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Toshiba REGZA 32" LCD -- DO NOT BUY
By -

I purchased a 32" Toshiba REGZA LCD (32HL67U) in August 2008. Yesterday, the display portion of the unit stopped working, although the sound still comes. So basically, the TV is worthless. I contacted Toshiba customer service and they are completely unwilling to do anything for me, even though I spent $700 for a TV that lasted less than 20 months. Here's a copy of my correspondence with them in chronological order. As you'll see, Toshiba doesn't value its customers, so I suggest you not become one.

--Original Message--
Date: 5/11/2010 11:58:02 AM
Subject: TACP Web Email: Product Related Question

Submitted from TACP Web Site on 5/11/2010 at 9:31:19 AM

Model Number:32HL67U

I have a 32" REGZA that I purchased in August 2008. Yesterday, the display portion stopped working, but the sound still came through. I have verified that it is not the cable box because when I switch the volume, the volume up/down graphic doesn't even appear. When I turn it on/off, the display lights up for a split second (if I'm turning the volume up/down the bar appears), but then it goes blank and all I get is the sound. Is there a fix for this? Is this still under warranty? Thanks for your help.

On Tue, May 11, 2010 at 2:07 PM, Toshiba Customer Service wrote:
Dear Michael,

Thanks for writing!

I apologize for the inconvenience.
Your TV had a one year warranty from the date of purchase. You may have purchased an extended warranty from a 3rd party at the time of purchase.
Try resetting your unit by unplugging it from the electrical outlet for at least three minutes. If you continue having difficulty, I recommend having an authorized service center look at your unit.

To find a service center in your area, please reply to this email with your model number and zip code or call our CustomerSolutions Department at 1-800-631-3811.

They are available Mon-Fri, 7AM to 7PM, Sat & Sun 9AM to 5PM Central Standard Time.

Toshiba Customer Service

Date: 5/12/2010 11:05:27 AM
Subject: Re: TACP Web Email: Product Related Question [#2694115]


Thanks for your quick response.

I tried resetting the unit and still no luck.

I must say, I am terribly disappointed in my TV that only lasted 20 months. I paid around $700 for a product that only lasted 20 months...that equals $35/month. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth about Toshiba products, a brand I had previously respected very much.

I did have a two-year warranty from where I purchased the TV (Electrograph Systems), but unfortunately that company went bankrupt last year and will not honor their promise.

Are you sure there is nothing Toshiba is willing to do for me? I would hope this is a rare occasion for your product to last this short amount of time. I would appreciate it if you could inquire to a supervisor to see if Toshiba customer service would like to keep me as a loyal customer. Or, if you could put me in touch with a manager directly, my contact information follows.

I look forward to your response.


On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 12:46 PM, Toshiba Customer Service wrote:
Dear Michael,

Thanks for writing!

I apologize for the issue you are experiencing with the TV. It is not what we expect of our equipment. Our actual failure rate is less than 1%.

Unfortunately, we would be unable to assist with any repair costs as the unit is outside our manufacturer warranty.

Thank You for providing your Zip Code. I recommend having an authorized service center take a look at your unit.

The nearest Toshiba Authorized Service Centers to you are:

For further assistance please contact our Customer Solutions Center at 1-800-631-3811. They are available Mon-Fri, 7AM to 7PM, Sat & Sun 9AM to 5PM Central Standard Time.

Toshiba Customer Service


Thanks for your quick response. I have found Toshiba customer service very timely in their response, but extremely unwilling to offer any help. I'm glad your failure rate is less than 1%, but it surprises me that for that 1% you are unable to offer ANY HELP WHATSOEVER. If I ran my business that way, I wouldn't be in business. I guess this means that you bring in enough customers to offset the longtime customers who buy your products over and over again. I promise I will not purchase any more Toshiba products until Toshiba provides me with more than an address of a repair center. I also promise to repost this correspondence and speak about this negative experience on my blog, Facebook page, Twitter page and other online venues until Toshiba steps up to the plate and values me as a customer who simply asked for a little assistance with an expensive TV that lasted such a short time instead of hiding behind a piece of paper.


Toshiba Regza flatscreen TVs
By -

At the end of December last year (2009) we purchased 2 flatscreen TVs, both Toshiba Regzas but two different models. Within a couple of months the 42 in. one developed 'garbled' audio problems and the store picked it up and took it for warranty repair to the regional authorized Toshiba repair shop. We were advised that that particular model had a known problem and needed to be retrofitted but the part was on back-order for some undetermined length of time.

After waiting, doing phone follow-ups, etc., months having passed with still no repair and return of the TV, I finally (and with great difficulty) managed to get Toshiba to give us a replacement TV (different model chosen by them). This matter was concluded 2 to 3 months ago and now guess what?! Last evening the other Toshiba TV, a 40 in Regza, developed a problem. Suddenly red lines running vertically appeared across the screen - first starting more on the right and then in fairly short order spreading across to cover the left hand side also.

On looking on the internet I am finding other customers who have experienced this problem, sometimes coupled with the same audio issue we had on the other Toshiba TV, and sometimes singularly. Having had an overall horrible experience with Toshiba regards the first TV with the audio problems, I do not relish the thought of probably having to 'do war' with them now over this 2nd TV that may be 'out of warranty' by 2 or 3 days since it is only just over the 1 year mark since purchase.

I did receive a phone call from a law firm regarding the first TV issue advising that they were preparing a class action against Toshiba and wanting to know if I wished to join it. Toshiba had finally replaced that first TV with another model just before this call came in to me so I explained that the problem had ultimately been resolved. I was advised to hang on to the law firm's phone number in case I experienced additional difficulties. Looks like it might be a good thing I did just that in light of the fact we now have problems with the other Toshiba television.

However, I will first phone Toshiba today and see what their attitude is this time around. If the set is just out of warranty and if the repair is somewhat inexpensive then I will probably not balk at it. However if the repair involves a costly part I will not stand for being sold two basically defective TVs.

Stay Away From Toshiba, Worst TV. Worst Customer Service
By -

LEBANON, TENNESSEE -- I 'm highly dissatisfied & DISGUSTED with DEFECTIVELY DESIGNED TOSHIBA DLP TV & Toshiba America Corporation 's extremely poor & pathetic customer service of corporate staff handling complaint. I have bought Toshiba DLP 72 inches TV model #72HM195. Paying several thousands of dollars on 9/13/06. Within 4 months within less than 150 hrs of usage Lamp failed, Contacted Toshiba.

Toshiba replaced lamp stating usual life of lamp is 6000-8000 hrs but because of shipping & vibrations it must have failed in less than 150 hrs. Now new good lamp blew up again in 13 months with limited usage of about 500-600 hrs instead of lasting 6000-8000 hrs AS WARRANTED.

Contacted Toshiba customer svc at 800-457-7777 spoke to several customer service reps & supervisor **, ** stated Lamp has warranty for 8000 hrs or 6 months & not replacing blown lamp since lamp lasted more than 6 months. This lamp lasted less than 10% of warranted life HRS & one needs to use 45 hrs daily to get 8000 hrs in 6 months. Average working family use TV for only 1-2 hrs daily. ** could not comprehend or did not want to understand issue; He further stone walled any further escalation & refused rudely to provide any information about corporate & president's office.

After extensive research found & contacted **, Customer solution manager @ ** at Toshiba America Corporation, 1420 B Toshiba Dr, Lebanon TN 37087. ** stated Toshiba did realize original lamp installed in TV was defective, so Toshiba warranted defective lamps for 2 yrs. & hence Toshiba replaced that Lamp. Now New replaced lamp has same 6 months / 8000 hrs warranty. This again blew up lasting only 500-600 hrs. So technically Toshiba warranted initial pre-installed defective lamp for 2 yrs but equally bad replacement lamp is warranted for 6 months only & flatly refused replacement.

In vain, one more attempt made to contact at Toshiba Corporate HQ, Wayne NJ. Spoke to **, complaint Manager @ **. ** is no help either. Beware ** & ** will not return your calls despite leaving several messages so one has to be persistent.

Toshiba knows very well that this is their defective product with defective design but does not want to admit. On line research shows numerous complaints of premature lamp failure & needing replacement every 6 months and on average usage of only few hundred hrs, consistent with our experience. Other brands TV lamp will be lasting several thousands of hours as promised. Toshiba not only failed to provide reliable product but is also deceiving consumers with extremely poor customer service.

Now onwards I decided & expressed to Toshiba corporate officers as well about not to buy any Toshiba product after this traumatic experience of failing to stand behind defective product & providing pathetic customer service for DLP TV I spent several thousands of dollars.

TV Remote - Same button broke on 3 different ones
By -

PEORIA,, ILLINOIS -- I purchased this television in May, 2005. Within a year, the volume down button stopped working. Toshiba told me it was a bad sensor, and they replaced the remote under the warranty. 14 months after I received the new remote, the same button broke. I asked Toshiba to replace the remote, because the same button broke again. They refused, because the part was no longer under warranty. I wrote to the Illinois Attorney General's office and I filed a complaint. Very soon after that, Toshiba called and said they would replace the remote. & months after I received the second remote, the same button broke again.

All of the other buttons worked fine on all of the remotes, except on this third remote, the volume up button was starting to fail. I called Toshiba again, and again they refused to replace the remote. I told them that there is no way I was causing this problem, because all of the other buttons were working, and because I don't believe I could break the same button three times. I sent another complaint to the Illinois Attorney General, and Toshiba never responded. I am stuck with a remote where I cannot adjust the volume on the TV, and I cannot manipulate the menus. Why should I buy a fourth remote that is likely to have the same problem.

Also, two months after I attached a Hi-Def DVR to the HDMI input on the TV, I could no longer get a picture using that input. Comcast tried several DVR boxes and several HDMI cables, but none of them worked. I added this issue to the second complaint with the Illinois Attorney General, but Toshiba never responded.

I would recommend that anyone who does not want to have this experience think twice about buying anything from Toshiba. They obviously don't care about their customers. I want Toshiba to continue to replace the remote as long as this particular button keeps failing. This is obviously a design flaw and not a end-user issue. I want them to pay to repair the HDMI input. The technology used in this TV was not up to par.

By -

Developed black vertical lines in screen. Toshiba and many other brands of LCD are failing and Toshiba is fully aware of the problem but playing dumb. Tell them you're out of warranty and they blow you right off. They won't make good on the sets.

Just google black vertical lines in LCD TV's and you can't imagine why there's no class action lawsuits out there. Stay away of Toshiba for you next purchase, TV's a lemon and their customer no service is useless. One good thing though, the customer service wasn't a guy in India with bad English named "**" at least in this case an American screws ya.

No satisfaction
By -

I have been reading all the reviews on Toshiba. My husband and I had a repair man out today. We are having the same problem that all of you are having. Our TV has a horrible noise in the back and this has been going on for a year and a half. We had to wait on parts that were back ordered. We put new bulbs in and a new fan and the noise continued. We got no help from toshiba. They said that since the TV was out of warranty they could not do anything. Anyway the TV service man told us to scrap the TV it was not worth putting any more money into it. So I say do not buy Toshiba. Its a sorry company.

Toshiba Regza 40” LCD TV is defective and should be recalled
By -

WAYNE, NJ, NEW JERSEY -- A little over a year and slightly out of warranty, the screen on the TV developed a vertical rainbow which covers about half of the screen making the TV useless. I tried to appeal to Toshiba but they told me they would not warranty the unit. I found several other users on blogs complaining of the same issues. I understand if a product is out of warranty and something minor breaks, but for the TV to become completely useless is unacceptable. Toshiba obviously doesn't care about their reputation. I will not purchase another Toshiba product.

Why did my CRT Toshiba TVs sound turn off completely?
By -

Our other TV's sound still works so it's not the cable, it's not on mute, and it doesn't produce sound for our DVD's either. IT was working one minute, then the next it wasn't. Does anyone have advice on how to fix it? What can be done?

LCD TV Picture Goes Black
By -

Toshiba TV picture just went black. No warranty under 2 years old. Purchased at Best Buy - they will not stand behind the product since we didn't purchase their warranty. No satisfaction from customer support at Toshiba. There is a knonw problem with this model TV however they claim it is not the same issue. They will not verify previous problems. TV purchased for $850. Toshiba refuses to stand behind their product. Will never buy another product made by Toshiba or recommend to any clients or friends.

Never Purchase Toshiba
By -

My husband and I purchased a 46 Inch Toshiba and have had nothing but problems with it. We can't get parts or any resolution from the toshiba company. We mailed in a form for the class action settlement suit against Toshiba to get our money back for blown bulbs. No answer from that either as of yet, we hope soon though. Our television has been out of service for over a year. My advice is Don't Buy A Toshiba TV.

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