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Horrible Experience With "Customer Relations"
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- In March 2012 I purchased a Toshiba Thrive tablet with what I thought was a 1-year warranty. Everything worked perfectly and has worked perfectly until now, January 2013. My tablet charger never leaved my bedroom. It stays plugged into the wall by my bookshelf and I plug in my tablet to charge when needed, which is anywhere from everyday to once every few days, depending on how often I use it. Last week when unplugging my tablet, the pin that plugs into the tablet from the AC adapter broke off.

I thought I could just order a new adapter online and get it in a few days, rather than wait the month or more for a replacement from Toshiba. Cut to less than a week later, I get the part I ordered and... it's not the part I ordered. Seller is trouble. I'm working on getting a refund, but that's a different complaint. I realized the safest way to get the appropriate adapter, since after wading through the internet for hours still yielded me a scam, I'd just suck up the wait and get the replacement from Toshiba since I thought I still had time on my warranty.

First person I spoke with, who wouldn't answer any of my questions and was incapable of speaking clearly (I had to ask him to repeat himself several times, since he couldn't form coherent sentences), eventually told me that my specific problem wasn't covered by my warranty and that I'd have to buy a new adapter. I'm upset, obviously, but I need an adapter. He puts me through to "sales" which is apparently just the call line. Not actually freaking Toshiba.

I get another person who can barely speak coherently who tells me that the website has no appropriate adapters for me. I ask to actually speak with Toshiba about this and order the part directly and not from an online store but am only told the same thing. She refuses to respond to or even acknowledge that request. I asked it several times and she just kept repeating herself. I had to ask to speak to a supervisor multiple times as well before actually getting to speak to a supervisor.

This is the first person I spoke with whom I thought was actually going to be helpful. He had ALL of my information - model number, name, address, etc. I repeat my problem again, since apparently none of that goes through in transfers. At this point I'm struggling to keep back the tears because I'm getting so incredibly frustrated at speaking to these brick wall robots. This guy addresses my problems, apologizes, and then directs me to and explains the process I need to go through to get a replacement, and how it won't cost anything and will arrive in a few weeks, etc.

Everything seems to be going fine until I get to the end where the site says the part is unavailable for replacement. Now I get to speaking with an acclaim customer representative - my FOURTH representative at this point - who has me repeat everything. I gave her the reference number for the last guy I spoke to (only reference number I got by the way), so she has all the information. She then says that no, I don't have a warranty and I have to order the part.

Oh, but the part is unavailable. Completely unavailable from Toshiba. Nothing else. She then tells me I'll need to pick it up from a store... except that I had to order the tablet from the internet because no stores near me actually carry Toshiba Thrive ANYTHING. I'd already checked nearby stores before I ordered that scammy adapter!

She says "Well I'll have to get it online. Try searching for the right adapter online, it's just about impossible because of all the scams." I spent hours researching sellers and parts and I still got a scammy part. But she has no recommendations. Nothing. I can't get a replacement, I can't order the part. I'm in actual tears by this point, having gone through this ridiculously frustrating experience.

In short: I'm transferred multiple times because nobody will speak clearly or answer questions, I'm told one thing and then told the opposite thing, I'm told to buy a product from them that isn't even available, and then told, basically, that I'm SOL for a product that isn't even two years on the market or one year in my care. Just another reminder to never buy anything Toshiba ever again. I should've known better honestly, after all the horrible things I went through with a Toshiba Satellite laptop several years ago. No change in customer service.

this product is nothing but trouble
By -

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- I purchased a Toshiba Laptop Computer (model # A75 - s226) from Best Buy on September 20045 for $1549.00 (Serial Number 74364483K). From day one I had problems with it and decided to contact the Toshiba Customer Support. After several phone calls I decided to go to Best Buy and contact the Toshiba Representative here in Syracuse (IKON), where they advised me to go to the Toshiba website and find out if there were any calls for this model, if there were any notes on problems this particular model was having.

My laptop has the same problem as everybody else. It freezes up, shuts down, over heats, and the sound card doesn't work properly. In March 2005 I took my laptop to IKON where they changed the part that caused the laptop not to be fully insulated and since then it stopped freezing up and shutting down without warning.

Due to over heating this past August, I was working on my PhD project and suddenly the monitor became blue and it stopped working. Due to overheating I lost my hard-drive and all the work I developed since I got this computer!

The same day I went to IKON to get the computer fixed and specifically mentioned to the technician that I needed to recover the data in my damaged hard-drive. Problem was that for warranty purposes there is limited work that they can do to recover my data and the technician obeying the requirements of the warranty sent back my harddrive without asking me if I was willing to lose the chance to recover my data. This was totally unacceptable.

Now my laptop has a new hard-drive that does not work properly. Since I got it I lost count of the number of times my laptop suddenly blocked. I cannot afford the time to take care of the bad service and products that Toshiba is selling! When I made the choice of buying this laptop I did it based on the trust in the brand. This trust is gone and I would like everyone to be aware that the same might happen to you, if you go one and choose to still trust Toshiba!

I filed a complaint in the Customers Service, but still I am waiting for feedback from the Customers Relations. This is totally unacceptable. I lost 1 year worth of data and more than 3 Gb of photographic work. There is hardly a way to compensate me for my lost. Be aware, Toshiba is not what it used to be! Just stop buying Toshiba!

Toshiba has no parts available for service
By -

KEIZER, OREGON -- We purchased a 55" Toshiba TV on May 20th 2006. On May 5th 20007, it stopped working. I had an extended warranty, but this was covered under the manufacturers warranty. I called their recommended service agency Sharper Video in Portland, OR 503-233-5971. They came out on Weds and said they had to order the part and would be out the following Weds. On Weds we called and they said the part is back ordered and would not be in until June 10th.

I am in the parts business and never heard of such a thing. I called Toshiba and spoke to a woman who said she would research it and call me back in three days. At the end of the three days I called them and they said June 10th because they did not have the part. I said I wanted a new tv and they said no. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they said that was none there and he would call on Monday.

On Saturday I did get a call from someone who said he was a supervisor. He refused to give me a new TV and said I would have to wait. When I bought the TV no one said it may take 6 weeks for us to get parts. I would never buy anything with the Toshiba name on it again. In the mean time I am still waiting for June 10th for the parts to arrive from whom knows where.

Horrible Warranty Service
By -

NEW YORK -- I purchase a Toshiba Television model 50HM66 and 3 months later, I began having problems with the picture. So I called Toshiba to have it repaired under warranty, and so far it has been 6 weeks and I still do not have it back. They have changed 5 parts on it and it still will not work. Instead of giving me a new one, Toshiba is insisting on fixing my tv no matter how long it takes. Customer Service reps are extremely rude and straight out told me that I can call and complaint all I want, but their answer is not going to change. I will NEVER buy any Toshiba product in my life.

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