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You Don't Get What You Pay For
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Two years ago I paid $150.00 for a Toshiba DVD player, thinking it was a quality product. My purpose in buying the DVD player was to use it for home workouts. I only used it three to four days a week for 1/2 hour at a time. Suddenly the player refused to recognize the discs. Thinking it certainly must be repairable I spent another $40.00 to have a service technician look at it and to tell me there were no parts available for it! Not believing him I checked the parts house myself and got the same answer. I also tried to contact Toshiba myself and just ended up lost in their phone web.

A Pleasant Update
By -

As entered in my review on the 28th of December 2008, I was having trouble getting a resolution to a defective DVD player. Finally I wrote to Toshiba of Japan and outlined the problem. I was put into direct contact with a person at Toshiba America who went "above and beyond" to help me. The end result is that I received a replacement player. While it does not have some of the features that my old one did, it nonetheless serves the purpose.

The experience reaffirms my belief that sometimes one has to be rather "vocal", in order to get things put right. While some may view this as a sad fact of life; I feel that if more people would attempt to hold companies accountable, we would all be better off. I realize that this is difficult for some people to do (I do it every day in my profession), but used properly, it can be an effective tool for survival in these times.

End result of all this? I got a replacement player, "met" some good people from Toshiba, and learned that (with maybe a little "squeaking") that this company will respond to legitimate requests. So, I must say that in the future I Will look for Toshiba for electronics!

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