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Cx'd my TJMaxx Credit Card
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I received an email this morning that the bank info I entered online for my cc payment was rejected by the bank. To my horror, I found I transposed an account number. I immediately corrected it, reposted a pmt and called TJMaxx credit. I had been charged a late fee of $10. I asked if that could be refunded. I was told, because I don't carry any balances from month to month and my purchase history was so low, there was nothing they could do for me. My credit score is 840 and I never paid a late fee or interest payment in my life (I'm 50). So... I terminated my account on the spot. Guess they didn't like a credit customer they couldn't make any money off of.

Customer service
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MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I shop at TJMaxx at least 6 times a month. I don't return too much but when I did I had noticed the lady was ahead of me trying to return clothing. The customer service lady told her that she couldn't return the clothing because it was worn and smelled in addition to the merchandise being a year old from her recite. The lady was so rude to the employee saying nasty and absurd things. After a while the employee asked for a manager, the lady was mean to the manager and the manager told the employee to return the merchandise anyway. The shirt was around 40.00.

She got her way and rubbed it into the employees face and told her she needs to do her job right because she ia an existing customer. This is where my complaint comes. I can't believe that your company allows customers to mistreat its employees and second of all why is your company allowing people to return old merchandise, especially if it was worn and trust me it was because I asked to see the shirt and it stunk badly and was worn. If that is your return policy then I will never buy anything there again. I don't want some dirty nasty clothing or something hat sat for months in someone's house.

Worst Customer Service
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SUGAR LAND -- I called TJ Maxx credit card customer service after I saw a late fee on my statement. This is the second time I didn't receive a statement but they still insist they cannot waive the late fee. He told me once I cancel my account, my award with them will be automatically forfeit. I asked why I have to give up the award for those I already earned? He said this is how it goes.

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