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They Screwed Up Then Try to Drop Us!
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Rating: 1/51

DAYTON, OHIO -- We have had our home (and cars) insured with Traveler's for over 10 years as well as three investment properties for 6 years. All of our investment properties have been renovated and rehabbed, very well maintained, and are homes to good, reliable tenants. None have ever had a claim. When we called to add a fourth property in September we received a declarations page not for the investment property we requested (by email) but rather one that switched our residence to a rental dwelling.

I called our agent who said she would correct it. Two weeks later we received the same declarations page but this time under reason for change it stated "change to insureds address". We didn't move. We were trying to ADD a property. Again I contacted our agent but this time by email and she assured me the problem was being corrected but guess what: Wrong again! We received same declaration page listing our residence as a rental, "change to insureds address", and no mention of the investment property.

More emails and phone calls in which our agent never apologized or admitted a mistake, but rather, a "hmmm, I wonder what's happening?" response and a few weeks later an inspector shows up to our residence saying they are updating their records and need to take pictures of our yard and home which was on our neighborhood garden.

Tour a few months earlier with its professionally landscaped yard, two small koi ponds, a gazebo, paver patio, pergola, floating deck, outdoor kitchen and, stacked at the back at the wooden privacy fence gate to the alley, behind the metal gate through the boxwood hedge were stacked limbs from a 10' dying tree at the front which we took down a week prior. (A neighbor with a chipper wanted them and was coming by that week to haul it away).

Two weeks after the inspector took pictures we received in the mail another declarations page for the rental but: STILL WRONG! Another "policy change" statement for our residence. I emailed our agent once again who called me the following week to tell me I must be mistaken because the policy is correct on her computer. After a back and forth she admits that the statement I have dated October 15th was corrected on her computer on October 22nd so I will once again be getting a "corrected" policy.

And, oh, by the way, if we don't clear out our "debris strewn yard" and "paint and re-point your brick residence" in the next 20 days they will cancel our policy. That's right: CANCEL OUR HOME POLICY. I am told this on October 24th. We have never had a claim on any policy with them: Not even our auto policies!! No tickets, nothing! The "debris" was the tree at the back and paint chips because we were painting our house (a permit in our front window said as much) and since its an unpainted brick house, we can only paint the window trim and soffits.

It's late October and we're expected to paint and re point our house in 20 days and guess what else? The investment property is still uninsured. Unbelievable. We have no idea what is/isn't insured at this point and regardless of whether the company has a right to update their records (she kept insisting this as if I had no cause to complain) this would seem punitive punishment to cover their mistake. Our agent blames the underwriters for the mistake however we, not our agent, have been the only ones to catch the mistake every time.

She managed to graciously get us an extension until January to correct things. Really?! We live in Ohio and are expected to paint and re-point our entire 2000', two story house in the months of November, December and January? Are you kidding me? Wouldn't it seem reasonable that if you see we have a paint permit and that we are painting it's logical to infer we are taking care of it?

And for re-pointing, again, we are painting the house, our yard is landscaped and well maintained, our roof only 5 years old, and our windows are new as of three years ago so again, wouldn't it follow we are responsible people who are taking care of their property? We are re-pointing a side at a time of our home because the cost is over $10,000 for a house of our size but we are being forced by the insurance company to do it now. In the winter. How is that right?

We have never gotten an apology or admission of any sort. The best we have received is an extension to January and to that we will be dropped but rather they won't renew our policy if we don't correct the issues by January 1. Again, we still have no idea if our home is properly insured or if the rental is insured. Their mistake and now we're being treated like WE are the problem. Beware of Travelers. When they mess up they will punish you.

Travelers Insurance lied about facts in homeowners policy
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Rating: 1/51

ROGUE RIVER, OREGON -- I had a very large collection of jewelry components stolen at a home in another state. My agent told me to file a claim against my policy which would only get me $1,500.00 because the collection wasn't scheduled. [It was worth over $20,000.00.] When I tried to file a claim the handler told me it was too late to file, that it had been more than one year since the theft. My agent checked my policy and it stated I had 2 years to file. He complained and they took the case.

As soon as the adjuster, ** took the case he called me and told me he was sending an investigator out. I was happy because I thought they might be able to find my items. She came to my house in the middle of October. She taped the entire time and let me tell each detail which I was grateful for. I foolishly thought she was there to help me.

At the end of October I was called at 9 AM on Saturday by **. He told me that he denied the claim because... I WAS A LIAR AND HAD FILED A FALSE CLAIM!!! He went on to state I NEVER HAD A THEFT AND I HAD MADE THE WHOLE THING UP. He added there were all inconsistencies in my statement to the investigator.

When I asked him what in the world he meant he stated that I didn't even know the date the theft occurred, didn't know who took the beads, I didn't even know who had been in the house I was staying in. I WAS OUTRAGED. I told him to send me a copy of the taped statement and he refused. He hung up on me. My agent told me to file a complaint with the insurance commissioner's office, which I did.

Months later I received a copy of the letter sent to the insurance division. It stated a man named ** did an investigation and I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THE LAST NAMES OF THE PEOPLE I STAYED WITH, I didn't know when or where the items were stolen, and the police report stated I made up the theft!! I immediately called the detective on the case and he was very angry stating none of what Travelers Insurance said was true.

THESE PEOPLE MADE UP A SECOND INVESTIGATION THAT NEVER TOOK PLACE AND LIED ABOUT ALL DETAILS IN THE CASE. I had no contact with anyone other than the lady who taped the statement at my house! I have never heard of anyone named ** and NO ONE ELSE CONTACTED ME!!

My agent is now filing a complaint and I am going to my attorneys office. I will get the so called tapes and reports they refused to give to me, I have been around a long time, been a Detective for years, and have never EVER DEALT WITH SUCH BALD FACED LIARS! This in not the end of this matter.. don't ever buy insurance from TRAVELERS INSURANCE!!!

Cancelled Our Coverage!
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Rating: 1/51

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- My wife and I had bundled auto (2 cars) and homeowners insurance with Travelers in Knoxville for ten years. We have never made a claim or missed a payment. Neither one of us has even had a traffic ticket in longer than that. We moved to a new house and gave Travelers our new information. Somehow they failed to activate the homeowners policy, so we were unknowingly uninsured for five months. They never attempted to contact me, and it was sheer dumb luck that I called about something else and found out.

Recently I got a traffic citation, and Travelers cancelled my auto insurance. "It's our policy not to insure anyone with a citation in the last five years" an underwriter told me. "We'll be happy to give you a quote in five years. Unbelievable! I asked if my wife's auto coverage would remain intact, and I was assured by two different representatives at different times that she was covered. Then they send me a large bill for changes to the homeowners policy... when I called they told me it was because our bundle had changed.

Screw that! I switched everything over to the new insurer that had my auto coverage. In doing so, my premiums dropped $1,200 a year! When the new coverage was in effect, I phoned Travelers to cancel the remaining policies... and was told that we had no auto policy, that they had cancelled my wife's insurance for MY traffic incident in MY car. I was never informed of that either by word or in writing. So she was without auto insurance for two and a half months. Although it's all in the past now, it still makes me livid to think how Travelers lied, cheated, and abused myself and who knows how many other customers.

Terrible Customer Service - Suspicious Investigations Methods
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Rating: 2/51

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I am outraged by my experience over the past five months regarding Travelers Property Claim **. The claim is for damages caused by the explosion of a water heater in an upper unit in my condominium building. The uncontained water spillage resulted in serious damages to my apartment as well as to five other units. Whereas the condominium building's master policy insurance assessed and partially settled some of the damages in two weeks, it took my Travelers insurance two weeks to simply show up and another five months to have a knowledgeable person contact me by telephone.

And this only happened after I issued a complaint to a Traveler's VP, Eric Nelson, on Thursday, November 14th. In addition to unacceptable customer service – including twice losing my receipts and contractors information -- Travelers tried on several occasions to obtain the terms of the settlement with the condominium building's master policy insurance from my building manager without asking me first. The manager refused to share this private information and advised Travelers to contact me.

I do understand the need for Traveler to investigate the claims and support the efforts. However, I find the act of trying to secure clients' private data from a third party unprofessional and unacceptable. I was outraged when Travelers replied: “This is a procedure often used by our insurance claim representatives, and considered natural part of the Investigation.” I have been a loyal customer of Traveler Insurance for several years through my car and homeowners' insurance. I expect better quality service. Instead, I received poor quality services at a time when I needed them to deliver the service for which I paid. I trust this complaint will be investigated and remain open to answer any questions.

Getting Reamed
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Rating: 1/51

Traveler's Insurance got us to switch over to them and approved our coverage. They asked to increase the home coverage by over $20,000.00 We agreed and signed up. Well they send their inspector out and decide that to replace this home from a total loss will take more than $60,000 more than the home was valued at PRIOR to the market crash of 08. Talk about unrealistic. Funny thing is, it appears to be an industry wide tactic at the moment as my parents just got hit with the same tactic where their $60,000.00 home is now valued at $175,000.00. This is an unethical company that I am leaving and will not do business within the future.

To agree to coverage, then send a letter saying if you disagree with our calculations and do not want the additional coverage, please call - then you call and dispute their evaluation - and are told you have no choice but to pay the extra money. Just wrong. I agree to be covered to X amount. If the replacement cost of my house exceeds that amount, then guess what... I assumed the risk. Any other act by the insurance company is frankly extortion.

I have never had so much disdain for a company, EVER!!!
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Rating: 1/51

OKLAHOMA -- Tornado in Oklahoma this week and everyone is getting their houses repaired and their displacement taken care of EXCEPT those that have the great misfortune of having TRAVELERS!!! Don't, don't, don't, ever get Travelers insurance!!! Did I mention don't get Travelers insurance??? Neighbors houses are getting their new roofs in and damage repaired, but not us, no, we have damage and mold (plus my daughter has asthma and the mold is very bad for her), etc, but they are denying us whenever and whatever they can!!!

They originally approved us to stay in a hotel and then a few days changed their mind and we won't get reimbursed for what they said they approved!!! And the list goes on!!! I will be on a campaign against this company for the rest of my life!!! I have NEVER seen such poor service from any company in my entire life!!!

I rarely complain about any business and I am understanding of mistakes and occasional poor service, but this takes the cake!!! Please, someone put this evil company out of business!!! I really wish I had read the reviews on insurance companies back when I bought my house, they are rated one of the lowest in satisfaction and one of the higher ones for complaints!!!

Bait and Switch
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Rating: 1/51

NEW JERSEY -- Travelers were very helpful in the initial call when my wife and I decided to change insurance companies. We were in the process of trying to save a couple of dollars and they seem keen on helping as with most companies. In any event just after ONE month their underwriting department did a reevaluation of the homes and found that the cost to rebuild would be twice as much as they originally quoted in addition to a $395k home it would cost them over a million dollars to rebuild... Yes 1 million dollars... To say the least when we made the switch we saved $600 a year at least that's what we thought!

We called and they simply said it is what it is! We're now in the process of seeking new insurance quotes! This business practice STINKS! Bait you in with a low quote and stick it to you 30-60 days later... Hope you found this helpful and not becoming a victim to TRAVELERS!

Insurance Policy Is Tricky
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Rating: 1/51

We were absolutely sure that our deductible is $500 - it is stated so in our original policy. When our property was damaged by severe hail storm Travelers adjuster told us that our deductible is 2% of property value for hail damage and we were notified by the company. We never received such notification. 2% of property value made our insurance claim useless.

All other property owners around us repair their roofs and insurance companies pay for it with small deductible. Travelers is tricky and unreliable. They want your money and do everything not to pay at all. If we would be notified that our deductible is so high for hail damage we would never continue business with Travelers.

Horrible Customer Service, Response Time
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Rating: 1/51

HAZLET, NEW JERSEY -- BEWARE: Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this company and drop them if you have them... before you suffer a real loss and get denied! I had a 4 foot flood in my basement and was denied any compensation because they claimed my sump-pump was old and not approved. However, they never asked how old it was or inspected it before signing me up for flood insurance!

They have the worst customer service, dismal response times, clueless and nasty adjusters and are truly one of the worst homeowners (and auto) insurance carriers in the industry! They do not return calls or e-mails and look for every possible excuse or loophole in your policy to deny claims where there is obvious and visible proof the policy-holder suffered real losses and there was absolutely no fault or negligence on their part! Just how they get away with this is beyond me and the insurance industry is full of crooks that only care about their profits and not the consumers one bit!

Good Rates and Good Service
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Rating: 5/51

ALABAMA -- I was with State Farm for over 2 decades for all my insurance when they started going up over 10% a year for two years when I had not filed any claims. They gave me some bs about increased costs being spread to all customers by all the insurance industry. I called Travelers 800 # got quotes for auto that was 50% less and homeowners 20% less. I switched. After 3 years I had to file a claim due to some damage from washer box leak in wall. Everything was handled great and I am very pleased... As long as my rates don't shoot up because they paid several hundred $!

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