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Cancellation Due to Dog Breed
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Rating: 1/51

RENO -- After switching all my insurance needs to Travelers they cancelled my homeowners insurance after two months because I have a Doberman. My agent tried to talk to underwriting letting them know that we had no problem with them not insuring our dog in the policy, she never had an incident and was 9 years old but they would not consider reinstating us.

I called Travelers customer service and informed them that since they were cancelling my homeowners I would be taking my 5 autos, two rentals and umbrella policy and switching to a new career. The agent said he would send a message to underwriting to see if there was any way they could keep my business. They did not even bother getting back to me so I guess they don't need my business. I am happy to say that I switched everything to Progressive and saved $400. Goodbye Travelers!!! Will never do business with them again!

Boat Insurance Claim
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At the end of June of 2010 I was on my boat on a large lake in Southern Missouri. There was a storm and the boat was damaged. The entire inside of the boat was filled full of water, and the only thing that saved it was the flotation in it. I contacted my agent who told me to contact travelers. Travelers sent out their shipwright to take a look at the boat. I did not know where to take this boat to and asked the shipwright where to take it. He told me about a local marina. A week later, after not hearing anything from Travelers, I took the boat there, and asked them to do an estimate on the damages so I could send it in to Travelers.

My agent at the time told me that the cost of the estimate would be covered. I went out of state, and contacted the marina to see if anyone had been in to look at the boat. I was told by them that no one from travelers had been in. I contacted Travelers again, and they said they would send their shipwright down again. Part of the cost was that the marina wanted 8 hours (at 99.00 per hour) to drain the water out of the gas tank. When I came home I went to the marina, paid for the estimate and took the boat home. I again called travelers, and was told that they do not recommend anyone.

At that time I was told by their representative that they send a shipwright out to look over the item. He told me to take the boat to where ever I wanted the work done. I took the boat to a fiberglass shop and it sat there. The shop did the estimate on the glass work, and then took it to a marina they recommended for the rest of the work.

In September, I was told by Travelers that the representative that I had no longer was with the company and I would have another representative taking care of it. I told the fiberglass place to get the glass work done, and awaited the decision from Travelers on the rest of the damage. I told the fiberglass shop to get the work done since Travelers was not giving me authorization about the work. I had received a check which was not even close to the beginning damages. While the fiberglass work was getting done I was told that more fiberglass damage was found. Again the shipwright was to be sent out. I had also sent Travelers a copy of the second estimate for the other damage to the boat.

The marina had recommended that the motor be rebuilt, cables replaced due to corrosion, radio replaced, etc. Travelers rejected that estimate, and said they would not pay for it. The representative told me that the shipwright saw no corrosion damage on the items. How can they figure that out when a radio is under water and it is not damaged. The outboard stalls, and is not the same as before the incident. I have replaced the radio, and I am now replacing parts one at a time that they stated were not damaged in the storm. Needless to say I am not happy with them and have changed companies.

25% Increase in 2nd Year
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Rating: 1/51

OREGON -- We switched our auto and home to Travelers a year ago after 30+ years with Nationwide. The home premium was a bit higher but the auto was a decent savings. I just received my 2nd year premium and the auto increased 25% with no citations or accidents. I'd call this “bait and switch”. We're going with another provider rather than be ripped off by Travelers.

Angry since July 2011.
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GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK -- I just turned 18 in November, so when I got my first car in July, I had trouble finding the cheapest company. I finally found a broker (Barry Scott, Central Ave) that put my into the NYS Insurance "pool", where I was picked up by Travelers at a nice $278 a month for minimum coverage (that was sarcasm by the way, but I'm a young male, I get it). My parents don't drive, by the way. Problem number one soon occurs. Since I was under 18, I needed an adult to be co-signed on the insurance. I finally got my dad's name on the registration, something I didn't know was possible, and handed it in to the broker and got it faxed to Travelers. OK, pretty stressful but I got through it.

Things went well for the next few weeks, around October, until I started getting letters from Travelers stating I owed $3,195 or I wouldn't have insurance, along with a letter from the DMV stating they never received my electronic binder... come to think of it, I never received PROOF OF INSURANCE. Whatever. A bit confused. I call my mom and she sends me receipts of her payments, in fact, she paid until December 2011. I head to the broke and find out that Travelers picked up my uncle on the policy (I live with my uncle, turns out he was picked up on the policy with no notice given at all).

The broker calls Travelers and they calmly explain how all they need is a copy of my uncles proof of insurance and he'll be removed and they'll send the electronic binder in the mail to the DMV (had to be done within 7 days or my license was to be suspended). Frustrated, but I got through it.

November 25th, today: I come home from working a stressful Black Friday to 2 lovely letters, one from Travelers stating I owe $446, an imaginary $446 might I add, since my Mom has paid until January 2012, which she has proof from, and a letter from the DMV with the lovely words "Suspension Order" in bold and all capitals. Lovely timing to get the letter, with Travelers being closed on the weekend (can't call them) and the DMV being closed over the weekend (have to miss classes on Monday morning to head to the DMV to explain everything).

I'm officially confused, as they send no letters explaining what's going on. Everyone's lost, even my broker, yet my Mom has paid her money and my license is being threatened with suspension. Travelers, you really know how to turn a nice guy into a jerk. Happy Holidays, you confusing, greedy pigs. Never will I refer business your way and I'm changing companies as soon as possible.

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Here's a doosey for you. I think this apply to both the workers covered by Travelers and, their clients. BEWARE!!! Since this claim is till ongoing and, I do not trust these people at all! I am only going to give the overview and not get too specific. I was injured on the job and the claim was accepted as compensable some years ago. Since that time I have had a major back surgery, approved by Travelers.

Now, here's where it gets... strange to say the least. I have had to file multiple times, and will again here shortly, with my state's Workers Compensation Court in order to get Travelers to pay MILEAGE! Yes, MILEAGE! They have taken literally MONTHS to pay and only after having to go to mediation. They did not dispute that they owed it or that it was correct. They simply would not pay! This even after their attorney was basically given the claim to handle! LOL

Now, even stranger is that I offered to settle this claim. They offered me less than $2,000.00 out of the gate. This was to cover all medical expenses pertaining to my back for the next 30 years or so. Keep in mind I am still seeing a 2 doctors and on 3 different medications for the back.

Now, that's just a slap in the face yes? Well, get this... since they wouldn't even be reasonable nor let me see a pain doctor I went ahead and asked their surgeon to take out my hardware in an effort to get a better result on the pain. He petitioned the adjuster and lo and behold... it was APPROVED! Now, please explain to me why an insurance company would NOT pay even 1/2 of a settlement offered for me to pursue pain relief on my own and for them and their client to get completely out from under the claim but WILL approve a surgery that will cost over $150,000.00 + and potentially, could be MUCH more in the long term? Are they not out to SAVE money?

I can only guess at the reasoning behind this. And, if you have any ideas let me know. But, it must be either the adjuster is over-worked and simply not paying attention; that they are aggressively trying to drive up premiums on their clients(this is a major nationwide company in this case); or, they are simply hoping that I either back out of the surgery or, they wish to cause me pain for some reason. WATCH OUT for these guys! No matter the reasoning, or lack thereof, behind this absurd claim handling? They are a menace to both the injured worker and the companies they insure.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

On May 05, 2017, I get a letter from Travelers Business Center for Offer to Reinstate for X amount of dollars plus a $20 fee. This is 2 days after they mailed the letter. I did a quick check with my bank and they confirm they mailed Travelers a check for the full amount on April 18, 2017. According to my bank it could take up to 5 days for them to receive my check. I now call Travelers to confirm that my bank did mail them the check on the above dates. Travelers now tells me they did receive the check on May 08, 2017. This is two weeks after my bank tells me the check could take.

This is not the first time I have received a reinstate letter from Travelers. On January 07, 2017, I received a cancellation notice because I owed $15. To reinstate my policy, I was to send them a check for $35. Again, this is two days after receiving the letter. This is one month after my bank mailed out the check for $15. When I called to talk to a customer service representative I told him that I mailed out the check and gave him the address. He then told me that was the wrong address, my reply was I have been mailing my payments to this address since 2008.

We talked for a few minutes and in so many words he called me a liar and my reply to him was why would I lie to him. He then told me it's a good thing we live in America, what! Because I also have Home Owners Insurance with them I decide to ask when I would I would receive my statement? She tells me that the statement was sent to the bank who holds my mortgage. I ask "why would you send the statement to a bank," because I don't have a mortgage. Traveler also has a Worker Comp side. Are they messing with me because I have an ongoing claim with them since 2013? I hope not.

Claim Question for Airbag's Coverage
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Rating: 5/51

RICHMOND D, VIRGINIA -- My airbags raised up on my steering wheel and I had called manufacturer to see if there was a recall and they said no. I got it fixed. I later got my renewal for my auto insurance with Travelers and read the policy. There was a section on airbag replacement and it gave me the idea to see if my car was covered. I called and they asked if I had an accident I said no. They said they would assign me a claims adjuster and that person called me back almost instantly. He asked about anything that could happen to the car and explained that my policy pays in event of an accident.

I feel that they checked to see if my car had been in an accident that I didn't know about, checked with the manufacturer and the dealer. I feel they checked every source and informed me of each of their finding. Then the manager of that department called to see if I was satisfied with my claim. All I could do was thank them!

Electronic Billing Scam!
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Rating: 1/51

TUCSON, AZ -- Since Travelers charges a $5 handling fee for paper and e-billing(!) I decided to go with their only true option, automatic withdrawal from my bank account. What a nightmare! They withdrew 2 payments in the same month electronically. 3 phone calls and several customer service representatives later they offered to send a refund check that should arrive in no more than two business days. Furthermore, a representative promised to follow up via telephone to assure payment (I was "educated" that it is impossible to refund my money ELECTRONICALLY, even though THEY didn't have any problems taking it out TWICE ELECTRONICALLY in the first place!

Well, the check never came, neither did the follow up phone call. So I called them back once more to ask if I should charge THEM $5 for every missed payment on THEIR end plus my lost interest, time for upsetting phone calls, etc. I think we all know the answer to that... I will change insurance companies once I finally (if ever) receive the monies owed to me. So the learning experience taught me to deal with a more reputable company and "free" e-billing (I just hope I do not have to file a claim...)

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Rating: 2/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- We were with Travelers homeowners insurance for 20 years and within that period of 20 years we only made claims for no more than 4 times. Our problem began with the roof as to where due to a branch falling on it the roof began leaking. We contacted Travelers and they send us money to only cover partial roof, which was not enough. We hired Florida Universal Roofing in Orlando Fl and they did such a horrible job that our roof started leaking again in the same place. Travelers didn't want to hear about it and even after we put up a new roof Travelers cancel our policy.

This company is no good, I am sorry but they are not worth it. We pay in 20 years for their services and they pass that up and just cancel like that. Is like they want to pocket your money and when it comes to a claim they don't want to give and do the right thing. Thankfully we were able to come across a way better homeowners insurance who saw nothing wrong with our new roof which we ended paying with our own money. I would not recommend Travelers to anyone.

Dropped Coverage
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, CONNECTICUT -- I have been confronting Travelers Insurance for almost 5 years now. After agreeing to conservative treatment since 1992 without any issue with date of injury, cause of injury or anatomical site of injury they now drop coverage. In 2008 my condition had deteriorated to were more radical and of course more expensive treatment was suggested. They went into “delay, deny and wait for him to die” mode. Even though in the past they offered a settlement and paid for conservative treatments, now they dispute date of injury and anatomical site of injury and completely dropped coverage.

They denied change of physician after I moved 1000 miles. They denied post-op medication following a pre-approved procedure. CI Analyst denied travel reimbursement because she couldn't find location on Bing Maps and claims 143 X 56.5 = 81.02 and 81.02 X 2 =160.40! They have ordered and paid for four (4) M.R.I.s in attempts to deny coverage. They use disreputable physicians and reference M.D.s who are not in practice. They make fraudulent claims about my case. They refuse to put in writing what they say in a telephone conversation. In a just world this treatment would be criminal.

My condition has now deteriorated to the point that I am totally disabled and in constant pain. I have been unable to seek employment and was forced to move from my home. Because of my disability, my physical and emotional health have seriously deteriorated and I am on the verge of a breakdown. I am amazed how their employees can spend their days ruining peoples lives and sleep at night. I wonder what their excuse will be when they meet God.

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