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Over Charge My Credit Card
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Travelocity had overcharged my credit card for $118 in May 26, 14 for a Carnival cruise from Charleston. My ID# **. When I was booking on the phone and looking at the same web page with their Travelocity EXPERT agent, it was $1665.35. Unfortunately after the cruise, when I checked my credit card statement, that showed $1773.35 charged.

I called, emailed, talked to manager... all of them are end up with "it is fine, just wait, we worked on it".... Until now, I talked to several of their representatives who were extremely rude to me. They never credit back to me and try to deceive, bully, cheat to me. Everybody please be carefully when you book with I am unsatisfaction their service.

Great Service / Helped Me Every Step of the Way
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Rating: 5/51

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA -- Me and my family of 3 children wanted to take a cruise and were looking for a great first experience. I was new to all the ideas of cruise and had no idea what I was even looking at on the website! I called Travelocity's cruise number and the first great thing that happened is an English speaking person answered the phone! If only everywhere was like this! The representative asked me very important questions about what I wanted and needed and left me feeling important and that she was going to find the best options.

She seemed very knowledgeable about the ship and the process I was looking to go through, and I actually had a good time talking to her about this cruise. And in the end I was happy to book a balcony and an interior room across the way for my kids! Travelocity had great promotions for extra spending money.... So why would I not want to book and get those perks!

I needed help with figuring out later on how to go to Royal Caribbean's website to print everything out for boarding and I dealt with a gentleman and he was also so nice to advise where and what I needed to complete this step... Easy and great service again!

I have now taken my trip with my family and it was everything I could hope it could be and I will be using Travelocity again. Great people to work with. They get you excited and really figure out what is best for your family and what will make it better! I even got my on board spending money which helped purchase more pictures of me and my family!

Horrible Service
By -

I recently cancelled a cruise with Travelocity. My husband was laid off and we couldn't afford to go. I was told that my refund would be in my account within 4-6 weeks. At 6 weeks there was still no refund. I was told that I was mis-informed by their agent and it actually would take 9-12 weeks. I talked to several of their representatives who were extremely rude to me. I kept calling and moved up the chain of command. All they could tell me is that they were finally able to "expedite" the process, but it would be another 7 business days before I would even get any money back and it would not be the full amount.

I was told they could nothing to do with this and that it was all Carnival's issue. Carnival is not the one I had to get the refund through nor was it their agent. You told me 4-6 weeks. They would do nothing to help. They kept saying that I would eventually get my money and that I could get a voucher for a future cruise (which I was to get because they only refund a partial amount, I knew this from the beginning). I will never use them again and after sitting for hours on the phone getting horrid service, a voucher isn't going to cut it. I wouldn't recommend them for anything.

Travelocity price match
By -

I booked a cruise with Travelocity and later found much better fare on To give you an idea some of the cruises I checked with senior discount were almost 30% lower at than Travelocity, plus AA gives you one mile per $ spent. I tried calling Travelocity for their price match and all their agents were trying to say was "Sorry you are out of luck". I was barely few hours shy of their 24 hour window. Doh. Well anyway my ADVICE is check airline sites for cruises, since they have unbeatable prices and you can accrue miles. YOU GET NOTHING FROM TRAVELOCITY.

Do Not Use Travelocity
By -

BUYERS BEWARE! Travelocity operates on fraudulent advertisement principles when it comes to booking a cruise. My husband and I and our couple friends tried to book a cruise via Travelocity to the Eastern Caribbean. $3000 was charged to our credit card for the two of us last Sunday. As of today (Thursday), we still do not have plane tickets reserved through Travelocity. Mind you, we were given E-Documents confirming that our cruise was booked on Sunday afternoon and that our credit card passed through this transaction.

I've personally spent over 5 hours on the phone with several different customer service representatives over the past 4 days. Not only were they inconsistent with the information they provided, they were rude, disrespectful, refused to help us fix the problem, and put us on hold for about 80% of the time we spent on the phone. At one point, when I asked to speak to a manager, the customer service representative even hung up on me.

Furthermore, a customer service representative just told my husband that we should feel sorry for him for having to spend 2 hours on fixing this issue... I'm sorry, we weren't getting PAID to deal with this issue and you want us to feel sorry for you? My husband is now on the phone with a manager, and we STILL don't have the plane tickets we paid for last Sunday. I just want to stress to everyone... Please don't use Travelocity. This has cost us $3000, over 5 hours of time, and ruined our excitement about our much-needed vacation.

Travel Protection Plan for Cruise
By -

I purchased the travel protection plan for a cruise I was going to take. Found out the very next month that I would have to have emergency surgery and could not take the cruise which was going to be 2 months away. Called, canceled the trip, submitted my doctor's note and paperwork to the insurance company called Berkeley. After paying 469.00 for myself and a travel companion I was only reimbursed 100.00! What a load of crap!!! What's the use of the insurance if you can't get your money back. Travelocity's travel protection plan is a scam and totally useless!!!!!!!!!

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