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Tracfone "Everywhereness" Commercial Is a Lie
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MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Approximately late November 2012 bought through QVC a Tracfone LG800 with very good deal of 1400 minutes, over a year of service with renew date February 2014, and lifetime triple minutes for every one minute you purchase. Initial cost was $100.00. Phone worked great from my home for about 5 months.

Then one day from my home I could not get a signal. I called Tracfone and after 2 hours and a dozen or more of long sets of numbers to enter into the phone and constantly asking to repeat that I can't understand what you are saying (heavy accent) we finally got a signal. Phone worked until I hung up and tried calling a friend got a weird message "€œemergency calls only".

A few days later I called again, and again was put through the same crap of entering long sets of numbers. I still could not get a signal. I insisted upon speaking with a superior and was given a number to their corporate headquarters. It turned out to be a detour to customer service. I told them to connect me with a supervisor and she said I have to enter all these numbers first. I told her that has been done several times it doesn't work, connect me with a supervisor.

During one of my calls to service she just hung up on me because it was quitting time. I didn't realize they have hours only until 11pm. Imagine that, no 24 hour service. Then my sister-in-law spoke to them and got another phone number to call which turned out to be the same number I had. Again they had me entering long numbers. So after fighting with them I finally convinced them to send me a new phone. Received the so called new phone which was really a reconditioned one. It still does not work at home. It will work in some areas outside the home and not others.

"Everywhereness"??? I really look forward to nights in dead of winter getting into my Jeep and driving down the road to call my friends. I have been cheated out of my $100.00. They picked my pocket! My recommendation is stay away from Tracfone. You never know when they may decide to change the signals. Oh and their commercial about "€œEverywhereness" is a lie. I'm everywhere and I can't get that "€œEverywhereness" signal. Ticked off in New York.

No Support Unable to use Mailbox
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I have just spent 82 minutes on the phone with a customer service representative This was my second call to TracFone today. I did not set up a mailbox when I activated my phone. I now need one. When I pressed 1 to set up the mailbox I received the message "Welcome to AT&T voice mail. We need more information to direct you to the appropriate Mailbox." Then "To leave a message, dial the 10 digit number for the person you are trying to call". The other option was "If you have a mailbox on this system, press the # sign." Neither option applied but I pressed the # sign and got "Please enter the mailbox number specified by your system manager!" So I called for help!

The first representative put me on hold 6 different times for 2 to 4 minutes each time and kept coming back to tell me that "The application is loading". He finally came back on after placing me off and on hold for 27 minutes and said he could not help me but he was transferring me to someone who could. I held for another 17 minutes and then hung up and called back.

The second representative told me after 82 minutes of repeating the phrase "The application is still loading" that "it appears the application will not load" and he said there was "nothing else he could do for me today". I asked him to transfer me to a supervisor and he sent me right back to square one in the general queue. These guys know that we pay by the minute right? We do not have unlimited talk time or rollover minutes. I tried to enter an online request for support but the web page went to nowhere land when I hit the submit button!

By -

On hold for an hour, then I get India, then was told I had to call a different department. Was on hold another 45 min only to transferred back to the first department. I was so frustrated I asked to deactivate the phone with over 500 minutes remaining on it. Better service at a McDonalds. BEWARE! BBB now involved. I guess it's only a good phone for drug dealers. I certainly am not one.

Horrible Customer Service
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With TracFone you have the ability to purchase minutes "on demand" from your phone. It is a convenient feature. I had the payment connected to my debit card. I lost my debit card so I needed to change my payment method for the TracFone. TracFone's website allows you to enter a checking account as the payment method. So I did, because I was waiting for my new debit card to come. I tried to buy minutes but I kept getting a text message that said "Credit card denied, call customer service". I thought maybe I had to wait for the database to be updated with the new payment info so I kept trying it periodically. I tried 7 times and finally called customer service.

They said, "We don't accept checking accounts". I said, "Well, then why is it an option on the website?" Since most of the customer service people barely speak English they will just keep repeating the same line to you like a parrot, so you finally have to give up and just accept that answer. Monday comes and I look in my checking account and lo and behold I have a hold placed on my account for 7 charges from TracFone. So I call them and tell them that they charged my checking account and I didn't receive any minutes.

They say, "We don't take checking accounts only credit cards or debit cards." I say, "I know but you charged my account anyway." Well, they keep repeating this same line like a parrot. They don't have a clue. I say I want to talk to the billing department. They say, "This is the billing department. We don't take checking accounts, only debit or credit cards." AHHHHHHH I hang up before I start shouting at the top of my lungs. I go to bank and explain. They take holds off money.

Today I look and lo and behold they took the money out and I got 2 bounced check fees. I went to the bank and filed fraud charges and it's going to take me up to 30 days to get my money back. I explain to bank that it is impossible to get my money back from TracFone. They are complete idiots.

Luckily the bank (Bank of America) took the claim because normally when you permit a vendor to take the money out you have to get the money back from the vendor and the bank will not file a claim for you. So hat's off to BofA for having some compassion. I start look for new cell phone plans. Don't bother going to Walmart's Straight Talk - TracFone owns them and it's the same crappy customer service you get with TracFone. TracFone has the worst customer service on the planet.

TracFone needs to be in time out
By -

Have you ever felt powerless as a consumer? How about neglected or ignored by a company? If so, maybe you've tried to get service from Tracphone! My son gave me his old Motorola Tracphone with 500+ minutes left on it. He wanted me to have a cell phone to use for emergencies - him dialing in or me dialing out. It seemed like it should be a simple task to reactivate a phone with minutes on it. Not so with Tracphone! The customer service voice-response series of dead-end recordings is confusing and frustrating to navigate. If one is fortunate enough to speak with a live person, the solution that's promised is not delivered.

Online customer service seemed to be more responsive at first. So, I followed the directions given to me as a solution, and Tracphone charged my credit card $74.88 May 26, 2009. This charge was to cover a month of service, which was supersized to a year to give me time to use the new and old minutes. In order to reactivate the phone, however, I was told I had to wait for the arrival of a new SIM card, "which should arrive in 3 - 5 business days." That was 7 phone calls, 10 e-mails, and 60 days ago. I'M STILL WAITING FOR THE SIM CARD.

Meanwhile, the 60 day "grace" period for reactivation has passed, the 500+ minutes should have expired, and I have been without a phone for three months. I have requested assistance from the Better Business Bureau. Three things I've learned from my experience with this company: Take Note: Never let the reactivation date for prepaid minutes expire.

If you do, you have fallen into "their" trap and might not get out without damage to your pride and/or pocketbook. Tracphone needs competition. I would like to work for the competition. If you have a friend with a wireless network, ask to join in. You may be fortunate enough to deal with real people that speak your language when you need customer service.

Broken Record
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I know customer service has gone downhill in the last few years but attempting to talk to TracFone customer service was one of the worst experiences that I have had. First my daughter had lost her phone and I called to stop service and asked them the steps I need to take once I purchase a new phone. The call center (wherever it is overseas) has their representatives reading from a script and every time I asked a question that was not in line with the script the person would just repeat the script over and over again.

After I purchased her new phone, I wanted to transfer the over 200 minutes she still had on her lost phone. Once I activated the phone, they only gave us 70 minutes back. The test call worked but later that day and for the next 3 days (they say the transfer can take up to 72 hours to take effect) she could not use her phone. It kept saying Unregistered SIM. So I called back on the 5th day (because the online re-register did not work) and was placed on/off hold for over 45 minutes while their "special" department was working on building documentation for my case (whatever that meant).

Finally, after several minutes of turning the phone off and waiting for them to run test calls, we could make a receive calls. I asked them about the 200 minutes that she had and was repeatedly told that I must have the "lost" phone in order to verify minutes and that I must deactivate the phone. I told them I deactivated her phone right away. I know they must have a server or database out there that records each phone's minutes but at any rate, the woman on the other end would not answer direct questions.

I asked to speak to their manager which took another 20 minutes of being placed on hold. I guess they do not consider how much time and money they are wasting on 1-800 customer service calls. Once I got the supervisor on the phone, she went through the exact same script. I let her know that it took 5 days to get my daughter's new phone working and that only a portion of her minutes were transferred and asked what they could do for us in regards to credit. Again, she just repeated her broken record. What a waste of time.

Needless to say, I will never buy a TracFone or their services again. It's so disappointing that these companies are so narrowly focused on profit that they send their customer service overseas and they do not care whether or not they have satisfied customers. Well, they just lost another one.

Pathetic Enough To Make You Weep!
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Rating: 1/51

KEY LARGO, FLORIDA -- I had been a customer with Straight Talk for more than 3 years but the summer of 2011 is when the Tracfone system that was powering Straight Talk went haywire and I spent hours on pay phones (great fun finding one that worked) while traveling trying to get my Straight Talk and a new Tracfone to work. They somehow worked the bugs out and things were good till I needed to replace my phones with new ones. Now they had SIM cards and the fun began. Kept one phone 8 days and returned it thinking my problem was the phone. Ordered a new one on-line and proceeded to call and e-mail about not being able place or receive calls.

In a one month period other than the calls the techs would make to test the phone I received 8 calls and was able to make even less calls out. Returned that phone and gave up on Straight Talk bought a Tracfone. The store clerk spent 20 mins porting my number but they had to send me a new SIM card???? So for 2 days no one knew my number and then when I got the SIM I could not make or receive calls. Spent 2 hours on the phone passed off to 6 different people before ** was able to resolve my problem But - the second new phone which I have had for 1 week has only worked when I call tech support and they test it.

I just spent another 1.5 Hours on the phone. First tech passed me off and I went on hold to that "pathetic" hold recording and then they said there were so many waiting I should call back at another time. 9:45 pm called again, passed to 2nd person, turn off/on, remove battery, enter codes, remove battery and SIM sometimes works when he calls me sometimes not. I ask for a supervisor and guess what, I get disconnected!

I call back busy recording 'call is important to us', yadda yadda. Tech called back while I am on hold listening to the noise and leaves a different number to call him back - try that, get some long string of numbers and no connection. When I try to make a call from my land line to the cell I get a 'cannot be completed at this time' and a message 6. When I try to call from my cell it looks like it is ringing - no sound - and after 3 pulses on the face of the phone it says call ended and goes back to the home screen. Text works and I can call voicemail for all the good that does as I am not receiving calls.

Don't Do Business With Them
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I have been TRACFONE for 1 year and a half. I thought initially it was a good pay as you go with triple minutes for the LG phone. I have had MULTIPLE MULTIPLE problems with customer service. Calling the MIAMI number you are on hold for long periods of time. When not on hold you get transferred to Costa Rica the Philippines and this past Saturday was routed to Columbia. I asked numerous time to speak to a SUPV only to be put on hold longer and then the call was disconnected by TRACFONE.

Recently March 1, my TRACFONE only 3 months old, died - the on off switch ceased to work. I called TRACFONE - said they would send me a new one. Then on Tuesday, I decide NOT to get the new phone as I was switching providers and ending the terrible service with TRACFONE. I called - placed on hold for 15 minutes until I spoke to someone. I gave her my ticket # told her I do NOT want the new phone. I asked if it was shipped she said no. She cancelled it for me on Tuesday. I come home on Thursday and its at my door. I was LIVID. I called - was on hold for 45 minutes.

Spoke to two people who could not help me and asked to speak to a SUPV. They wanted me to bring the phone to the PO to mail it back. I said "NO, This is YOUR problem as I cancelled it on Tuesday". Finally was able to reach a supv - she and I sparred back and forth. I was on the phone with TRACFONE a total of 110 minutes. TERRIBLE customer service, terrible people - some who cannot speak English. And I had to be on hold for 110 minutes when I called on Tuesday to cancel this new phone order. NOT my problem but they made me take 110 minutes out of my time to call them back AGAIN.

Last year, ** in corporate was the only one who could help me. I had her phone # and lost it. The multiple calls this past month I requested to have them email ** and wanted her help again. Never heard from ** and doubt they emailed her. She is the only one who resolved my previous problems. This is a TERRIBLE company for customer service. DO NOT USE THEM.

Poor service
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Checked web to see if I could address problem there but there was no way to do it. Called Tracfone yesterday. Put on hold for long period waiting for a representative to speak to. Awful music. Finally got someone to talk to who was difficult to understand and had problems understand me because he was from another country. Was on phone long periods while he supposedly researched. Finally disconnected me. He never called back. I called back and was told Tracfone was not accepting calls because of high volume.

Called later and went through the above process again. Was told they could verify only 320 of the minutes and I was finally able to get some credit for that. Asked to speak to a supervisor and was told I was being transferred to one but was sent back to the original holding pattern. Minutes disappeared from my phone and Tracfone refuses to credit the full amount. Had to wait on hold multiple times, got disconnected, misdirected, etc. Finally got 320 minutes but when I asked to be transferred to supervisor, I was misdirected back into the main line to hold again for another representative. Spent hours on phone. Other problems:

(1)Bought phone online that was supposed to work in my area. Tried to transfer old Tracfone number and minutes. Never got phone to work. Never got old number back. After many calls (with the same holds, failures to resolve, disconnects, misdirects, etc. as mentioned above), I was told my phone must be defective and they would send me a new one.

Arrived about a week later and it did not work either. Went through the same process as noted above. Still no service. Was then told I had the wrong phone for my area (even though their web site said it worked in my zip) I went back to the web, ordered, and paid for the phone that tech said I needed. Returned the other 2. Received new phone about a week later and went though the whole process again but eventually got phone activated and minutes transferred. Never got my old number back. Spent probably 20 hours or more on phone problems in the last 2-3 months.

(2) Cannot get phone register online for value plans. Get message that says the serial number belongs to another account. This is still unresolved and makes it difficult for me to get minutes on my phone. Tracfone used to be a good deal and I used them for the last 8 years. However, customer service has gotten progressively worse to the point where it is not worth it to deal with this company at all. Also, avoid Straight Talk and Net 10 because they are all related and have the same problems.

TracFone - good prepaid cell phone choice for visitors to the States
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Recently got a TracFone prepaid cell phone while visiting family in the States. We wanted something cheap and easy because we would only use it for the two weeks while back in the States. A family member recommended TracFone because the handsets themselves were so inexpensive and minute cards were readily available. I also heard from a friend of the family they have good network coverage.

What I saw during the two weeks the phone was in use astounded me. When I used to live in the States I would never have even considered getting a prepaid phone - cell contracts were just how everybody did it back then. Now I'm not sure why anyone still bothers with contracts anymore.

First of all: the network coverage is exceptional! It was painfully obvious to everyone that the TracFone had better signal than any of the three other phones (two on contract, one other prepaid) in our party. We were on the road a lot of the time and saw some of the phones lose all bars for long periods at a time. The TracFone was the most reliable in remoter areas and the most consistent with signal strength. When actually using the phone the calls were clear sounding with minimal interference and almost no dropped calls.

TracFone also actually enables you to place calls to many countries at the same rates as local calls! That's right, there is no extra charge for international calls to many overseas numbers. I was told it isn't to all countries in the world but we placed calls to Australia, UK and France at no extra cost! That is phenomenal value for money right there. I know of no other carrier, contract or prepaid, who gives that as a standard feature. Normally you have to sign up for an international calling bundle just to avoid paying like $2 to $3 per minute. The call rates were low although not the lowest available on the prepaid market over there as I understand it.

Still, TracFone proved to be very good value for money. The handsets I saw on display were the simpler, older types but at least they were cheap. I will definitely look at TracFone as an option when next time we visit the States. Based on my personal experience I would recommend this prepaid option.

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