehicles and would get the customer to view what I am seeing with authorization from store manager. Seeing is believing, and I cannot just tell somebody you need to change something because I said so. I personally walk customers to their vehicles and show them what I am talking about.

If you are not getting this type of service, or being called at home and leaving vehicle on lift for you to get there then you are at the wrong Tire Kingdom. Like I said, I have many repeat and even word of mouth ask for me. I've had techs in the store mad because they are not working and customers would tell the manager they didn't want anybody working on their cars but me.

This to me is personal satisfaction for both the customer and I. They trust me to work on their vehicle which in turn would be carrying their children and siblings from point A to B. I know no one wants to end up skipping B and end up on C stuck somewhere. I don't believe this is fair and I once again apologize to everyone who has ever had to deal with a bad mech/tech. But remember, they don't only exist at Tire Kingdom. They are everywhere. Just because you go to a regular small shop doesn't mean they care. Maybe the owner but if one of his employees doesn't, then you would still be in the same boat as Tire Kingdom.

It all depends on the techs working on the vehicles. Stop blaming the company when it's the seeds that are rotten. Remember, just like me there are hundreds of other techs which care and are concerned with the problems involving the vehicles you carry your loved ones in. I myself have been mistreated before I decided to become more knowledgeable and understand how a vehicle works. I don't want anyone to feel as if they paid and left with nothing, but a great feeling of satisfaction with the work done on the vehicle and how informative I am in any type of questions they may ask me.

I have cost Tire Kingdom money sometimes when someone comes in because they think there is a problem, I check and recheck and show them what the cause of the problem is. Not what they are just being charged for, many times things have to be waived because I myself tell the people they don't need it, I would tell them the recommendation for such things but then would show them why it's still not that time regardless of what the salesman says upfront. Yes, this business is moved by cash, and if they are not selling then what are they in business for. But what company isn't moved by money, isn't this the reason to open a company in the first place.

Many times, the salesman doesn't know to much about vehicles and would recommend something one of their knowledgeable friends (not really knowledgeable friends) said would be good without really knowing themselves. I myself have gone to over school to practice and really know about the automotive field. I am ashamed by those who act like they know but really don't. They think because they were able to drop an engine in something they know what they are doing. If they did many vehicles wouldn't have damaged ECM's due to their knowledge of nothing. Many vehicles can't be programmed properly unless you have the tools and know how.

Dropping an engine doesn't make you a technician, You are just a parts changer. I myself am a technician and have been offered jobs elsewhere which I am currently considering due to cash flow. I have told my customers and many ask if I can look at their vehicles when I am off tire kingdoms time. Which is how I have gotten job offers at several dealerships. I am a true technician.

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Rating: 5/51

CLERMONT, FLORIDA -- I was meeting a friend who was getting tires and he discovered I had a flat tire. Gary said they were very busy but would take care as soon as possible, he was very nice. I left the car and a friend and I went shopping. It was done in a timely manner and I was on my way. After reading many negatives I was greatly surprised at how nice everyone was! I will be going back for future tire needs for sure! Thank you Gary.

Incompetent Employees
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Rating: 1/51

SEBASTIAN, FLORIDA -- Order # **. Bought 4 new tires on Saturday November 28, 2015 at 1:41 pm, at 6:00 pm. The next morning (Sunday) I went out to redo my wife's rear brakes, and what happens next... While loosening the lug nuts I discover 1 is cross threaded and it breaks off while trying to loosen it. Call Tire Kingdom. Get manager, he apologizes and states they will fix it in the morning. As we already have another appointment to have Tire Kingdom replace front wheel bearings, we say OK.

A few hours later I am being rushed to an Emergency room 1 hour north, and after being discharged at approximately 10:30 pm, my wife is helping me limp out to our car only to find the brand new driver front tire is totally flat. 63 miles on a brand new tire and it's flat. No nails, no puncture but it is FLAT. It's now 10:30 pm and we are stranded at the hospital due to the negligence of Tire Kingdom.

The next morning (Monday) we had already have a scheduled appointment to have Tire Kingdom replace both front wheel bearings. We had to call and tell them about the flat tire and cross threaded lug nut that broke off while trying to replace the rear brakes. They say "No problem, we will fix both mistakes when you come in, in the morning". Monday morning arrives, we take the car in for all the mistakes and front wheel bearings replacement. They apologize and claim to fix everything. We leave.

Tuesday morning, 12/01/2015, we wake up. My wife is preparing to leave for work, she takes her lunch and briefcase out to the car, and what does she see... The same driver side front tire is flat again. Tire Kingdom apparently hires the most incompetent workers in the industry, and just as sad the management team is just as inept for allowing the customers to get ripped off. If you see a TIRE KINGDOM don't stop. RUN, drive to the next tire store...They can't be any worse. Tire Kingdom... We spent over $1,000.00 with you in the last 72 hours. Never again!!!

Basic Oil Change...
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Rating: 1/51

LADY LAKE, FLORIDA -- Start off I'm a daughter, sister, grand-daughter to mechanics, but with that being said I don't always have time to do oil changes at home, I went in for the convenience. Mark my words I will never do it again. I walked in and explained I just want an oil change and new wiper blades that's it. I was then asked if I want the free maintenance check, brakes and lines check, I said no just change the oil. Services person then said "I'm going to get the VIN number and mileage from your car. I will be right back."

When the service person came back asked me about my tire pressure light, I told the services person it is for the spare tire and I don't want anyone to mess with the cover because it isn't the easiest to get on and off. From my husband doing it has put a rip on the cover and I don't want it any worse. I signed all the papers told to make myself at home. After a few minutes the service person came back and said I needed a new battery gave me an estimate on that. I thought to myself I said no to the free maintenance check.

After another 10 minutes passed and the service person came back with something else that was supposedly wrong. Well long story short I was being hounded for just about everything. Thankfully I am related to mechanics. If any big problem happened with my car I would have one of them work on it. I just wanted an oil change. After an hour I was finally able to get my car back and leave. I was so pissed when I left that I didn't notice the big grease stain on the fabric on my door.

As a woman the experience wasn't good at all. I feel bad if any other woman/man came in without not having the knowledge or the resources of being mechanically inclined would have one heck of an expensive trip. If I did everything they said was supposedly wrong I would have at least paid thousands. You make your industry look bad doing business like this.

Rip Off Artists
By -

Tire Kingdom is the biggest tire store in USA, as well as RIP OFF ARTISTS. This company thrives on passing the buck on complaints. It is really not the store manager's faults, as I used to be one. So if you want the inside scoop of this CRAP COMPANY, hit me up at ** some time and I will help if I can.

One time a store had a car stolen by an EMPLOYEE, and it total lost the vehicle. TK would not help customer out. Managers are always told to help a customer out whatever it needs, but when it happens and they do get problem taken care of, corporate boys start with the reprimands.

This company sucks. A manager is told at start in interviews that he will only work 50-55 hours a week. NOT!!! My average hours were 75-90 hrs a week. NO **! The most ridiculous thing is the pricing.You will get ripped off. If you price out a job at TK, find out what the part numbers are and go check a local AUTO ZONE, ADVANCE AUTO PARTS, NAPA and see if they have that part number and have them price it out to you. TK has a 200% mark up. NO **!!! 200%. They have serious action taken against managers that do not follow these RIDICULOUS PRICE RIP OFFS.

Like I said, just email me if you want more. The 4.5 years I was there was a joke, no employee loyalty rewards, I had to stay there due to I needed the job. In that 4.5 years I was there, in my region in North Carolina we saw almost 12 vice presidents in this area. Each one you had to prove yourself to and each with a different approach on how to rip people off. The average mechanic or tire tech turn around time is only 5 months due to the bull they put on their employees. Wish something could change about this company, but ** the big wigs there get paid way too much money to change their policies.

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