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Trader Joe's Employees Seem Paranoid!
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RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- OK so after two nice comments about stores I unfortunately have to write a complaint. In my area of Richmond VA, they have opened a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe's less than a mile from each other. My two friends and I visited Whole Foods and I taped my friends interacting with each other and cutting up on camera as well as myself showing some of the stuff Whole Foods had to offer. No problem there.

I came across one of those boards where Whole Foods compared their prices to Trader Joe's buying exact items both stores had and seeing the receipt and pointing out Whole Foods was cheaper. I was impressed and all the more reason to check out Trader Joe's since I had never been to one. So off we went and we entered the store with my camera phone once again rolling and my friends doing the same thing. I cut it off and left my phone open and pointing toward the ground. A very nice lady came toward us and was talking about the store and what it had to offer. I felt we were very comfortable being there.

After the lady had walked off we continued to look at their products and still my phone was open and pointing to the floor. a lady came up and asked me not to film their products. I said I wasn't doing anything wrong and that I wasn't from Whole Foods. She walked off. Another lady came up to us a few minutes later again. I had not filmed anything and she said the same thing. This time one of my friends got in her face and said we weren't doing anything wrong. We immediately paid for our purchases with some of the employees looking at us and then we left.

Don't get me wrong. I think Trader Joe's is a welcome addition to Richmond as well as Whole Foods, but I am wanting people's opinions on this. Why is it OK for a company like Whole Foods or anyone who is wanting to attract business to buying items from their competitor and post both receipts for anyone to see? And why am I in the wrong for filming the store if I am only focusing mostly on my friends?

It is not like I am taking pictures or filming certain products, or better yet having pen and paper in hand? I went on YouTube and some guy filmed his experience at Trader Joe's. He even interacted with the cashier and she said something to the camera. So If I am doing something along the lines of what he did why is that wrong?

Frozen Macaroon Cookies Are Awful
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Rating: 3/51

SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND -- Trader Joe's has lots of good stuff, and some stuff I think is just overpriced and trendy hype. And they often have great desserts, including the Raspberry Macaroon Cake which is to die for. Which, unfortunately they didn't have - another problem with Trader Joe's is, stuff comes and goes - so I tried these frozen macaroon cookies which I thought would be the same quality - 6 different flavors, in the frozen dessert section. I bought 3 boxes as I thought these would be like the raspberry cake.

Absolutely horrid, like dried I don't know what sandwiched together with flavored dried-up gum. Maybe like dried circles of library paste. I was going to return them and demand my money back, but I am really too busy so ended up trashing them - hate losing the money but worse wasting my time over something that should not have been a problem. I only shop at TJ's once in a while, but if I want a cookie I'll go back to my tried and true Walker's Shortbread and LU biscuits that I can get at any big grocery. Just wanted to warn TJ shoppers these cookies are awful. The box makes them look pretty but meh.

Trader Joe's a Rip-off
By -

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIFORNIA -- I am making a rip-off report about Trader Joe's that they have just gone out of control on their price increases. So I wrote to Trader Joe's but haven't had an answer. I am still buying from Trader Joe's but a lot less and I am telling others about it as well by spreading the word on their prices, this is not discount any more at Trader Joe's, so you shop there, it is going to cost more and more money now. Besides the US recession, Trader Joe's is not helping people to save, just spend more money so they can profit again and again. If you have a story to talk about Trader Joe's, lets us know.

I am really upset about the price increases at Trader Joe's. Pricing have gone up, up and up again, again and again. I have receipts from 2003 to 2008 to verify that within the last year alone that prices have jumped 20% even and almost double on some of your products.

I have also looked online on forum complaint sites like,,, youtube and other sites to view people making the same statements on Trader Joe's about the price increases and there are so many complaints on your prices.

I am seeing customers cut back on spending as well and people are not going to Trader Joe's as much as I would see people time to time, now even myself, I have questioned the prices not just on gas prices & minimum wage increases but the prices are very upsetting besides that. Please tell me the main reasons for Trader Joe's on its increases, it is both the gasoline prices & minimum wages from Congress to push prices so high? Second, will prices go down when gasoline goes down but also will they go down if the demand is less from people cutting back and is there anything you can bring prices down?

The United States is on a major recession and the economy is really being hurt but companies increasing prices in the last 2 years. San Luis Obispo is not a strong middle class town, it is mostly minimum wage jobs but when you increase your prices again, again and again, you are hurting the customers.

I am cutting but also I am not spending my money at Trades Joe's like I have in the past as I am taking notes on the things I bought last year and see the things increased in your store. The prices are so noticeable that I am not buying the things that have increased for example. I am considering of not shopping at Trader Joe's as the prices have gone way too far but the evidence from my receipts and the all the complaints online..... no answer.

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